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water alternatives for hydration

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You know those women who get vodka and water and claim that they “Like the taste?” No, they don’t. They’re trying to cut calories, and that’s fine. But water doesn’t taste like anything, so nobody “Likes the taste.” Your mom tried to get you into drinking eight glasses of H2O as a kid, and your nutritionist has told you time and time again that water will be your best friend in weight loss, but you just never took to the stuff. You gag a little when you drink it. It feels like a chore. You’re not alone. A lot of people actually hate the taste (sorry, the non-taste) of water, but feel like it’s childish to admit it. You don’t have to admit it. But you do need to stay hydrated. So here are 15 healthy alternatives to water.

water alternatives for hydration

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Maple water

Maple water contains the sap of maple trees, which is basically just water that the tree consumed, used, and sent back out. It has a slightly sweet, maple taste, and only 30 calories per 12-ounce serving. It’s like having a little syrup in your water.

water alternatives for hydration

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Coconut water

Coconut water has electrolytes, so it can replenish your body even more than plain old water. It’s also low in calories, and there are several delicious flavors like pineapple or mango coconut water.

water alternatives for hydration

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Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice has almost no calories, and it can boost your digestive system. Grab one mixed with a little coconut water or stevia for added flavor.

water alternatives for hydration

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Kombucha comes in every flavor imaginable, from lemonade to pomegranate. It has probiotics, antioxidants and it’s hydrating. It’s also slightly carbonated, so it can replace your soda.

water alternatives for hydration

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Iced tea

If you go with green tea you’ll get tons of antioxidants. Green tea can even help fight cavities, kidney stones, and hypertension. Add a drop of honey for even more health benefits and a little flavor.

water alternatives for hydration

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Cucumber juice

Cucumber is 95 percent water, so it’s more water than it is food! But it brings that crisp flavor and makes a delicious juice.

water alternatives for hydration

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Watermelon water

Technically this is just watermelon juice but, it’s so low in sugar and so high in water, that we call it watermelon water. But it has plenty of flavor—it’s just a liquid version of the fruit—and is seriously hydrating.

water alternatives for hydration

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Fruit-infused sparkling water

You’ve seen it at spas—big glass dispensers of water, filled with beautiful raspberries, orange slices and cut up strawberries. It makes the water really tasty! If you let the fruit sit in a jug for a day or two, it will seriously infuse the water with flavor.

water alternatives for hydration

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Saft is a Swedish drink. It’s a highly concentrated form of juice, and you just need half a tablespoon—or less—to get lots of flavor in your water. Saft is traditionally made with natural sugar.

water alternatives for hydration

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Juice plus seltzer

Juice has a lot of sugar, but only if you drink a full glass of it. If you add just two tablespoons of your favorite juice to a full glass of seltzer water, you’ll get plenty of flavor and very little sugar.

water alternatives for hydration

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Fake lemon-lime soda

If you love lemon lime soda, you’re going to have to quit that to stay hydrated. It has way too much sugar. But you can make a fake one with sparkling water, fresh lemon and lime juice and a teaspoon of a healthy sweetener like agave or stevia.

water alternatives for hydration

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Tomato juice

Tomatoes boast a 94 percent water content, along with vitamin C and antioxidants. There’s a reason you get a little less dehydrated if you drink bloody marys at brunch than if you have whiskey. So skip the booze and just have the tomato juice.

water alternatives for hydration

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Coffee actually counts towards your H2O for the day. Of course, if you’re adding tons of sugar or dairy, you’re detracting from your water count, so just take your coffee black with a dash of coconut or almond milk.

water alternatives for hydration

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A virgin mojito

Make a little virgin mojito with muddled mint, sparkling water, a little stevia, and fresh lime juice. It’s tasty, refreshing and has zero calories.



water alternatives for hydration

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Celery juice

Celery has a high water content, and it has vitamin E, which a lot of people are lacking. If you like savory drinks like tomato juice, you’ll enjoy this refreshing drink.

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