Meet Blue Ivy Carter: First Pics

February 11, 2012  |  

The Carter Family released pictures of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter recently on a Tumblr page called

The family thanked their fans for allowing them their privacy and wanted to release the pictures without gaining profit for it.

Solange also tweeted about the release of pictures here.

On the Tumblr page, the Carters left a message for their fans:

We welcome you to share in our joy.

Thank you for respecting our privacy during Beautiful time in our lives

– The Carter Family

Isn’t she adorable?

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  • Bey and Jay are blessed!! Blue Ivy looks like both of them. Look at her eyes…they are shaped like Bey’s eyes, but have the depth and sweetness of Jay’s eyes. Look out, I’ve already told my 7 month old son that his future wife’s name is Blue Ivy Carter.

    It is nice to post on a site where there is much love shown to Bey, Jay and Miss Blue Ivy!! Bey announced her pregnancy  about a week after I gave birth to my little son. I watched her progress in her pregnancy and prayed for her safe delivery.  Of course I had her due date pegged as late December or early January. I’m just happy for Bey and Jay and their families. As my mother used to say, “Babies bring their own love with them”.

  • Raquel Leonberger

     Thanks for sharing these pictures…Blue Ivy Carter is beautiful!

    She is already Daddy’s girl. She has Jay-Z big eyes and lips and
    Beyonce’s nose. She is going have some good hair like her mom. A
    wonderful blessing of looking like both parents.

    A lot of people think she is white. Where do they get that crazy idea? She is brown looks more Spanish then anything else.

    Congratulations on the arrival on your bundle of joy. I am happy for
    the both of you guys. Best wishes for you and your baby!!!

  • LULU4224


  • Rkelly2357

    This little girl is BEAUTIFUL!  I’m so happy for Jay and Bey… They are going to enjoy this cutie!  She looks like B.  Adorable!

  • Tisha

    My 1st time on this site & i love the articles.. somethin 4 black women to relate to!
    Blue is such a cutie! happy 4 them 🙂

    Follow me on twitter, new there also.. @HeelsTurnHeads

  • Tallchiick

    Little Blue is absolutely gorgeous!..she is Beyonce’s little clone…SN: people who say she doesn’t look like Bey, Google Bey’s baby pics…DUH!!!!!!!

  • A.J.

    Awww, she’s a little doll.  She features both of her parents (and also Beyonce’s mother).  I love the second-to-lat pic, like she’s bored with the spotlight already.

  • Darlenelyons1

    Baby doesnt appear to be a newborn.  Looks evil

  • WhyLord

    i keep staring and staring at this baby single picture and the more i stare the more i see jay.

  • guest

    so cute. I wish I could post congratulations on the tumblr page. Since I can’t I’ll say it here fully aware they may never see it: Congratulations!

  • sholla21

    She looks like both Jay and Bey. Cutie 🙂

  • Summrbrz

    I guess I want to know why you led with; “Rumor has it …” What is that supposed to mean?

  • Thank you for allowing us into your private life.  I never expected to see pics of Blue Ivy.  The Media and “Haters” make it difficult for Stars to be “Normal” people.  Blue Ivy is beautiful.  I know the both of you will be great parents.  There is no parental guide, but as a parent I can certainly assure you that Love, Listening, and “In House Voice” communication will make for a very mild, soft spoken, intellient and grateful child.  Im sure I missed some ingredients…lol.  God bless all of you and Stay Blessed.  Signed Jackie G.

    • missthang84

       if they hadn’t shared the pics of the baby they would lost fans the fans would of felt left out since the fans were so caught up in the baby fever/ pregnancy they couldn’t do like they did the wedding keep that private

      • RedButterfly81

        Thank you!

  • Vhodnett22

    Beyonce’s baby is a cutie!!! The Knowles sure have strong genes! Congrats Beyonce and Jay Z

  • Scottvernita

    She is Beautiful 🙂

  • RedButterfly81

    Normally I would awe for adorable baby pics, but I HAVE to be real, Bey’s overrated pregnancy and birth made me less interested about this baby news, even my Facebook friends were posting pictures on their statuses as if they’re getting paid to do it. Hope I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  • Ebonydiva82

    She’s a beautiful baby!

  • Diamondluv_77

    She looks like her grandma

  • FromUR2UB

    That baby looks just like her.  Nice pics.

  • Flystateofmind09

    Dont know what i expected. She is very cute.

  • Ladyzee819

    Congrats and may God bless all of the carters

  • Negritalinda758

    Congrats to my favorite singer beyonce and the beat rapper alive jay z

  • Reneeburns67

    God bless the Carter family”

  • not impressed

    so i guess no one is going to  comment about how the baby has straight hair & the parents dont?

    • Merriegirl

      Infant hair changes in couple of months the baby can have curly hair. It takes a while for children to grow into their hair. 

    • FromUR2UB

      Black babies are usually born with fine, wispy hair, as are most babies.  That’s why it’s called “baby hair”.  The texture usually doesn’t change until the child is nearly a year old.  Either you’ve never been around any babies in your life, or you’re white.  I suspect the latter.

      • Gia084U

        You’re delusional.  It doesn’t take an entire year.  You obviously have never had a baby.  Btw, I am black and I know when my son’t hair fell out after cradle cap, it came in much coarser and that happened at 3 months, not no year.  Also, not every or most black babies are born with straight hair…again it starts to turn much sooner than a year.

        • guest

          She meant it could take about that long for the permanent texture to settle in, and that doesnt make for statement false. It can sometimes take longer than that. 

        • FromUR2UB

          I’ve had two babies and am an aunt.  Your case is not the norm, so it’s you who is delusional.  And, the fact that you can’t see a resemblance between those pics and her parents probably makes you blind, too.

          You might want to consider taking a reading comprehension class because I said NEEEEEARLY a year. ‘Nearly’ means almost, but not quite. ‘Usually’ means more times than not, but not in every case.

          • Gia084U

            Actually, my case is the norm.  Good for yout two babies and your nieces and nephew.  Why is there a resemblance?  Since when does complexion hue mean anything?  I think you need a comprehension class because nearly means almost as in 9 out of 10.  Again, this happens much sooner.  Apparently, there are quite a few people on this board on the Carter payroll.

            • FromUR2UB

              OK.  Now that you’re pulling statistics out of your butt, I’m going to guess we won’t find that definition of nearly or almost, anywhere else.

              Now we’ve moved from your issues with hair, to your issues with the child’s skin hue?  Most people said the child is cute or beautiful because she is.  You seem to be the only who equated beauty to hue.  People are congratulating them on their addition to their family and that’s all.  These are celebrities, and probably most of the people commenting here don’t know them.  So, they have no reason to wish them any ill, or not feel happy for them.  What’s your problem with the Carter family?

    • Latier01

      Get off this page with your ignorance.

  • Greybeard

    So cute looks like Mommy with Daddy’s nose ans lips. 

  • caribchic

    Omg she’s precious! 

  • Eyedesignsexy

    I love seeing God’s wonderful miracles! She is beaudorable! ;))

  • BoomBoomRoom

    Beyonce release the pics now because she know her baby is gonna be ugly in a few months.

    • Latier01

      No child is ugly. Your comments make you hideous.


    who do they think there fooling….she is a doll…who dose she belong to???????????

  • Kim D

    Cute girl! Congrats Beyonce and Jay-Z!!!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    wow that’s a head full of hair! I honestly was expecting some mini Jay-Z beyonce clone after all the hype. . .

  • Eve

    Love the pic.   Thanks for sharing

  • Baby those Creole genes are strong!!! I can see B and Jay. Mrs. Tina’s brother looks just like her… only a male version. lol CONGRATS TO THE CARTER FAM!!! Just wait til she is a lil diva like her mommy. #icantwait

  • guest

    I agree she’s adorable, and I see she favors Jay Z also.

  • donna

    Beautiful baby !

  • Bella

    She is gorgeous!! She looks like Solange’s Son (Blu’s cousin). Very Creole.

  • well they got lucky this time. lol congrats on the beautiful kid.

    • Mahoghanybronze

      As long as a baby has health, the parents are always lucky.

  • Kissy

    100% Beyonce.

  • Sweetie

    Little Blue is 100% Beyonce and that is a good thing considering she’s female.

  • Nicholej11

    She looks like her Grandma !

  • Coco Black


  • Tamla

    Blue Ivy looks like Bey and grandma Tina.

  • Tee

    Omg that baby looks like Tina, Solange, and Bey!!! From the nose and up. She’s gorgeous!

    • renee

      & Juelz’s, Solange’s son!

  • Willnash2011


  • Sophia

    The last photo is too cute!!!! Gotta love father-daughter moments!

  • Valerie

    Beautiful 🙂

  • Lil_lenad

    Its nice to see them release their daughters pictures without any money involved. Way to go Carter Family

  • Sugar_Spice

    What a cute baby!  I’m happy they released a picture as oppose to paparazzi putting peoples lives in danger just to get a snap shot.

    • Neshia9713

       She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  God bless her!

    • missthang84

       i totally agree if felt that paparazzi would be willing to do ANYTHING to get first pic… i knew beyonce/jay would release pic. since the fans were so caught up into the baby fever.. although they kept wedding secret they knew if they didn’t share pics of the baby they would lose fans.. fans would felt hurt and left out.

  • Caprenab

    Shes a cutie pie, congrats!!

  • Cha-Cha

    too cute!

  • Lover of Lovers

    Man that baby sure is Jay’s wow she’s just precious bless her

  • Atin

    She’s beautiful. Babies are such a great joy. =)

  • So far so good; she’s cute. Thank God she looks more like Beyonce.



    • I disagree. She has a slight hint of Jay Z’s facial structure. But she’s also barely a month old…sooo, it’s kinda hard to tell period at this point.

      • guest

        She doesn’t look like either and she looks much older than one month. 

        • Msmykimoto2u

          I was thinking the same thing. She looks kind of old. Adorable none the less

        • Ari

          I mean, jayz is a good 40 something so it’s no surprise that baby looks older. Usually the older the parents are, the older the baby looks… I’ve seen many babies like this

    • JACKIE


    • Rachael

      I disagree. That baby already looks like Bey. She’s beautiful!

      • guest

        Why because she’s light skinned?  Please.

      • Guest

        She has Bey’s eyes. IMO

        • Ari

          AND her signature brows

    • Kimuuooo8

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  • Olivia

    she’s a cute baby

  • Bublinbrownsuga83

    She is so sbeautiful!

  • latoya scott

    She’s pretty:)  And all that gorgeous hair!

  • CandyLand

    That is a gorgeous baby.

  • Kweston45

    im glad they let the world see..i just knew we werent going to see that child until she was grown!

    • Jonnafab

      I thought about 2 years myself.

    • Lawgirl713

       Isn’t it a little ironic that they released the photos after Jay-z’s scandal regarding his scholarship foundation? I means as private as they are, doesn’t it seem a little contrived that after any bad publicity of some sort, they “announce” things? Perhaps it is the lawyer in me assuming everything has a back story, but I honestly don’t believe that the pictures being released were a grand gesture on their part. It would have seemed repulsive that a man who did not give towards his foundation would accept millions for his daughter’s first photos. After her album was not received well, she “announced” her pregnancy at the VMAs. After people began to say that she was fluctuating, she “announced” that she was actually further along then what she led people to believe. After Jay-z’s club was shut down and he caught wind of an journalist asking questions about his charitable donations, he “announces” a concert benefiting his charity. The baby is beautiful; I am just commenting that it APPEARS everything they do lately, has been…staged. Having an opinion doesn’t mean that I am “hating” either.

      • Your points are very valid.  I believe everything Jay-Z and Beyonce does is well-thought out and planned.  They release information when necessary and when it benefits them.  Very smart and shrewd.

      • Rebecca

        I too questioned the release of the baby photos as “private” as they are. She kept her relationship and wedding day etc. so private and for her to release the photos of her kid I thought was quite strange

      • guest

        Agreed.  That baby, although beautiful looks way older than a one month old as well.  She just rubbed me the wrong way what with banning other parents from the maternity ward, the patent, blah, blah, blah.  I hate this stupid term “hating” as though one is not allowed to voice an opinion one way or another.

        • Candacey Doris

           They didn’t ‘ban’ other parents from the ward. The body guards wanted to check others to make sure they belonged there to prevent paparazzi. They were a little overzealous but it was justified, it wouldn’t be the first time reporters have tried to go that far. They had a private suite of course where no one was allowed, but that was none of the other parent’s business anyway.

          • guest

            They did “ban” other parents.  Are you on these people’s payroll or something?  Who cares about the fact that they had a baby?  In case you haven’t noticed babies are born every day and she is hardly the biggest star there ever was to warrant that type of behavior.

  • Awesome. Cute little girl

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