Ways You Embarrass Yourself In Front Of Your Boyfriend’s Mom

December 12, 2014  |  
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Meeting your man’s mom for the first time can be nerve-racking, and what do people tend to do when they’re nervous? Silly things. Here are 15 ways you embarrass yourself in front of your boyfriend’s mom.













You offer too much help

She doesn’t need another pair of hands trying to cut the vegetables she has a handle on, or someone running around the kitchen checking on things. Like your mom during the holidays, his mom probably needs less bodies in her way!






You don’t show her son love

You try not to overdo it on the PDA with her son, so you underdo it, and she ends up wondering if you even really love her son. You sat on the other side of the room from him the whole night, after all.





You’re indecisive about hugging her husband

You don’t know what the appropriate greeting is for your man’s dad, so you go in for some part handshake/part hug/part body slam.









You dress like a mom

You’re terrified of dressing provocatively so you end up dressing 20 years older than you really are. And your man’s mom wonders if maybe you’re too conservative for her son.




You tease your man

You figure you can bond with your man’s mom by teasing his funny habits. Nope! Mama is protective. Only she gets to tease her son.



You make excuses for every glass of wine

You don’t need to explain you “never really drink” or “need another glass with your entrée.” She didn’t think you were an alcoholic until you began making all the excuses.





You buy an inappropriate gift for her other kid

You buy a Harry Potter related gift for his little sister. She is 19.








You’re all work talk

Your man’s mom doesn’t care about your career accomplishments. You can give her the reader’s digest, sure, but then she wants to know who you really are.







You imply your man was “hiding her” from you

When she says, “I can’t believe it’s taken this long to meet you!” you say, “I know…your son has been hiding you from me!” And now you sound like you’re nitpicking at him.

You piggyback her criticisms of your man

Again, trying to bond, when she makes a comment about how your man doesn’t clean his dish, you say, “I know! He never does at our place either!” and again, mama will get defensive of her boy.



You overdo it on her gift

It’s way too personal—how did you know all that about her? Or it’s way too expensive. A bottle of wine will do the first time.










You bring your own special food

If you’re a vegan, or just trying to cut back on meat, eat before, or be subtle about avoiding certain dishes, but don’t bring your own pre-prepared food to her house for dinner.

You won’t leave Sparky alone

Her little dog might be her precious pet but that doesn’t mean you can win her over by holding him all night. She’s probably thinking you’re annoying her poor dog who clearly wants to go sit in his bed.



You compliment her too much

Yes, she has a nice home and a great sense of style and wonderful selection of music on the shelves and an incredible touch in the kitchen. But she’s trying to finish cooking, and get to know you, and you won’t stop talking.

You compare your man to your exes

You’re hopefully smart enough not to do this but again, when we’re nervous we do strange things! And when your man’s moms says of him, “He is so thoughtful isn’t he?” you might accidentally say, “He really is. More than any other man I’ve dated.” Awkward.

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