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Do your friends seem to come and go? You have new ones each year, and the ones you lose, you lose in a blowout fight. Does it seem like your friends seem to be getting super busy—so busy that they don’t have time to take your calls or hang out as much? There are a lot of reasons this could be happening, but one of them might be that you have a victim mentality.

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It’s hard to keep friends when you live with a victim mentality. Those that have one are usually very sensitive and get angry with their friends regularly. Victims rarely take responsibility for the bad things that happen in their life, or even for their own mistakes, which can make it very hard for people to want to stay close to them. The worst part of having a victim mentality is that it makes you blind to all of the power you actually have in this life to control your circumstances. Here are signs you live with a victim mentality.

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You assume everything is personal

If your friend forgets to buy dairy-free cheese for the Taco night she is hosting, even though you’ve mentioned you can’t eat dairy, you believe she did this intentionally. If a group of friends agrees to see a romantic comedy on movie night when you’ve mentioned it’s one of your least favorite genres, you think it’s personal. It doesn’t occur to you that they have a million other things to think about and remember each day besides your preferences, and this was probably an accident.

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