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The minute you flip your Facebook status to “engaged,” you’ll find out all the ways that people treat you differently after you’re married.

Your Male “Friends” Are A Lot Less Friendly

He used to cover most of the rounds at drinks and offer to drive on road trips. But ever since you got engaged, he’s really hard to find.

The Baby Talk Starts Immediately

Mother: “My grandbabies on the way yet?”
Me: *literally still unpacking my honeymoon bags*

Prepare for every conversation you have with your family members to mention babies. At least once.

There’s Much Less Holla In Your Life

There’s a reason why single women put on wedding rings when they don’t want to be bothered.

In Fact, There Might Be Zero

As soon as there’s a ring on it, it can get pretty cold out there.

The dude at the gas station that used to give you free coffee? Those men who used to “need directions” or “just wanted to know the time?” People are still fairly friendly, but you never realize the little ways men flirt with you until they’re gone like the wind.

You Get Invited To A Lot Of Couples’ Dinners

Soo many couples’ dinners. Were couples always having so many dinners?

Your Boss Takes You More Seriously

Suddenly, senior positions are on the table. Something about the ceremony tells employers you’re ready to settle down and get serious.

Everyone Takes You More Seriously

Even if you don’t really feel 100% grown up.

Your Single Friends Stop Inviting You Out

You’re married, not dead.

You Single Friends No Longer Take Your Relationship Advice

Be prepared to hear “you can’t understand because you’re not single,” a lot. Sometimes getting married feels like getting kicked out of the single girls’ club.

Your Single Friends Don’t Have Any Advice For You Either

When your husband is on your last nerve, most of your single friends will assume that marriage problems just work themselves out. When it’s time to vent about your husband, it’s good to have at least one married friend on speed dial.

People Think You’re Not Fun Anymore

But are married people really boring, or have their friends just stopped calling them out to do exciting stuff?

People Are Yawning A Lot More

Because grocery shopping, bills and the hair he leaves in the sink can sometimes make your post-marriage conversation straight-up boring.

Some Of Your Friendships Get Strained

It’s not just you. There’s a lot more salt in her conversations with you than there used to be. Give her a little space and hopefully she’ll get used to the idea that you’re part of a twosome.

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