The Psychology of ‘Cheating Down’

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And Why It Doesn’t Work…..

Some women are puzzled, bewildered even when they find out that their significant other is cheating and the “other woman” is a significant downgrade. I’m not a woman (men have these experiences too), but I would imagine that it’s a bittersweet moment to say the least. While hurt that their lover has been unfaithful, their ego remains partially in tact because “she ain’t got nothing on me”.

I’m no Steve Harvey, (I’m better looking and my bank account doesn’t have nearly as many zero’s) so please don’t take any of my sweeping generalizations as fact; they are merely my opinion based on my life’s experiences. With that said, I think brothers “cheat down” because in our mind it’s supposed to be an easy conquest. At the very least it should require little to no effort and will satisfy the beast within that craves carnal, face down — *** up sex. So we find women who are less attractive than our current mate, less established and motivated in life’s pursuits and generally just don’t have the “it” factor that our significant other has. Lastly, we’re not trying to replace you; we’re just looking for some sideline fun. Because of this our typical wife material standards take a nosedive, because it’s just sex!

Does this work? Not never! For starters I don’t know why we subscribe to such a vain and egotistical way of thinking but some of us do. There are a few major flaws in this line of strategy. The biggest is how we place the woman we’re cheating with in this lower caste of women, thereby underestimating her true intelligence and potential spiteful ways which always turn to be the downfall of what we thought was a good thing. Secondly, you’re cheating and in an effort to not deal with unwarranted Facebook photo comments, wall posts, late night calls, and unannounced visits you confide in the side chick about your relationship thus giving her entirely too much power to completely blow up your spot.

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