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I get it. Sex sells. We got it decades ago, but people still keep shoving their goods in our faces to remind us that it does, and to also get some compliments that will boost their self-esteem and get them a whole lot of attention too. And while we applaud them for their banging bodies and “sharing is caring” mentality, we don’t need to see all that so much (and filters do NOT help). But alas, these celebrities haven’t yet realized that. Here are nine famous folks who overshare way too much of themselves on Instagram. And beware, you might just encounter some NSFW and ratchet stuff.

Nicki Minaj, aka, @nickiminaj

The Nickster hasn’t even been on social media for more than a few months, but she’s already got jaws dropping and tongues wagging–or in my case, eyes going way to the side. Sometimes she’s making it rain in the strip club, showing off her line for K Mart, and just living luxuriously. But other times, she’s twerking in a pool, and showing off whatever the hell size breasts she has to the folks in her timeline. Folks were begging her to join Instagram and now they’ve created a monster.

Cam’ron, aka, @mr_camron

Some things just weren’t meant to be shared with the world, and that includes the backside of your fiancée and a romp between the two of you in a bubble bath. Cam’Ron, always the interesting fella, has a lady in his life (named JuJu) that he’s ready to wed, and folks who follow his page have seen every inch of her already. It’s hard to tell if he’s showing her off as a form of admiration (and to brag), or if he’s just having a ball objectifying the girl…

Kim Kardashian, aka, @kimkardashian

Kim K just might be the grandmother of this Instagram thing, because she’s been dominating for years with snaps of her numerous beauty procedures, her moments with Kanye, and oh yeah, her booty. This week’s post-baby snapback photo has nothing on the various times she’s bared her body on her timeline. Don’t be mad at her, it’s all that baby knows…

Justin Bieber, aka, @justinbieber

I’m still trying to figure out when and why Justin Bieber turned from the furry headed little kid from Canada to a wannabe thug making his security guards carry him around clubs and up the Great Wall of China. But the transformation has occurred, and you can see the results on his Instagram page where he flexes his bird chest, makes inaudible videos, breaks up and make ups with Selena Gomez, and then teases fans with his butt crack. What a gentleman.

Rihanna, aka, @badgalriri

While Kim K was away allowing a child to grow inside of her, Rihanna slowly but surely became a force to be reckoned with when it came to oversharing on Instagram. How many things have thine eyes seen? Well, there was the oiled up booty from the original “Pour It Up” video, we’ve seen her underboob, her love for marijuana, the beginning and end of her second go-round with Chris Brown (including a photo of her on her knees in a hotel in Paris where he was staying), other half-dressed women, and pretty much anything you can think of that would get an ordinary person fired from their job and slapped by their mother.

Chief Keef, aka, @chieffkeeffsossa

When he’s not holed up in jail for everything from unpaid child support to probation violation, he’s spending all the money he gets and showing it to you on Instagram. It’s like a nightmare come to life in photos with guns, cash, more guns, some receipts from swanky stores, his daughter, and a few more guns–all in Sutro and Amaro filter. And don’t even get me started on the photo that got banned of the rapper getting oral from a young girl. MESS.

Ke$ha, aka, @iiswhoiis

I’m guessing this chick was getting sick and tired of Miley Cyrus stealing all the rachet girl shine, because lately she’s been doing the absolute most to get attention on her page. She’s posted pics of herself fully unclothed, butt tooted in the air in a thong, legs wide open, covered in confetti while grabbing on to her ladybits, and more. All of that and I still only know one of her songs. Interesting…

Chrissy Teigen, aka, @chrissyteigen

I’ve been done with Chrissy Tiegen for a while, but according to others, her page is a colorful mess of areola shots, n*de selfies and oh yeah, doing raspberries on the vag*nas of her model friends in short videos. It all often makes me wonder how she met and fell in love with super chill and private John Legend? Oh well. Who said that Cara Delevigne is the only rachet model out there?

Tyler, The Creator, aka, @feliciathegoat

We’ve literally seen this guy on the toilet, and not in a s*xy way (if it’s even possible to be hot on the can). If that’s not enough, he’s also hilariously rubbed his n*pples behind Donald Trump, and even shared a pic of himself peeing in a garbage can. He’s a character. But for every shudder-worthy photo, there are pics of him cuddling up to Kanye, mean-mugging with Jay Z, goofing around with Kendrick Lamar and scaring the s**t out of Justin Timberlake. It’s pretty ridiculous, yet epic, at the same damn time.

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