15 Errands He Should Never Have To Run

March 4, 2015  |  
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These might seem like perfectly innocent errands to send him on, but did you ever think about the painfully awkward moments he has to endure? Here are 15 errands you should never send your guy on.


Taking your dog to his checkup

You’ll have to get this call, “Um…babe? The vet is asking if Spot’s stools are normal?”

Pick up your smoothie

“Strawberry passion fruit smoothie with the women’s vitality booster and goddess powder for Trevor!”


Pick up “accent” pillows

He will faint trying to possibly grasp what you want here.

Getting cupcakes for your office

Everyone that sees him will be certain he screwed up in his relationship real bad, and those are apology cupcakes.

Take your mom to her gyno

You better believe the other women in the reception area believe she’s his sugar mama.









Pick up your repaired shoes

“Suuuure you’re here to pick up the repaired stiletto knee high boots for your “girlfriend” sir. Sure you are. Hey—don’t be ashamed of who you are man.”


Pick up your birth control

Just think of the panic attack your boyfriend has when the pharmacist tells him to remind you that if you don’t take this at the same time every day, you could get pregnant. He doesn’t need those details.

Grabbing your pet rain gear

Men don’t generally think dogs need to wear clothing. And they certainly don’t think dogs needs to wear rain boots and umbrella hats.

Fix your computer

The guys at the Genius bar will assume the Fiona Apple music and “Girls” episodes belong to your guy. And he has to answer questions like, “Is it okay if we delete these photos of your dog wearing underwear on his face to make room on your hard drive?”

Go to your seamstress

Don’t make your poor guy have to guess the size of your waist. Do you want to get in a fight today?







Grab the Draino

When guys grab Draino, everyone assumes they blew up the bathroom. When girls grab it, they just assume you got some hair stuck in the sink.



Get your oil changed

If you don’t take impeccable care of your car, he’s embarrassed to answer to the car experts for you.





Grab a gift for your friend

He has no idea what, “Just something simple and fun” means. He’s going to get a mug.

Pick up the dry cleaning

If a woman dropped off the dry cleaning, and a guy picked it up, the drycleaners will assume that said guy is responsible for any funny stains they found.






Take you to your checkup

So that you can mention your UTI’s and your irregular stools in front of your man? Nuh-uh.

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