15 Gender Stereotypes That Work In Our Favor

July 17, 2015  |  
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Forgive me if this is totally anti-feminist, but I actually really enjoy fulfilling these gender stereotypes. Oh come on—they’re convenient and overall a blast and you know it!

Cheaper car insurance

Because we are generally safer drivers. Because we are generally less aggressive. Because we are generally more empathetic. I accept all of these assumptions, thanks!

Liking Chick Flicks

Oh please—men like them too. At least I’m allowed to watch them without any ridicule.



Lifting heavy things

I’m fine with sparing my back. You can place that Amazon package on the porch. Thank you.



Having men watch their language

Oh, the men in the room stopped talking about whatever gross thing they were talking about because of my “delicate sensibilities?” That’s fine. I didn’t want to know what they were talking about. I could have handled it—but I didn’t want to know.

Being walked to my car

Men aren’t “allowed” to ask someone to walk them to their car; it’s not “manly.” But women are totally entitled to an escort, and I’m grateful for that.

Being spoken to softly

Male bosses are generally nicer to female employees than male employees. If you ask me, they should be nice to all of us.

Ladies night

Half off drinks all because my curves attract the male clients? Fine with me. I don’t have to sleep with the male clients that I happen to draw into your pub. But I can enjoy these cheap drinks!

Getting a cab because of my heels

Just admit it men: it hurts your feet to walk six blocks after a night of drinking too. At least I’m allowed to blame my heels and hail a cab.

When I can blame my period

I can unleash my wrath and be totally absolved of responsibility.

Beauty sleep

Whatever you need to call it to justify me sleeping more—sure. I’ll take it.


I call it communicating just the right amount! I’m glad I’m a woman because people think it’s totally normal for me to talk about my feelings. Good. That keeps the conversation going.

Getting to dress however I want

A man isn’t allowed to just try a new style one day without his friends giving him a hard time. I, however, can decide I’m into kimonos and it’s no big deal.

Letting him call

I am perfectly capable of calling. But it’s pretty nice nobody thinks I’m a coward if I don’t call. I’m just “Letting the man be a man.” Actually I’m just being lazy but, whatever you want to label it is fine by me!

Keeping a nice home

Women are known to have a place nicely decorated and smelling good. That’s totally fine with me. I’ll give up the pigsty life even if it means being “girly.”

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