Life Lessons We Learned From 90s TV

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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? It’s A Different World? The life lessons we learned from 90s TV will stay with us forever. Watching our favorite characters, we learned to laugh cry and love reruns forever.

How To Deal With High School Problems

Moesha didn’t pull any punches when it came to tackling serious issues: date rape, drugs, racism, premarital sex, they talked about it all during their half hour on UPN.

How To Be A Family

The Huxtables taught us all something about loving each other, getting along and raising a family the right way — which makes it even harder for the show’s fans to understand what Bill Cosby did.

There’s Nothing Better Than A Sister

Everyone only child who watched Sister, Sister was secretly waiting on the moment when their twin sister would pop up from nowhere. Tia and Tamera taught us that with a sister by your side you can tackle school drama, first kisses and even pesky next door neighbors named Roger.

How To Miss A Cast Member

Piggy, Ced and the rest of the lovable cast was what made The Steve Harvey Show one of the best shows on TV in the 90s.

But right after the last episode aired, Merlin Santana was murdered. The next airing of The Steve Harvey Show featured a memorial for Romeo, but the reruns were never the same.

You Don’t Have To Change For The One You Love

Before the “friendzone,” there was Cory and Topanga. Topanga was smart, beautiful and not afraid to pursue her goals even though she loved Cory. Their relationship taught us to focus on our goals and the rest would just fall into place.

How To Tackle The Deep Issues

Roc may have started out as a sitcom, but it wasn’t afraid to get dramatic and talk about drugs, violence and other troubles in the inner city — all while shedding a positive life on working class families that work hard to earn a living. Unfortunately, the positive image didn’t save them from low ratings.

How To Be A Single Woman Doing It All

One of the best things about the Living Single cast is that it’s main characters were all women. Synclaire, Khadijah and Régine taught us how to tackle love, friendship and worth without having to sacrifice, bicker or back bite.

That There’s Always A Bruh-Man From The Fith Flo

…whether he’s your college roommate, next door neighbor or that co-worker who’s always taking your lunch.

There were a lot of things that made Martin a TV classic. And the cast of side characters are high on the list: Sheneneh, Mama Payne, Jerome, Roscoe and Otis are all characters we’ll remember for a long time.

How To Map Out Our College Lives

About a million girls watching It’s A Different World knew they were going to an HBCU (or at least join a fraternity or sorority wherever they went), be as successful as Whitley and marry a guy like Dwayne.

If A Man Loves You He’ll Wait

90’s staple Beverly Hills, 90210 got up to it’s fair share of shenanigans. But one of the positive things they taught us was that real love waits.

Donna Martin and David Silver were together for all 10 years of 90210’s run. And despite some hiccups along the way, David decided to stick by Donna’s decision to wait. And that story line helped a lot of high school girls avoid peer pressure.

Family’s Come In All Shapes And Sizes

For kids growing up in single parent homes, blended families and other family arrangements, Full House was proof-positive that “family” works no matter what it looks like (and that when mom’s out of the house, it’s always more fun.

How To Be A Handful

We don’t know how many kids got in trouble for saying “motherfloodpucker” or shoving their hands in other kids’ faces when The Jamie Foxx Show was on the air, but we know Jamie King’s shenanigans inspired a lot of ours.

It’s OK To Move On Up

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air may have dealt the biggest blow to peer pressure in TV history. By moving up to Bel Air, Will taught us all that you can still be cool — even when you trade in your West Philly street cred for good grades and family time with the Banks’.

Never Give Up On Your Goal

It took Steve nearly 10 years, but just before Family Matters went off the air he finally won Laura over. And Steve’s dating struggle taught us all an important message: you’ll always find love as long as you’re true to yourself.

You Can Be On-Again Off-Again Forever

After Living Single went off the air, we still had Friends: A great show that kept us hanging on to will Rachel and Ross or won’t they until the very end.

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