I Luh Ya Mami: 15 Things Men Admire Most About Women

March 14, 2014  |  
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There are countless things that most men admire about women. Whether it’s their subtle gestures, the way they walk, or even just how cool their personality is, a man enjoys figuring out these telltale signs that she’s the one.

In my case, my admiration falls for one woman and all of these attributes listed below are traits that she has in spades. While there may be an abundance of men out there on the Internets attempting to offer advice on how to become a better woman, my expertise is in extolling the things men admire most about women.

There are plenty of non-physical things that we enjoy and I’m pretty sure that if the ladies of Madame Noire have special someones, they’ll confirm that their physiques aren’t the only things they fell head over heels in love with. If you’re interested to learn more about these other things, please read carefully because every man definitely loves a learned woman.


A man who is admiring of a woman has to give special aplomb to her ability to create a home for herself, her mate and her family.


A man admires that a woman can accept him for whomever he is: good, bad or Stevie J.


A man appreciates and admires the pure strength a woman has to stand tall against things great and small.

A Strong Support System

Any true man can admire a woman’s ability to craft a reserve of social support that helps everyone involved to not only reach their goals, but to also have fun on the journey toward them.

Commitment To Excellence

Men love, admire, and appreciate a woman’s ability to excel against all odds. Her commitment to her faith, her family, and her work are traits that go beyond just having a big butt and a smile.

A Sense Of Humor

A man who has a woman who can make him laugh increases the life expectancy of both parties, and is a well-deserved helpmate to any man lucky enough to have her by his side.


The world can be a very cruel place, but a man who has a woman who can tell the truth through all things has a rare jewel that is worthy of being cherished.


Most humans aren’t very trusting of one another. But if a man has found a woman who can open herself up and be vulnerable then he has tapped into a layer of emotion that can move mountains and save lives.

She Creates Life

Any man who isn’t neutered from the waist below admires and appreciates a woman’s ability to create life and give birth. She is responsible for future generations and that’s an attribute any man (worth his weight in gold) can appreciate.


Men admire a woman whom they can trust their very lives with. We appreciate one who can keep our secrets and not sell them to the highest bidder.

Indomitable Will

Men are fighters by nature and nurture. It is only right that we appreciate the talents of a skilled woman who will not be overpowered by negativity or other limiting forces. A woman whose will is indefatigable will last longer in love than one who is easily winded.


For every GDS (gold digging sistah), there is a woman who is admirably attempting to accomplish her goals. While the Superhead’s of the world may get screen time amongst the masses, a real man admonishes a woman who is driven to succeed in the most positive of ways possible.


Remember that scene from Love & Basketball where Sanaa Lathan’s character wasn’t there for Omar Epps? Well, any man would be upset in that situation. A woman who is there for her man on time is better than one who isn’t there at all.


For all the silicone that gets blasted on BET, a true man admires an authentic woman, however that may appear. No man wants to walk around with a woman who can’t hold her head up high.


For all the hoopla, men can be very complex creatures and a woman who can understand and share feelings positively is one who instantly gets our admiration and attention.

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