Somebody Come Get This Fool: Bow Wow Reveals Celeb Chicks He Slept With

January 27, 2012 ‐ By madamenoire

In ratchet news for the day, everyone’s favorite rapper (NOT), Bow Wow, went on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” this morning to…well, I’m not really sure what his original intentions were (don’t think he has a new album out–probably some mixtape crap). However, on the show,which is known for touching on the most random and somewhat inappropriate topics, he discussed the celebrity women he “got it in with” with over the years. The list ranged from chicks he dated (Ciara and Angela Simmons), to ones that were just friends with benefits (Kim Kardashian, son??? Eww). Check out who he threw all the way under the bus in an effort to extend his 25 minutes of fame. Check it:

I was never, ever a real Bow Wow fan back when I was a teen and all my young colleagues were gushing over his light eyes and long hair. And now that he’s older, this guy is literally becoming a hot mess by the hour with all the drama he cooks up. He must have really fell out with all of these young women badly (besides Superhead, that’s just how she does…) to feel so comfortable as to air out all their business. I’m sure Ciara will lose her mind on Twitter soon enough, and she should. What is this, high school? You’re not just going to tell your boys, but you also feel alright with telling any and everybody in radio land? Aren’t you a little girl’s daddy right now? Maybe the gay rumors they made him address had him thinking he needed to get macho on us. But Lil Bow Weezy needs to graciously just stop out of the spotlight because these really random and ratchet attempts at trying to remain relevant are just too tacky.

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  • dave

    But all these women didn’t have a problem when superhead put half of Hollywood on blast.

  • tee

    I think it is sad how supposedly grown folks are always talking abt this child really pathetic the ppl who are posting this must be in high school let bow wow be he’s no different then anyone else he is young grow up and get a new topic my goodness

  • mew

    I think Bow-down has personality issues – what has happened to the other co-hosts on 106 and Park? Can someone please let us know????????????

  • royce

    c wat i undstan is dat u ar scare of dis,dont be scare lif is if u ca,nt bet dem u join dem.wat i wants 2 lt u kn is dat 4 bein a man wit dis kin of conciousnes is a risk as blve dat u don kn me wel,den d ball is ur cort.u mak me aknoleged dat ur reson fo dat is dat ur bodies ar unklen,

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  • Charissehill

    I dont see hwere he threw anybody under the bus.

  • Charissehill

    I dont see hwere he threw anybody under the bus.

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  • What does one expect. The celebrity worshippers put these self absorbed morons on thrones and pedestals without realizing most are alcoholics, drug abusers and nut bags.

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  • MissKalifornia

    I didn’t see anything wrong w/this interview….AT ALL. It’s not like he came out and said “Hey let me tell yall bout all these chics…” or wrote some tell-all like SuperHead. They asked, he answered. In a fun, non-disrespectful way.

    If you ask me, he was a good sport. If he had refused to play this lil game of theirs, he woulda been considered rigid or a b***h. I found the interview quite amusing lol

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  • Awarrior497

    It’s obvious said information was’t that hard to find because those interviewing him already knew it which leads one to believe that many others knew it as well. Plus it’s not like he had an affair with a married woman.

  • Reapkarma

    Some people  mature slowly I guess.

  • mscoco04

    to everyone on here talking bout: oh, he should get their permission to say this or that, or that’s very childish of him to speak on this or that, it sure as hell didn’t stop yall from watching and listening to the interview!!…that’s how the business is…this is what they do in order to promote themselves, their image and these companies so as to make money…it’s funny how the very media that reports this crap to help build up someone’s career can turn around and try to tear it down!!…the main people who should be upset and making comments, i.e.: Ciara, Angela, Kim K, etc…aren’t complaining…know why?…because to them no publicity is bad publicity!!!…if they don’t care, neither do I (just good gossip) don’t like it, don’t listen

  • Oneflynatural

    wow I can’t even stand to listen to his whole interview…disgusting and immature

  • JaMoAd

    Its not like he was puttin all they biz out he didnt even go into no details. And obviously if the hosts knew about it then im sure the rumors have been goin around with or without the info being presented in the interview. You sure you aint jus another ratchet hater?

  • Autumngsmith

    yo he is not blasting anyone, the radio cast is dishing for dirt thats what they do…i didnt catch him dogging any female, and if he did..these are grown women who know what they are getting into…stop crying! tell them girls to close there legs and no guy can blast them…damn dry your tears.

  • Autumngsmith

    yo he is not blasting anyone, the radio cast is dishing for dirt thats what they do…i didnt catch him dogging any female, and if he did..these are grown women who know what they are getting into…stop crying! tell them girls to close there legs and no guy can blast them…damn dry your tears.

  • Childish.

  • Ashalee

    To be honest, I dont see where he blasted anyone. He did his best to stay mum aside from saying No comment. he gave them their was the broadcasters that were trying to pull info.

  • kadietweets

    I really don’t get what people are acting up about … he handled this interview well … y’all need a hobby

  • 2real4u

    Kim k and super head are n the same league. Kim k just has a great manager.

    • HabibtiKhalisa

      Kim K is white, that helps too.

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  • Kjut76r

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  • greygoose125

    This “lil” boy needs to have several seats.

  • Rah Truth


  • Jessibee

    it wasn’t that bad to me he didn’t say he ‘smashed’ them he said he was in a relationship with them I didn’t find it disrespectful

  • Ericasmi36

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  • Imoteda

    Okay I watched the video and honestly I was expecting much worse. He didn’t ever say I hit that or anything childish like that. He confirmed that he was in relationships with Angela, Ciara and the mother of his child. And denied some people and kept mum on some others. He wasn’t there saying “I spread it low and lay it wide” I think the article is a little harsh on him

    • Cleareyes

      “I spread it low and lay it wide”  DEAD it’s just as funny as the first time I heard it :-))

  • Tyra

    Trademark of a lil boy. Nexxxxtttt!

  • Inessa

    we as women are always so afraid to have our business out there ..but why? are we so shallow??

    • Tyra

      are we so shallow? – are you high?!! this punk went out and told ish that should be kept between two people. Granted that he has an album coming out and needs to promote it; this is no way to go about it. It’s called common sense and common decency. Apparently, those are foreign terms to you and tiny bow wow.

      • brian k

        If a woman sleeps with a man she tells her girls and soon it spreads.  Fine men are less slick about it but it is the same thing.  And believe me the women who he slept with probably have told in more graphic detail than a simple yes or no.

  • So I’m confused… Who did he dip on on the way to the Jeezy video? 

  • Cristalposh

    Are you people sick or something seriously there is nothing wrong here he didn’t put any girl on blast!!!… all and all he’s still a good kid leave him the hell alone  

    • Netdandri

      Just what is your definition of being put on blast?

      He clearly told the whole world who he’d had sex with without asking the girls if they wanted their business out there like that.

      • lilkunta

        net: since when does bow wow or any person need their partner’s permission to tell that they had sex? if u dont want others to know  some1 who you have fvcked there has to be a reason, something you are hiding, so the best idea is dont fvck that person since you want to hide it.

  • IllyPhilly

    He needs attention since his and his alter ego, Lil’ Mama careers ain’t work out.

  • TLC

    how is he ratchet? he just answered the questions. #kanyeshrug

  • Love_Sexy


  • tee

    For all u ppl saying he was just answering questions that he was asked, that doesn’t mean he HAD to answer them. Some things you can choose not to discuss. Let me ask y’all something, “When’s the last time u suc*ed a d**k?? Let a man go in ya butt?? Went in a man’s butt?? Shi*ed on yaself??” I mean, c’mon, I’m asking.

  • S Kat Harris

    He was pretty discreet for the most part. Well, he was trying but obviously conflicted under the circumstances – you could tell that he wanted to say yeah straight up in regards to a few of the women – but he didn’t outright throw any of those women under the bus. With Ciara and Angela Simmons, it seemed like he was trying to avoid the question altogether. Not to outright condone, but he *is* young and “ballin'” – you can’t be but so mad at him. I was actually rather impressed by his response to the rumors on mediatakeout.

  • Crimjust

    Does anyone realize that this idiot is the product of the society in which he was raised. He has no respect for himself and definitely none for women. Unfortunately, his daughter is going to suffer from having a father or shall I say a sperm donor in her life. He is completely useless and so are the idiots sitting there interviewing him. I am not sure why they encouraged him to reveal his ignorance, this is a prime case of idiots who happens to be black celebrating ignorance. Unfortunately, the women he slept with allowed themselves to be used by this fool and now they are apart of his little harem of whores.

  • Pivyque

    Whatever! He didn’t put them on blast. He was asked specific questions and answered them. 

  • No class!

  • They played him yo

  • Shea0176

    Yall making it more then it was he was asked questions n he didn’t give yall really what yall wanted to hear so u put him out in this article like he was putting chicks out there…Smh

  • cleojones

    little bytch azzz kid

  • Meriyakab

    u gotta admit it was pretty dumb of him!!! of hey that’s not our problem and isnt our lives lol he is entertainin us! I LOVE IT!

  • I respect him for being Real, its the chicks that he bang, that know he’s a man whore, and that he will put they B.I. on front shit and STILL continue to sleep with him that i dont respect

  • Cynthib6

    A confirmation of his immaturity.

  • Wait… isn’t Angela Simmons a virgin till marriage? Thought she was pretty vocal about that. Or am I late? 

    • Bamamama0210

      In this ratchet interview, Bow Wow actually denied sleeping with A. Simmons although he confirmed that they were in a relationship. . So nah, Angie was smart with
      this one.

      • brian k

        However a part of me thinks that either a) she is not really a virgin or b) she is technically a virgin but has found and enjoyed the loopholes.  There is no way she dates some of these celeb types and doesn’t do anything other than kiss them and hold hands for months.

        • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

          Boy…I just LOVE it when random NOBODIES like to talk about what someone else is or isn’t doing (namely celebs) like they actually know them personally and have been following them around 24/7 with a camera and some actual facts, all off the strength of some website articles they may have read about them and some pics they saw. smh

          Brian K, how the heck do you know what this girl is doing with the guys she dates? Just curious. Now have a seat on the floor because you need to sit ALL the way down.

          • Cherrytree3000


  • BlackDiamond

    he is forever going to be “lil” bow wow

    • Nnn3333bb45333d1

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