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Whether we want to admit it or not, we all usually have some sort of baggage once a relationship ends and a new one begins, but some of us definitely carry more than others. While you may be guilty of making a man a rebound in the past, you’d probably want to know if you’re a rebound too. Here are 14 signs that you’re nothing more than a rebound.

He doesn’t care to get to know you.

Relationships are all about getting to know each other in-and-out, but if the guy you’re seeing has no interest in knowing the real you, he may just be interested in not being single.

His just recently got out of a relationship.

If you haven’t popped the question yet or if he hasn’t spilled the beans, definitely find out when his last relationship ended. If it’s only been a few days or even a few weeks, you may be a rebound.

He’s still flaunting pictures.

Check his Facebook and take a look around his room. Notice pictures of him and his ex still are proudly displayed? Rebound alert!

He revisits places.

Let’s say you go on a date to a fancy restaurant and your boyfriend explains how this used to be his favorite restaurant to take his ex. Revisiting old places that spark old memories is definitely not a good sign.

He compares you.

No one wants to be compared to an ex-girlfriend, even if it’s a compliment. If he continuously compares you to his ex, there’s a real problem at hand.

There’s no emotional attachment.

Committing is one thing, but if you’re not getting any sort of emotions out of the guy you’re dating, his ex probably still has his heart.

He’s pressed to be in a relationship.

On the contrary, you’ll find that some guys who are on the rebound are in a hurry to get into a new relationship. If your guy has been overly quick to date you and puts way too much time and effort into it, he may just be doing all he can to forget his ex.

He says he hates his ex.

A lot of people say hate is the opposite of love, but you really can’t hate someone without truly loving and caring about them, or at least not having done so at one point. If he claims he hates his ex and spends a lot of time expressing that, he hasn’t let her go.

He’s very close with his ex.

There’s nothing wrong with being friends with an ex-girlfriend, but if your boyfriend hangs out with and talks to his ex a lot, you’re not his number one, and he’s only waiting for her to come back.

Sex is a must.

Intimacy is always a good thing, but if this guy is always looking to be in bed with you, he may be focusing his energy on staying busy to avoid thoughts of his ex.

Commitment just isn’t there.

After awhile any guy should show some sort of commitment to you but if commitment just isn’t there, he may still be hung up on his ex.

He talks about his ex-girlfriend a lot.

It’s okay for him to mention his ex a few times in passing convo, but if she’s a hot subject during a lot of talks, reconsider the relationship.

You look a lot like her.

Some guys have a specific time but if you look eerily similar to your guys ex-girlfriend, he may not be over her.

He gets sad talking about his ex.

Even though he talks about his ex often, talking about her seems to make him sad and very distant. That’s a tell-tale sign that he’s still stuck on her.

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