“I’m Not Gonna Talk About Chilli S*cking My Father’s D!ck”: Pebbles’ Daughter, Ashley Reid, Goes Off

November 4, 2013  |  

Why they filed bankruptcy

It didn’t mean they were broke, it meant they had to many debts they had to pay. Did they handle their money properly?No. Did they get signed after being invested so much in with like some blue chip f-cking Mariah Carey deal before their first album came out? No. Those certain things were true. Were they treated like they were slaves that my family pulled from Africa and put on a plantation at Laface Records? No.

Using Pebbles as the scapegoat.

Mom woke one day and decided she wanted to make the biggest girl group in the world and went plucked them and their dusty asses off the corner of the street and then spent almost a million dollars developing them in the basement of our home, paying for doctors bills for food, styling, apartments, transportation, for studio time and etc. For them to then get a production deal with Laface Records, where the actual money was coming from. That is actually how this sh-t works. At the end of day, its not even necessarily a give me credit type of thing, its don’t be lying stank A$$ b-itches. Seriously.

As some of you may know, Pebbles is a preacher or something like that. Perhaps, in that spirit she asked that Ashley stop threatening people.

Mom. just wants me to stop threatening people. Mom is concerned with my emotions. She’s a mother at the end of the day. So she’s just like, ‘I feel this way and that way about it, but I don’t want you flying off the handle, I don’t want aggression coming towards you and I also don’t want you to go jail. But she’s like, ‘I love you and appreciate you for defending your mom.

Chilli being intimate with her father

I’m not gonna talk about Chilli my father’s d!ck or most of the d!cks in the industry in the 90′s…That has nothing to do with the fact that she is a lying person, I won’t even call her a wh0re anymore. She’s claimed that we got it.

The threats 

When I said on Twitter, Chilli I can’t wait to see you what I meant by that was I can’t wait to see you to beat your f-cking face into the concrete.


Umm. I just find this whole thing deeply disturbing. While I’m sure Antonio Jr. and Ashley probably have an above average understanding of how the music industry works, I sincerely doubt that they were flipping through or even comprehending TLC’s or anybody else’s contracts back in the day. I get it. No one wants their parents’ names dragged through the mud. It’s bound to make anyone angry. But coming after them in this manner is just not a good look for anyone involved. Threatening to beat somebody up when you see them in the street? Come on boo. You sound like a fool. It’s disgusting and completely uncalled for. Why are you fighting your mom’s battles from over 20 years ago? She’s filing a defamation suit, so just stop. Furthermore, if any of you had any confusion about what I meant when I said, there are things I can’t stand about “educated” black folks, these two personify quite a bit of it. You can listen to the whole messy, 34 minute interview on the next page.

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