Bad Habits That Women Can’t Stand

November 3, 2014  |  
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You can love a man without loving everything about him. These are the bad habits that women can’t stand and some men just can’t help.

Not Listening

He pretends like he’s tuning in but fails the “what did I just say” pop quiz. Do men just have trouble paying attention? And where do their minds go when we’re doing all of that talking?

Scratching Their Junk

They always say they’re rearranging, but that’s not the point. We get bunched up down there too. But if we “rearranged” in public, everyone would lose their minds. It’s just one of the double standards that get on our nerves.

Clippings Clutter

What is it about being a man that makes you feel like it’s cool to leave your toenail clippings wherever you remove them?

Checking Out Other Women

If they invent blinders for men, we know a lot of girlfriends who are going to be first in line.

Screaming At The TV During The Game

They know the football players can’t hear them, right? Women save their breath for better things, like yelling through the TV at Fitz so he’ll know that Jake didn’t do it.

Road Rage

People in other cars are looking in at you, and you’re only 40% sure he’s not actually going to get out of the car and have an encounter.

Keeping Their Hands Down Their Pants

What’s amazing is the amount of time they spend in that position. Is it like a security blanket? Is he checking to make sure it’s still there? And when was the last time you saw him washing his hands?


You’re minding your business walking down the street and suddenly a snot rocket goes flying toward the pavement. Did some of it back splash onto your shoe? And since when was it cool to do this in public?

Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

We won’t even talk about how dirty the rim can get at a man’s house — or the horror of splashing down into the water at night when you go without looking down.

Hogging the Remote

Why do men have trouble with compromise when it comes to control of the TV?

Telling You To Calm Down

Not only is it infuriating, it’s the best way to make sure the calm never comes. Emotions make men uncomfortable because they’re generally not as good at using them as we are. But if they want us to come down to their level, they need to get better at using their words.

Keeping It Real Until It Goes Wrong

Get too much testosterone in a room and once something starts they have trouble backing down.

The Three Day Rule

Or whatever mathematical equation they use that keeps them from calling before a certain time. If they knew how much obsessing we did in the mean time, we like to think that they wouldn’t do it.

Cheesy Pickup Lines

What, exactly, is so wrong with just coming up and saying “hello”?

The One-Word Response

You sent him a four-page letter and he texts back “K.” Now you’re having a tiny stroke trying to figure out if he’s being passive aggressive or just being a guy.

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