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From watching NeNe give Cynthia and Kenya the cold shoulder after pretending to be friendly with them last episode, to finding out that Roger Bobb may have cheated on Demetria, there was a lot going on with episode nine of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Let’s get to it.

Cynthia Is Peter’s Business Partner Now…

While some people might not be crazy about the idea, Peter has made Cynthia more than just his partner in love and life, but also in business. And while past business endeavors between the couple (make that Peter using Cynthia’s money for his business ventures) haven’t always ended well, Cynthia is not worried about all that this time around, as they look for a new home for BarOne. She’s also not pressed about what her critics think: “He is my husband and my money is his money. I don’t really care what the haters have to say … now what else is going on?”

What A Friend We Have, In Kandi

Claudia is still out here trying to connect with all of the ladies, and out of the group, she definitely wants to get close to Kandi (who is the most successful housewife the show has had): “She seems like she can be supportive of other women without all that catty stuff.” So Claudia makes her way to the Kandi Factory to see where all the checks are cut and where business is done. While there, Kandi invites Claudia to be on her revamped show, Kandi Koated Nights, to spill all the tea about her sex life. Kandi also invites Claudia to a party where she will show off some new sex toys with all the ladies, and finally get to meet the rest of the group–as in NeNE.

On a side note, I polled people on Twitter during this episode, and a majority aren’t necessarily feeling Claudia as a housewife so far. What about you?

Phaedra Is Preparing For Life Without Apollo, And He’s Feeling Some Type Of Way About It…

With Apollo facing eight years in prison for fraud and more, it’s time for Phaedra to start considering what life will be like without him. To get ready for that reality, she enlists some people to come to their home so that a gate/fool-proof security system can be set up to keep her and the boys safe. While they’re making these big plans for the house, Apollo pulls into the driveway, and he doesn’t look very welcome based on Phaedra’s expression. He hears the conversation and wants to interject, and when he does, he doesn’t seem sold on the gate idea. All in all, more than being unconvinced, he seems hurt about not being asked to be involved in this decision and process: “No one respects me for some reason. It’s always been like that in my household. She could have waited until I went to prison to do all of this.”

Kenya Talks About Being Fake BFFs With NeNe Again

Kenya and her very sweet Aunt Lori meet up for veggie masks to cleanse their skin and talk about Kenya’s progress with NeNe and Porsha. Kenya tells her that during drinks with Porsha, NeNe and Cynthia the previous week, she was “the bigger person” and hugged it out with Porsha. She also shared that NeNe told her that they are friends again, so Kenya, of course, thinks that she’s back in everyone’s good graces. Aunt Lori is surprised to hear about the lack of drama in Kenya’s life for once: “Who are you and what have you done with my niece?”

Initially, NeNe Didn’t Want To Do Cinderella On Broadway

While unpacking some things in her home, NeNe is contacted by her manager, who gives her some really good news: She has been offered huge roles in three big shows on Broadway: Mama Morton in Chicago, Justice in Rock of Ages and the wicked stepmother in Cinderella. And while NeNe is excited about the first two opportunities, she’s not really feeling the latter: “I’m not mean by any stretch of the means, and I’ve never been in a play where I’ve had to sing, dance or act.” Her manager finally encourages her to keep an open mind because he’s loving the idea of her being in the beloved fairytale on The Great White Way. Either way, as long as a check is coming, NeNe will get with the program.

Kandi Brings Back “Kandi Koated Nights” And Talks Business Vs. Pleasure

Kandi and her co-hosts are shooting a revamped version of Kandi Koated Nights (they have a set now, which was created at the behest of Todd), and the topic is about having sexual relations with someone you work with. Kandi ended up marrying her former co-worker (Todd used to be a line producer for “RHOA”), and while there are perks to such a relationship, she admits that these days, all they talk about is work now that they partner up on everything together: “It turns into business all the time.”

Claudia is the special guest for Kandi Koated Nights, and the first question she receives from Kandi is a raunchy one. Claudia used to do some radio hosting on Jamie Foxx’s “The Foxxhole” satellite radio channel, so Kandi wanted to know, “Is it true that you gave him head?” Claudia says they have a brother/sister type of relationship, so things never were romantic between them. Claudia was also asked whether she would French kiss Kandi, flash a stranger or strip at Magic City for a day for $500. The answer? French kiss Kandi! But of course…”I feel real dirty right now.”

Cynthia And Peter Talk Business

Peter and Cynthia meet up to sign the papers that will allow them to take BarOne to a new fancy location in Atlanta. While they chat about the benefits of taking their business to a historically black neighborhood that’s on the come-up, they also talk about the problems that past business deals caused in their marriage. These days though, it seems like they’re standing on more stable ground and Cynthia finally believes in Peter’s dream, so she’s ready for whatever will come with this new venture.

Despite Family Drama, Phaedra Is Awarded For Her Professional Success

With all that’s going on with Apollo, Phaedra is happy to have a positive distraction. The esteemed lawyer is being honored by the national bar association for being one of the top attorneys in the country. And while she initially wanted to decline the award because of all the bad press surrounding her husband and his illegal acts, Phaedra says that she doesn’t want his actions and decisions to impede upon all the hard work she has done. “I was a lawyer for over a decade before I married Apollo, so when people try to associate me with Apollo’s mischievous behavior, it’s quite unfair. We are two individual people.”

NeNe Gives The Cold Shoulder To Kenya, Cynthia And Claudia

The ladies all come together for Kandi’s sex toy party and hope that it won’t be anything like the failed lingerie bash NeNe threw last year (where punches and shade were thrown). Even the newbies are invited!  When NeNe arrives, everyone is quick to give her a hug, but she’s not so receptive when Kenya comes her way for a hug and a “hi, friend.” She makes it clear (in her confessional) that, “we’re all right, but let’s not act like we’re friends.”

NeNe also isn’t so crazy about Claudia, because when it was time to greet her, NeNe also gave her a cold shoulder. When Claudia pulls NeNe to the side to have a quick discussion about her shady demeanor, NeNe lets her know that she’s not really interested in getting to know her, especially since Claudia runs with people she’s not too fond of (like Kenya and Cynthia).

Cynthia also gets played by NeNe when Kandi and Dr. Rachael Ross try to strap the two women up in ‘bondage’ since they’ve had issues in the past. NeNe says they can be in the same space, but they don’t need to be that close to each other. Feeling slighted, Cynthia says she’s not crazy about being tied to NeNe either.  So despite making nice at a dinner a week earlier, things are not all good between these ladies after all.

Demetria Learns Something Scandalous About Roger Bobb, And It Turns Into A Scene Right Out Of “Love And Hip Hop”

Dr. Rachael Ross asks the women to do an icebreaker about their relationship statuses and when Demetria is asked, she lets everyone know, again, that for eight years, off-and-on, she has been dating Roger Bobb (oh yeah, and that “the D is exquisite.”). What she doesn’t expect though is for Kandi’s friend Gocha (who dates La La Anthony’s cousin, Dice) to tell everyone that she also dated Roger Bobb–and while Demetria was supposedly with him: “I found out about you because you were in Vegas with him. He told me that you were just his artist. So…”

Kandi tries to change topics and go to Kenya, but the tea is so hot that the ladies can’t focus. Demetria storms out of the room as the ladies react to that crazy information, and Cynthia goes out to check on her. As it turns out, Demetria thinks that Gocha is lying: “I’m almost positive she’s lying. I do not know her, but I know him.”

The fact that Gocha revealed this information in front of all of the women was so shady, it reminded me of that scene in “Love and Hip Hop New York” where Kimbella told Erica B that she was sleeping with Fabolous while they were together. Not only that, but she was messing with Fabolous while Erica was pregnant with their son. and didn’t show much remorse about it. Thankfully, nobody got dragged on RHOA (though Demetria’s dignity might have taken a dive)…


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