Allergic To Being Single? Women Who Can’t Seem To Live Without A Man On Their Arm

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Some women seem incapable of functioning without a man at their side. You know the type: the ones who are always in a relationship, never single, and never trying to be single. I’m not going to say outright that this is a sign of insecurity, but I’ve always been one to believe that time alone is good for us ladies, especially if we’ve just gotten out of a relationship. Though some women may agree with me, clearly these 15 do not. And while their levels of desperation may vary, they all seem just as intent on being in a relationship, no matter the cost.


Jennifer Lopez

Is there a waiting list to date this woman because I can hardly remember a time when Jennifer Lopez was ever single. She had married and divorced actor Ojani Noa by 1998, then dated and broke up with Diddy by 2001, married second husband Cris Judd in 2001, but before divorcing him became romantically involved with Ben Affleck in 2002 only to be dumped by him before their supposed wedding, then she married (2004) and divorced (2011) Marc Anthony before finally meeting current boyfriend Casper Smart in 2011… and these are just the men we know about!

J.Lo is fabulous and all, but if things go south with Casper she may want to take a moment to be single and just breathe, or something.

Kim Kardashian

I never thought Kim Kardashian would ever get over Reggie Bush, but when she finally did, she quickly replaced him with more men – a lot more men. Even Kim K’s own sisters have called out her inability to be single. But hey, maybe she’ll find lasting love with Kanye West.

Halle Berry

If Halle Berry is capable of living without a man you’d never know it because the Oscar winning beauty has been boo’d up since 1993: first to David Justice, then to Eric Benet, then to Gabriel Aubry, and finally to Olivier Martinez. She took her breakup with David Justice so hard that she considered suicide, but was unable to go through with it when she pictured her mother finding her dead body. Let’s just hope she never considers that again.

Taylor Swift

Who knew Taylor Swift was so man hungry? I never did. That was until the media began reporting on all 13 of her relationships, both real and rumored, along with the sour breakups that followed. The bubble gum country star then blew up her own spot by releasing songs about her exes, admitting that they’ve been her greatest musical inspiration. But at 23 years old is it really healthy for Swift to be suffering from so much heartache? Maybe she should give the boys a rest and take some time to be alone. It certainly wouldn’t hurt her.

Mo’ Nique

Why would a woman agree to an open marriage with a man? Is it because she herself wants to have the freedom to be with who she wants, or because she believes a man will cheat anyway, or because she just wants to “keep” the man at all costs? I’m going to go with the third one, particularly in Mo’Nique’s case. Though she once explained her open arrangement with husband Sidney Hicks as being more about honesty than sex, in an interview with Barbara Walters, Mo’Nique admitted that even if Sidney were to have sex outside of the marriage “20 times” she would not divorce him. I wonder how that’s working out for her.


Kandi may have taken some time to herself after the unfortunate death of her then-fiance Ashley Jewell, but now that she’s healed and snagged herself another man she’s made two things very clear: there’s no way in hell she’s going back to the single life, and she will “f**k somebody up about [her] man.” And when you think back you realize Kandi was always the type to want a relationship. Remember how hell bent she was on marrying Jewell and making her mother like him, in spite of his 6 kids that she was supporting? And her behavior on this season of RHOA has definitely proven that she’s all about Todd and their relationship. Still, I congratulate Kandi on her engagement. Clearly her hard work and dedication has paid off.

Mariah Carey

After divorcing Tommy Mottola in 1998, Mariah Carey was linked to so many men it’s dizzying: Derek Jeter, Luis Miguel, Eddie Griffin, Marcus Schenkenberg, Christian Monzon, Eminem, and more. But most shocking of all has probably been her marriage to Nick Cannon: a relationship that no one saw coming. But I suppose Mariah needed someone to have “dembabies” with.


To be more specific, Madonna can’t seem to live without a young man on her arm. Since divorcing Guy Ritchie in 2008, Madge has remained coupled up with men young enough to be her sons, and she doesn’t look to be giving up on that any time soon.

Vivica Fox

Like Madonna, 48-year old Vivica Fox likes ‘em young and on her arm. There was her very public relationship with 37-year old 50 cent, her less public one with 33-year old Flo Rida, her rumored one with 30-year old Ne-Yo, and her engagement to 29-year old Omar Slim White (as well as a marriage and some flings).

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell’s relationship conquests are legendary. She’s dated men of all races, ages, nationalities and occupations. Guys like Mike Tyson, Eric Clapton, Flavio Briatore, Diddy, and Marcus Elias are the variable types Campbell likes to have on her arm. But more than anything, Campbell belongs on this list because of her relationship with Vladislav Doronin. I know he’s a Russian billionaire that looks like James Bond and all, but he is married. As long as Naomi is happy I guess…

Shaunie O’Neal

I’m not thinking Shaunie and Shaq with this one, I’m thinking more Shaunie and Marlon Yates; her 23-year old boyfriend of nearly 3 years. Of course I’m going on rumors here, but Shaunie has remained with Marlon throughout whispers of his infidelity and possible homosexuality. After her and Shaq’s divorce was finalized in 2010, she snatched Marlon up that very same year. I see Ms. Shaunie was determined to have herself a boo.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears loves to keep a man on her arm regardless of who he actually is. Some of her exes are famous and others are not: the most prominent being Justin Timberlake, Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline. Speaking of whom, many attribute Britney’s first mental collapse to the devolution of her and Kevin’s marriage. Let’s just hope Britney will be able to keep it together from now on, especially given her recent breakup with Jason Trawick.

Gabrielle Union

Sordid rumors suggest that Gabrielle Union doesn’t just want a man on her arm; she wants a married man on her arm. Believe what you want, but for the purposes of this slideshow know that Gabby was married to Michigan running back Chris Howard for four years before coupling up with former football safety Darren Sharper. After breaking up with him she met Dwayne Wade with whom she remains.

Kat Von D

Thinking back to her time on LA Ink, I don’t remember ever feeling like Kat Von D was the type of woman to be attached to a man, but considering her dating history over the years she definitely fits the bill. Aside from her engagement to Sandra Bullock’s messy ex-husband, Kat has been linked to one man after another, after another… including Steve-O, Nikki Sixx, and now Deadmau5.

Evelyn Lozada

If we didn’t know it before, Evelyn Lozada sure made it known that she was all about Chad Johnson and the life he provided, on Iyanla, Fix My Life, part 1 not 2. In this one hour segment, she admitted that her relationship with Chad was far from perfect but that she wanted it anyway. Of course everything would go to ish weeks later with that head butting incident, but that hasn’t stopped Evelyn from seemingly rekindling their relationship (based on photos of the two together at a fan dinner in Miami). But are we really surprised? Looking back on every season of Basketball Wives, Evelyn seems to have always been involved with a man in one way or another.

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