Moms, 10 Dating Red Flags You Should NEVER Ignore

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Dating Red Flag #7: He talks about his ex too much

Whether he’s bashing her for cheating on him or reminiscing  about that time that they did that thing at that place…for the third time, chances are that he’s bitter or resentful and basically not over that relationship. Take note though! If he’s got something bad to say about most of his exes, maybe it’s not them– it’s him! They broke up for a reason. You may not want to stick around to find out what that reason is.





Dating Red Flag #8: He’s overly negative

Have you ever been around somebody who just can’t be happy and complains about everything? Not just small things, like, “The service was bad,” or,  “The steak wasn’t cooked right.” But big ones, like his job, the economy, white people, Hispanics, Asians, Jewish people, black people…and he’s black?! For some, the natural response is to try to “fix” him with your good spirit and positive outlook on life, but he’ll only bring you down. And a man who complains about everything is a man who’s likely not willing or able to change anything. And, well…refer to Red Flag #9.

Dating Red Flag #9: He lacks ambition

Everybody has goals. Correction: Everybody should have goals. Achieved them? Great! Set some more. If a man seems to be content to stay exactly where he is in his life — or worse, isn’t content and is not doing anything to change his situation — he’s essentially going nowhere fast…except maybe your couch. Part of being a mature adult is growth. If he’s not doing anything to better himself and you are, eventually, you’ll find yourself feeling like he’s holding you back in life.


Dating Red Flag #10: He can’t articulate what he does for a living

It’s been a few weeks. You know that he has a job — or at least you’re pretty sure that he has a job — but for some reason you still don’t really know what it is that he does. Whenever you ask about work he starts getting shady with his answers. “It’s complicated.” “I do a little bit of everything.” Or the ultimate– “I’m a consultant.” For what?!



If he can’t clearly tell you what he does for a living, you need to figure out a few things: 1. Does he really have a job? 2. Is he doing something illegal? And 3. Are you about that prison life? Because if he’s up to no good, at some point that stuff will catch up to you, too.

The most important thing to remember about a red flag? Don’t ignore it! Only one or two may apply to him, and you don’t necessarily have to rule him out right away. If you decide to overlook them and focus on his better qualities, that’s okay; but do yourself a favor and make a mental note. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll be able to change him. Make better use of your time — and those heels — moving on to the next one.

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