Don’t Wait A Year To Reach Your Goals: 90 Days Of Momentum With YouTube Personality Erica Lasan

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Why give yourself a year when you can make significant progress towards achieving your goals in 90 days? That’s pretty much the basis of “The 90 Days of Momentum Challenge,” created by Black & Sexy TV’s “The Underground” host, YouTube personality, and QuÉrica Jewelry designer, Erica Lasan.  “It’s my spin on encouraging people to think forward not just on the idea of having a dream, but actually taking action towards that dream daily,” Lasan revealed.

We had a chance to speak with Lasan about the challenge, as well as her QuÉrica brand.

MadameNoire: How was the 90 Days of Momentum Challenge sparked?
Erica Lasan: Back in February, I took a “Momentum Education” course in New York City, upon the recommendation of a friend. I found the course to be awesome and mind-opening since I have always been a dreamer but had hit a point where I was constantly thinking about what was holding me back from what I wanted. How could I propel myself forward? So I then enrolled in the three-month leadership program. …They say it takes 90 days to break old habits, and to form new ones. I decided to use my YouTube channel as a place to illustrate my journey to 1) prove that I actually accomplished these things in 90 days, and 2) show the little steps that made it possible. I also used the videos for accountability.

Around day 45, I realized that I wasn’t really putting myself out there so I began talking to people on the train about my journey and the idea of chasing their dreams, and I learned that many of them weren’t thinking this way. Fear and lack of urgency were keeping them from their dreams, so I created this tag challenge to encourage them to take action.

MN: Many of your challenge goals refer to QueŔica. What is the QueŔica brand?
EL: My brand is one that aims to touch, move, and inspire others to get out there and #LiveRi¢h! At the moment, it consists of my jewelry line and my YouTube channel, QuÉricaTV. I am also working on a documentary and I also hope to eventually branch into apparel, and have a couple subsidiaries of my jewelry line.

MN: What has been the most challenging part of building your brand? How have you overcome that challenge?
EL: The most challenging part has been trying to juggle everything, and the idea that I should focus on one thing. For a long time, I just focused on the jewelry until I was laid off from my fashion job in 2013. At that point, I decided to go for it, whatever “it” was. I had always wanted to be a VJ, so I decided it was time to go hard or go home. I didn’t want to settle down and start a family and think “I wish I would’ve …,” so this last year, I began focusing on both QuÉricaTV the jewelry. I learned that they both play off of one another, and I also learned to ask for help and let people help me. I am still working on it but I have built a small team, and I am allowing myself to be supported.

MN: What has been the most rewarding part of building your brand?
EL: I feel fulfilled because I am actually pursuing my dream, and not settling for what is expected or easy. Also, by seeing how it is actually affecting people in such a positive and strong way that they realize that they can step out and do the same!

MN: Since the first day of the challenge (it’s now day 72), what goals have you realized and what lessons have you learned?
EL: Two of my goals were to volunteer weekly and serve in an international organization supporting children in the arts for at least a week. By doing so, I have learned that I really enjoy volunteering and serving others, so much so, that I am going to continue to volunteer past my 90 days. I’ve learned the importance of committing to something, and how by doing something small each day, you could make a great difference to someone else.

I’ve also learned that when I dream, I dream hard. I set a goal for 30,000 YouTube subscribers, and so far, I have about 700, which is a really good increase from when I started. I’m still praying and planning on some additional support to reach the declared total. Jewelry sales have increased, but not as much as I expected, (there’s still three weeks left!). For jewelry sales, I was expecting a greater increase because I was promoting the jewelry site more on QuÉricaTV, but now I’m thinking of other avenues to reach the sales goals such as fairs, jewelry parties, Etsy, crowdfunding and other ways that are available.

MN: How can MadameNoire readers participate in the challenge?
EL: First they must subscribe to my YouTube channel. Watch the video which explains the challenge, and you can also watch my Day 1 video to see my personal goals. Then leave a comment mentioning three of your own outrageous goals under either of the videos.

Lastly, each day for 90 days straight, do at least one thing that scares you, you’ve been putting off, or that just puts you on track to reach your goals. I’ll check in on days 30, 60, and 90 to check your progress. You can also upload your own progress videos on day 30, 60, and 90, but it’s not mandatory. I strongly recommend taking the challenge with a friend so that you can support one another. It’s really about putting action toward your vision every day, and remembering to live rich!

To learn more about this project and other Erica Lasan initiatives, readers can visit  To purchase and view pieces from the jewelry line (15 percent of everything sold is donated to supporting the arts in kids of underprivileged countries), please visit Erica can also be reached on all social networks at @EricaLasan.

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