Friendly, But Not Friends? Shady Moves Real Girlfriends Never Pull

April 22, 2014  |  
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On the last episode of “Basketball Wives LA,” Draya was still offended that Brandi said they were “friendly but not friends.” But is that not an accurate status for two women who are just getting to know one another?

It’s clear some people have a hard time differentiating between what makes someone friendly, but not friends, so here are some things a real friend would never do.

Cause Friction Between You and Your Husband

When NeNe called her friend Cynthia’s husband a “bish”, we had a feeling that that friendship was over.

Friends don’t put friends in a position to choose between their mate and their friendship.

Stir the Pot

We all have a friend we love even though they bring the drama (and sometimes because of it).

But stirring the pot seems to be all Jackie Christie does. Why the other Basketball Wives continue to go to those messy meetings is beyond us.


Flirt With Your Husband

Any woman who flirts with your husband — especially after you’ve called her on it once — is no friend at all.

And no one was surprised when Phaedra Parks kept her husband as far away from Kenya Moore as her Real Housewives of Atlanta contract allows.

Drag You, Literally

On the Real Housewives of Atlanta set, we all got a lesson on why frenemies and cameras just don’t mix.

But who’s the worst friend? Kenya who got on a megaphone and called Porsha a “dumb hoe”? Or Porsha who grabbed Kenya’s track and dragged her off set?

We don’t think either of these women will be able to call each other “friend” any time soon.

Grind on Your Husband

Should you ever dance with your friends’ husband? And how close is too close?

The second season of “Married to Medicine” got off on a messy foot when Toya Bush Harris called Dr. Simone out for grinding on her husband Eugene during a night out prompting Toya to ask “really, friend?”

“Friend” is a strong word…

Talk to Your Ex-Husband Behind Your Back

We were all flabbergasted when Peter Thomas became a Real Househusband of Atlanta and sat down with Porsha’s ex-husband Kordell for tea — then publicly embarrassed Porsha by spilling it in front of the group.

Nene shouldn’t have called Peter Thomas a bish, but some people might understand where she’s coming from.

Trade You In for Their Boyfriend

OK, girlfriends abandon girlfriends to hang out with their new boos all the time. But Draya Michelle may be the first person in history to do it for a check.

When her new boo Orlando Scandrick saw Draya and her “friends” on “Basketball Wives LA,” he offered to pay her more than her salary to “sit her ash at home.”

Make Fun of your Medical Problems

When Sundy Carter told Brandi Maxiell to “shut up and go have a baby,” we ducked those shots on this side of the TV.

“Basketball Wives LA” fans know that Brandi’s been struggling to have a baby ever since she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Whether you’re “friendly” or “friends,” shading someone’s medical problems is never OK.

Kick You While You’re Down

You’re 15 minutes of fame is almost up, you panic and sell a sex tape. How does your friend react?

Probably not by pulling a K. Michelle and clowning you on Instagram. Even for a fellow “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast mate, this was a low blow.

Get Close With Your Husband’s Jump Off

Rumor has it that the real reason Cyntiha Bailey and NeNe Leakes publicly fell out is because Cynthia befriended one of Gregg’s jump offs — and even hired her as a publisher.

If any of that is true, we fully support Cynthia’s demotion to “frenemie” — in reality and in real life.

Call Your Baby A Cash Register

Wendy Williams may act buddy buddy with her guests, but we’re sure Evelyn Lozada didn’t think they were friends when Wendy shaded her newborn son on TV:

“Evelyn gave birth to a cash register — I mean — a baby boy! With her fiancé, the $142 million dollar Carl Crawford! I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn, girl, congratulations.”

That’s the shadiest congratulations we’ve ever heard.

Friend Hop And Social Climb

Once you find out a friend is using you, it’s time to demote them to “friendly” status, stat.

But we don’t know what rank to give “Real Housewives of Atlanta” extra Marlo Hampton. First she cut off Kandi to get closer to NeNe’s story line. Then she traded NeNe in for Kenya.

We have a feeling she’s about to friend-hop her way right out of her 15 minutes.

Take Shots At Your Education

Real friendship has nothing to do with your education level.But Phaedra thinks it has a lot to do with being “friendly”. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star recently revealed that she stopped hanging with the other housewives because she’s too well educated for all of that drama:

“I have many careers and many degrees,” Parks reportedly said. “So unlike some of the other ladies, my life is very full. I don’t have to talk about something from two years ago constantly and obsess with foolery because I have several things going on.”

Threaten to Kill You

All friends fight from time to time, but Gregg Leakes took arguing to another level when he asked Peter Thomas “do you want to live?”

Those two have broken bread since then, but we don’t know if even their reality friendship can fully recover.

Ban You From The Reunion Show

We’ve all had to cut a friend off at one point or another.

But the “Teen Mom” cast took friend-deading to another level when they banded together and threatened to quit if Farrah was invited to the reunion special.

It’s a good thing that real-life friends don’t have that kind of veto power.

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