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You’ll meet a lot of people who will inspire you, who boost your ego, who excite you, who turn you on and who make you laugh. But you’ll only find a handful of people who have a calming effect on you, and that is a trait that you’ll cherish later in life. Here are signs your partner not only makes you feel butterflies inside but actually brings you peace. #NoStressZone

Your energy levels are even

Some relationships have you excited one moment, anxious the next, and overwhelmed with emotion the next. They’re exciting, but they leave you needing a cocktail or a latte every few hours just to feel balanced and calm down from all the crazy. A good relationship leaves your energy levels feeling pretty even because your partner is consistent and curve balls are a very rare occurrence.

You sleep well next to him

When you find that special person, you’ll find that almost all of your sleep problems just melt away. Even if you have the worst insomnia, you’ll suddenly have only mediocre insomnia.

Vacations with him are incredible

Vacations are already relaxing, but when you have them with a partner who relaxes you, they’re exponentially more relaxing! You feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

You tell him when you messed up

You’re not afraid to tell your partner when you screwed up at work or did something you’re not proud of. In fact, getting it off your chest makes you feel better. He always reminds you that you are not that mistake—you’re so much more.

You want him when you’re sick

When you have the flu, and he brings you soup, you feel the same sense of calm you would when your mom brought you soup as a little kid.

A work issue can’t get you down

Even if the worst thing happened at work that day—even if you lost your job—you somehow manage to feel calm at the end of the day. You know the most difficult thing to find is a loving partner, and you have that. Anything else is just background stuff.

Wherever your career goes is okay by you

You’ve stopped stressing about career things you can’t control. You think about your future, and you realize that even if you don’t become CEO/owner/manager, you’ll be happy so long as you have your partner in your life. That is the biggest success.

When you see him, your blood pressure drops

You can just feel your breath slow down, your heartbeat slows down, and all of your muscles loosen up.

You like just having him in the house

Even if you both have hours of work to do and can’t technically hang out one night, you’d rather do your work in the same room, side by side, than anywhere else. Just working next to him feels special.

You don’t need your other calming tools

You don’t need to meditate as much, or get massages as often, or listen to your calming music, or even take your calming, um, pills. He’s enough.


His voice makes you smile

You always answer his phone calls with a huge smile. Think about it: he can’t see that smile. That’s not fake or for his sake. If you watch some people, they answer calls from their partner with a worried look on their faces. But you don’t.

You call him when you have anxiety

And you say, “Can you just tell me something? Tell me about your day. Tell me what you’re doing right now.” You know that just visualizing him making popcorn can ground you in the most anxiety-inducing situations.

You want to be together all of the time

Why wouldn’t you? You are undeniably happier when he is around than when he’s not. You’re not dependant on him, but his presence elevates your mood to such heights, why wouldn’t you be together as much as possible?

You can tell him when he’s not being calming

One of the strongest signs of a calming partner is someone you’re comfortable enough with to tell, “Hey. You’re not making me feel great right now.” Even your calming partner will have his off-days, but if he’s great, you can just tell him to shape up, and he’ll just laugh and realize you’re right.

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