The Bald And The Beautiful: 11 Sistahs Who Make Us Want To Do A BIG Chop

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Who said brothas are the only ones who can rock bald and low-cut haircuts? Move over Michael Jordan! More and more women are doing it these days because of the freedom such a style brings, not to mention how fierce a bare head can look on the right lady. Thinking about trying the biggest chop of all but can’t seem to work up the nerve? Get some inspiration from the following ladies, known for their big hair changes, who gave their scalps a rest and realized that less is definitely more!

India Arie

India Arie definitely is a lady who doesn’t like to be defined by her mane, but we couldn’t help but dig her bare head when she went for the look. While I’m not feeling the artificial curl somebody drew on her head (I’m sure it was a cute joke), I dig the confidence and the bad a**ness it takes to rock such a look.

Erykah Badu

This is my friend, ya’ll. If you’ve ever looked at a gallery of images of Erykah performing, you will know that since she got rid of her locs and tall head wraps, she’s experimented with so many styles and fabulous wigs over the years. I’m talking bowl cuts, braids, afro wigs and more. But there was just something simply beautiful about her bald head. I think it was a must for homegirl because it showed off her great bone structure and those gorgeous eyes…

Noémie Lenoir

It can’t be easy being a model, especially when you’re black. The standards for how you’re supposed to look, from your weight to your height, and especially your hair, are strict. So when the very pretty Noémie Lenoir popped up in the movie Rush Hour 3 and pulled off a wig to showcase her sleek bald head, folks were shocked. But she looked amazing! She’s another one whose features were best shown off with a lack of hair (though a big head of curly hair is her preferred look). Do you love it?

Rachel Stewart

We were already fans of Rachel Stewart for her funky jewelry line (I still need to find a way to get that Basquiat brooch in my life), but we became even bigger fans when we noticed she chopped of her mane of curls for this short cut. She looks beautiful, and it’s very fitting. I mean really, who can show off such fun and fabulous jewelry with a big head of hair in the way anyway? WORK.

Amber Rose

When the mommy-to-be stepped on the scene hand-in-hand with Kanye a few years back, she definitely turned heads. She did so not only because of her curvaceous figure but also because of her shiny head. The look has gone on to be one that many women tried after Rose made it her signature style. And to be honest, after watching her hair slowly but surely grow out over the past few months, I think I like her best with as little hair on her head as possible.

Sidra Smith

The twin sister of actress Tasha Smith stands out for her lovely look almost as much as her sister stands out for her comical performances (that are often done at a very loud volume). The beauty keeps her hair low cut and I’m sure it works best for her busy lifestyle, as Smith is a successful executive producer of numerous projects, including reality TV shows and movies.

Pat Evans

Model Pat Evans set the trend for bald and beautiful black heads when she went against industry standards, and at a frustrated turning point, decided to take a razor to her head and go without hair. Her choice was actually a big success around a time where afros were expected, landing Evans many jobs around the world, and giving her the opportunity to hop on album covers for the Ohio Players. Evans went on to influence a number of people, including, in her opinion, black athletes. Is she not stunning?

Danai Gurira

Actress Danai Gurira, who you will be able to see in the upcoming season of the kick-a** show “The Walking Dead,” has kept her hair on the low low since she started hitting big and small screens, as well as stages, everywhere. The daughter of Zimbabwean parents, Gurira has the perfect head shape for such a look, and though she might let her hair grow out little by little, this close-shaven style is a winner on homegirl.

Ajak Deng

Beautiful model Ajak Deng is a stunner on the runway (she’s been all over the place for New York Fashion Week), and while she might have to wear an array of elegant, eclectic and crazy ensembles for designers, she’s another one who likes to keep her hair low. The colors might change on her mane (she’s thrown some blonde in there before that actually worked), but the cut remains the same. In an industry of women with long locks, it’s refreshing to see a beauty like Deng embrace such a short and easy-to-maintain style.

Jada Pinkett Smith

I don’t think anyone can forget the end of Set It Off, when Jada Pinkett (before the addition of Smith) ditched her braided bob for a bald head that wouldn’t get her noticed while she was on the run. Jada must have agreed with the public, because after doing the movie, and really, before she really came to fame as well, she kept her hair short and smooth (check out that lining!). With all the hair she has piled on her head now (it’s kind of overpowering in my opinion), I actually miss the days when she opted for the low cuts. But at least her past styles had a positive influence on her baby girl, Willow! Talk about a hair chameleon…

Grace Jones

Ahhh…of course we had to include the very colorful Grace Jones. Before her much lauded about high fade was all the rage, the androgynous singer, actress and model toted a very short and chic cut. Aside from accessorizing her cut with funky hats and the like (move over Gaga!), Jones also liked to cut a fade into it for an extra dose of fierce. You better work Ms. Jones!

Would you ever consider going bald or getting a bald fade?

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