“Khadijah, I Need Ya!” 10 Ways We’re All Khadijah James From “Living Single”

November 28, 2012  |  
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If you’ve been following Madame Noire for a while now, you might have surmised that we have a bit of a thang for “Living Single.” We’ve interviewed three cast members for our Where You Been series, (Kim Coles– Synclaire, T.C. Carson– Kyle, and Cress Williams– Scooter.), we talk about  Erica Alexander “Max” all the time and yearn for the days when seasons 2-5 will be released on DVD. (Hint Hint) So, it’s only natural that we see ourselves in one or more of the characters on this show. And which character had a stronger, more relatable presence than “Khadijah James”? So in that vein, I’m here to explain why we’re all “Khadijah” in some form or fashion. Check it…

1. The ex that got away…or won’t go away

Remember the love connection between Khadijah and childhood friend Scooter? Don’t we all have a story that goes something like that? There’s always that fling or former boo who, for better or worst, keeps popping up. In Khadijah’s case it was the friend turned something more. But for you it might be the ex who never quite found peace with the way you two ended things and is steadily in your face.

2. The Mother friend

If you’re a true “Living Single” fan, you know that Khadijah often referred to herself as “mother.” Often times, when her roommates and friends were out here losing their minds and acting silly, Khadijah served as the voice of reason. Many of us serve as the leader in at least one of our friendship circles.

3. Work Over Social Life

Now, up until now the characteristics have been pretty flattering; but everything about Khadijah, just like everything about ourselves, isn’t always good. Khadijah was known for putting her “baby” Flavor Magazine, above her social life. Flavor often took precedent over her dating life, going out  and sometimes even spending time with her friends and family.

4. Family First

Though Khadijah was all about her career, she did show just how much her family meant to her by giving a job to her often incompetent cousin Synclaire. Though it was clear that Synclaire was not the best person to be anybody’s secretary, Khadijah’s love and loyalty toward her family allowed her to give Synclaire chance after chance. Most of us have family members who we still bend over backwards for.


5. Still Gotta Respect Moms

Remember the episode where Regine and Khadijah’s moms came to visit them? Regine never had a close relationship with her mom and spent a majority of her time there taking jabs at her. On the other side of the spectrum, Khadijah and her mom, who was portrayed by her real mother, had always been close. And though Khadijah got a little curt for a second, her mother quickly reminded her that she was still the mom and she wasn’t too old to catch a beat down. If you have a black mother, chances are this is still your story and your mom won’t let you forget it.


6. Friends Who May Be a Bit… Different From Us

Have you ever introduced your friends to someone, or explained who your friends were, only to be met with a look of sheer shock and surprise? Sometimes our friends are nothing like us. And it’s the differences that complement each other and allow us learn about other people and even ourselves if we’re really perceptive.

7. Friends Who Will Tell Us When We’re Wrong

Just because our friends are different from us, doesn’t mean they won’t check us when we’re acting out of character. The situation was the same for Khadijah. Remember she couldn’t see that her friend from college was no good, Max and Synclaire had to help her see that. Or the time when she begrudgingly took money from Max, only to be stressing about it every single day? It was her closest girls that let her know she needed to chill out.

8. Family Situations Aren’t Always What We’d Like Them to Be

Even though Khadijah had things in control when it came to her friends and her career, one thing she couldn’t control was the state of her family. Remember that Khadijah’s parents were divorced and she had a younger, half sister, played by Tatyana Ali. Though she initially dreaded having to spend time with her “unorthodox” family, she eventually learned to see the good them and accept her family for what it is.

9. That Girl From High School We Still Can’t Stand

Maybe you were bullied in high school, maybe you just couldn’t get along with one of your fellow classmates, or maybe you had a rival from another school that you always had to prove something to. Whatever the case, we all had people we could have done without in our high school days. And though you might think, those feelings would simmer as you get older, sometimes seeing that person again might dredge up those same emotions. Which is exactly what happened when Khadijah squared off with her rival.

10. Date a Few Duds Before Finding the One

We all watched, sometimes painfully, as Khadijah tried to navigate the dating scene. Remember her date with Morris Chestnut’s character? The brotha was boring and to make matters worse, he literally wanted her to pay for her own drinks. Ugh! Then there was Alonzo, who was a good guy until Scooter came back into the picture and she realized she still had feelings for him. Most of our dating lives will go through some type of topsy turvy type of path before we settle on Mr. Right. Luckily, by the end of the show Khadijah was on the way to finding hers in Scooter.

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