Women Say Chris Brown Can Beat Them Up Any Day After Grammys

February 13, 2012  |  

There are always people who try to make light of serious situations with inappropriate jokes but some of C Breezy’s fans were going overtime for their boy last night.

After seeing Chris Brown make his comeback—if you can call it that—at the Grammys last night, not one, two, or even a few women referenced the domestic violence case that got him banned from the show three years go, but several called attention to the incident, excusing it because of his sex appeal on stage.

Buzzfeed caught whiff of the foolishness and published 25 Extremely Upsetting Reactions to Chris Brown at the Grammys, and all of the Tweets went a little something like this:

I’d let Chris Brown beat me up anytime ūüôā #womanbeater

Chris Brown Please Beat Me ūüôā

I don’t know why Rihanna complained, Chris Brown could beat me up anytime he wanted to.

Ok I’d let Chris Brown punch me in the face

Disgusted yet?

On one hand, I doubt any of these woman really means what she says, on the other, domestic violence is nothing to play with and it’s behavior that’s easily excused by an apology, a promise never to do it again, love, and in this case, good looks.

Despite whatever shock reaction or careless ploy for attention the women who sent these tweets were hoping to get, you can’t help but question the message they’re sending to men about it being OK to be violent toward women, and the blatant disregard for what Rihanna went through, as though she should have been OK with being attacked that night. If any of these girls had ever come close to being in a situation like that, they wouldn’t be asking for it so cavalierly. One can only hope they’re never in that predicament and certainly wouldn’t react the way they say they would.

What do you think about the way women make light of Chris Brown’s domestic violence past? Is there a way to forgive him without making light of the circumstances?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Yeah he can beat them up. I bet they won’t be saying that when he beats them so badly that they die. Chris Brown is gorgeous and I am not gonna sit here and pretend that he is not. But, abuse is not cute.

  • Missrasqueen

    I believe the comments about the beat up was referring to CB’s package (ahem). Beat the p*^^ y up not the person.

  • Smacks_hoes

    Stan and groupie girls are the worst! I’m nowhere near impressed by celebrities. Their just people with more money than me. That’s it. Further more chris brown is not all that. I’m not hating. He’s cute but I mean he’s not someone that I’d swoon over. He is nowhere near gorgeous.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Ain’t nobody that damn cute to beat on me, not even Chris Brown.

  • Kai

    Okay, where should I begin? All it takes is one attack to make someone an abuser. If the abused person has the sense to get away after one beat down does not denote the abuse. Secondly, of course those women who tweeted such foolishness are morons. That really goes without being said. And lastly, I don’t get it. Chris Brown is not even cute. He sounds like a chipmunk, has beady little eyes, and a Neanderthal forehead.

  • ¬†It’s amazing that all you need are good looks and you get your pick of people to make a fool out of. SMH!

  • Kashbmaryd

    Fans will be fans. And the Bible speaks about idolatry too. They do it with many people in acting and music. Its cool to buy someone’s records and concert tickets, but not to lose one’s sanity over them. And I’m sure CB wishes he could erase 2009 altogether.

    • Netdandri

      That’s very true and well said.

  • Love_Sexy

    Its some very strange people in this world……..Why are we still talking about this topic after how many years?

  • if they’re that dumb let them get beat up.¬†

  • Tracie

    I agree, Chris was wrong, but how long do we bash him for what he did? ¬†Who are we not to forgive and move on…When we meet our maker, will he say…i can’t let you in, because of what you did 4 yrs ago…come on…WOW

  • RedButterfly81

    In my Nicki Minaj voice to those “touched” broads: YOU’RE A STUUUUUUUUPID HOOOOOOOOOOOE!!!

  • I can’t stand stupid women.


    Stupidity at its best!

  • Stacey Juanes

    I find this absolutely disgusting! If it was their sister, or some other important female in their life he had beaten to an unrecognizable pulp, they would despise this worthless excuse of a “man”.

  • Alice

    Maybe someone can answer this question for me. What exactly is Chris Brown suppose to do? Is he suppose to now turn homosexual and date men? Is he not suppose to have a career in music? What is he suppose to do to satisfy you people? Why should he not date women because he had one, fight two or three years ago with one person? He has no history of attacking women before or since. What exactly is he suppose to do and somone else said it best,¬†why is he the only person expected to now be gay and not have a career in music because of one fight? Or perhaps he should turn to drugs and end up like the many other recording artists we seem to be burying every few months. Perhaps that’s the solution?

    • Netdandri

      Very tacky bringing up deceased celebrities…

      This article is not about Chris Brown’s mess ups. It is about his idiotic fans of which he seems to have an abundance.

  • Guest

    Also, perhaps those tweets were in repsonse to the massive FEMINAZI backlash against his performance last night! I am so tired of ppl trying to turn this kid into the new N**** for America to hate. I’m tired of black artists at every age and stage of their devlopment (see Whitney Houston, MJ etc)¬†having to suffer while their white counterparts do whatever, whenever, and its all just GROOVY DUDE! Enough, DAMN! If we don’t support our own and respect our on who will? And don’t get mad when they constantly¬†disrespect blacks (see CPAC vid)¬†because they see blacks do it to each other!

    • Netdandri

      Oh please. This is so not a race issue.

      • devildog808

        No,¬†I disagree.¬†The Chris and Rihanna saga is strictly about race disguised as domestic violence. Domestic violence is a repeated action, not one fight. The white media and white female interests groups decided to turn that¬†fight into an incident that supported their cause. It’s really sad to me that both of them have suffered so much and even worse¬†to know that¬†black people seem to revel in it.

        • Love_Sexy


  • Guest

    JUST STOP IT ALREADY, DAMN! Three Years Ago, Chris (19)¬†and Rihanna (21) had ONE ALTERCATION in which she admits starting by attacking him over a text message from another young lady. OKAY WE GOT IT! He accepted total responsibility and has suffered more than any ADULT MALE (see JayZ, Eminem, Sean Penn, Ozz Osbourne, Jeff Goldblum, Mickey Rourke, Sir Paul McCatney, John McEnroe, Marv Albert, Alec Baldwin etc) has ever for it! OKAY, We GOT IT ALREADY HE WAS WRONG, WRONG, WORNG, WRONG¬†OKAY…..DAMN!¬†

    • Netdandri

      She never said she attacked him. You’re one of those crazy fans aren’t you?

      This article isn’t even about Chris Brown messing up. It’s about some of his stupid fans.

      • devildog808

        Actually she did admit to starting that fight some time ago.

        • Netdandri

          No, she did not. She said they were having an argument which people in relationships have all the time. She said he got physical.

          • Mary

            NO she admitted to attacking him first! Then she¬†played coy with Diane Sawyer when asked during that interview if she had hit him first. Rihanna said “SO WHAT IF I DID…..”!

    • devildog808

      I feel your pain LOL! I am so tired of the media and others¬†massaging¬†that one incident as though it were a murder. They had a fight. I’m not sure what¬†more¬†needs to¬†be said at this point?¬†

  • IllyPhilly

    Um, WTF? Chris is nice to look at, but naw that ain’t even funny. That’s like saying, Kobe r@pe me. Naw, Chris can get it and his a$$ whupped all in one night.

  • Yeah and most if not all of those women were non-black. I am only stating this because I know Kelly and her black women bashing crew will somehow make this into a “See how desperate those black women are?” speech.

    • IllyPhilly


  • LisaLuvless

    Media take out . Com much?

  • LisaLuvless

    Mediatakeout much… At least its not another bossip article.