What Men Think While Going Down On You

December 12, 2014  |  
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You probably have your own theories — or even insecurities — about what a man thinks when going down on you, but the truth will probably surprise you (and make you laugh).

“The clitoris is hard to find with my mouth”

I mastered the art of finding the clitoris with my hand, but with my tongue—that’s a whole different, messy story.

“What do I do with my hands?”

Am I supposed to be rubbing her body? That would look funny actually, like I’m reaching for something in the dark.


“Do I use my hands and my mouth?”

Maybe it would be really amazing if I incorporated both my hands and my mouth into this. That would be a great effort on my part.



“Put your hands away: you look like you’re digging for something”

Oh, no, never mind that. With me on my stomach like this, it quickly looked like I was digging for treasure in there.


“Am I supposed to look up at her?”

Does it turn her on if I make eye contact? Maybe it takes her out of the moment. But maybe if I don’t, it seems like I’m just trying to get this over with.


“Okay, scratch that: it hurts my neck to look up at her”

Ouch! Okay, forget eye contact. It’s impossible to look at her and keep my mouth on the important parts.

“Woah. I forgot to breathe.”

And now I have to stop to let out an enormous breath that will make it sound like I’m exhausted from this.


“Tongue cramp! Tongue cramp!”

Making out after this is no longer an option.


“Oh no. I need to sneeze.”

I can either stop what I’m doing and sneeze, or hold in the sneeze, which will cause me to make weird faces, which will make her think I’m not enjoying this.

“Why is her hand on my head?”

Does that mean I should keep doing exactly what I’m doing? Apply more pressure? Go lower—wait, what’s lower?





“Ah! She’s squeezing my head with her knees!”

But that’s probably because she’s near orgasm, so I don’t want to ruin this for her by moving!

“Does she want me to make her orgasm now or save that for sex?”

Does she just want me to get her ready for sex? Or get her to orgasm now?


“Can she orgasm during oral and again during sex?”

If she does orgasm now, will she be able to during sex also? Or is the sex part just for me at that point?





“When do we get to have sex?”

By the way, when is the appropriate time to stop this and just have sex?







“Am I allowed to touch myself right now?”

I don’t want to lose my erection while I’m down here. Am I allowed to touch myself? Or should this time be all about her?

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