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Who the hell – besides the Amish and members of a deeply disturbed religious cult – names their kid “Malachi” in 2016?

I mean, have we not all seen Children of the Corn? Have we not learned our lesson from He Who Walks Behind the Rows?

You might as well name the kid Adolf Hitler…

And that was my initial reaction the first time I heard the story of Malachi Love-Robinson, the then 17-year-old kid who was arrested earlier this year for posing as a doctor and opening a fake medical clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Over the weekend the Black Doogie Howser-wannabe was arrested again. This time around, he is accused of identity theft after attempting to purchase a luxury car at a Virginia-based Jaguar dealership.

Well, at least the kid has good taste.

Anyway, the media as well as social media is once again having a good laugh at this kid’s shenanigans.

But honestly there is nothing entertaining or funny about what Love-Robinson is doing.

In fact, I feel like this kid is in serious danger and in need of real help. And it’s not just because he has a creepy first name.

Love-Robinson might be very smart and clever, but he is also a kid who clearly lacks adequate supervision.

According to published reports, Love-Robinson is currently being treated for an undisclosed mental illness. In short, doctors and his attorney believe there is something abnormal about him, but they don’t know what exactly.

Complicating the matter even further is his family who also appears to be in denial, or at the least confused, about Love-Robinson’s mental health.

When asked back in February if the family had at all expressed any concerned over their teen’s plans to open a fake medical clinic, his grandfather William McKenzie told reporters:

The thing is that it was a slight concern with his age and the way that he was moving around. I was just praying that he was doing what was right.”

This is not the first time Love-Robinson’s family choose faith over actual help. As reported by Time Magazine, Mckenzie also told reporters his grandson had Lupus as a child and almost died. And as he explains:

There were a number of times we thought we were going to lose him, he was so sick. God has really protected him and brought him a long way. He goes out and he constantly tries to prove himself that he can and he will succeed. He’s too smart for his own good. He’s too, too smart.”


It should be noted that Love-Robinson’s smarts were used to commit crimes, mostly against elderly women.

And in addition to facing time in prison for practicing medicine without a license, Love-Robinson is also looking at felony grand theft and forgery charges for allegedly bilking an 86-year-old former “patient”named Ann Morrison out of thousands.

As reported by West Palm Beach’s WPBF News:

“Investigators said Love-Robinson went to Morrison’s home several times, dressed in a lab coat and wearing a stethoscope, and gave her physical examinations. They said he also sold her thousands of dollars of over-the-counter vitamins.

Officials said Love-Robinson raised the price of his house call on each visit.

Morrison told detectives she noticed funds were missing from her bank account, and upon checking, found that Love-Robinson had forged her name on three checks.

Investigators said he also gained access to her bank account and withdrew money to pay off his car and credit cards. They said the total taken was close to $40,000.”

According to the report, he also offered to perform a Pap smear on Morrison, but she declined.

And prior to opening a fake clinic and allegedly stealing money from (and “examining”) Ms. Morrison, Love-Robinson was arrested for pretending to be a doctor at a Florida OB/GYN office.

In his latest arrest, he is accused of forging the signature of another elderly woman on a loan for a new Jag.

Now, I’m not saying that the kid needs prison time. Truthfully, I think incarceration would only make him worse.

But clearly this kid needs help. If not for his own sake then for the sake and security of all the little old Black grandmamas and aunties who might cross paths with the good Doc someday.

Charing Ball is a writer, cultural critic, free-thinker, slick-mouth feminist and the reigning queen of unpopular opinions. She is also from Philadelphia. To learn more, visit

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