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Whoever said that women only get dressed for women was only halfway correct. We do consider, when shopping or getting dressed, how our appearance will measure up against other women’s: is this dress unique, or have I seen it before? Will I look as slim as my super slim friends while wearing this? Do I pull off this hairstyle better than that other woman? But the only reason we do this measuring, is to determine how noticeable we will be to men. One woman standing alone in a room of men obviously is the bell of the ball. But add a bar full of ladies that spent two hours on their appearance, and you have to know what your competition is. So: what do men actually notice? And what are we just wasting our time on and, as that anonymous person put it, just doing for the ladies?

Clean clothes

Men may not have half as many clothes as women do, but they tend to take good care of the clothes that they do have. In fact, men tend to pick up an iron far more than women do! And so, they certainly notice wrinkly, dirty or haggard looking clothing and take that as a sign that a woman does not care what sort of image she is putting out.

High heels

The verdict is in: men love those painful yet oh-so-Hot item we have a love/hate relationship with: the heels. They love the way heels make a woman’s legs look longer, and accentuate the calf muscles. However, men do not care what style, color or designer the shoe is. All they notice is how heels shape the woman’s leg.


Too much makeup

Most men feel that a woman wearing tons of makeup is trying too hard to find a man, and that sense of despair instantly turns them off. Men say that there is also something hot about being able to see a woman’s raw, natural skin—sexier than the best-done makeup.

Brand names

Men do not notice or care about brands. Any man that does have knowledge of brands is either gay or did his research to impress you. But rarely does a straight man actually feel more attracted to a woman because she is wearing designer labels. Men notice the item: skirt, dress, top, pants. And they notice how it flatters your body. The rest is not important to them (so hint, hint: if they sell it at Target for half the price, buy that one).

Done up hair

When it comes to hair, men like the illusion of natural. They’re fine with a bun, and love a few loose strands. But a tight, slicked back bun in a perfect ball looks too unnatural. As far as straight, wavy or curly goes: men love it all!

Know your body

Men are smarter than we think. Many females squeeze their size 6 self into a size 2 dress thinking, “It makes my boobs look bigger. That’s all men will notice.” Nuh-uh! A woman that doesn’t dress appropriately for her body turns off men. A size 8 woman in flattering clothes is more attractive to men than a size 2 that doesn’t know how to dress for her figure.



Go figure: men like the push-up bra. When asked to choose between a regular-lift bra under a low-cut top and a push-up bra, under a less revealing top, most men chose the push-up bra in any scenario.


High waisted

Good news for the fashionistas out there: men like high waisted! They say it makes a woman’s legs look longer and her waist smaller, which in turn accentuate the hips, butt and boobs. However, be wary of “office” type skirts: when it comes to pencil skirts, men say there is a fine line between hot librarian and just…librarian.

Sheer tops with bold bras

It’s a trend that’s taken over the world: the sheer top, with a black or bold-colored bra underneath. And, like much of what Carrie Bradshaw wears, men don’t dig it. It looks more like a mistake to men, than it does attractive.


Well-groomed hands are a plus—men definitely notice dirty or untrimmed finger nails. Colored polish is even better because men find that burst of color alluring. However, they don’t care for the trend of elaborate designs, shapes or words on the nails.


Do what you like with your eyebrows, but keep them looking natural. Men are put off by women that try to completely re-shape their eyebrows, color them in an inorganic hue, or position them higher or lower. On that note: keep your own eyebrows. Men do not like a shaved off, penciled in brow.

Shaved legs

Good news ladies! If you don’t have a man in your life, or he’s out of town and you are hitting the town, you can get away with a few days of no shaving. Men take in the leg as a whole, noticing the shape, size and how toned it is. They don’t look close enough to see if there’s a little prickle. But if a man will be touching those stems, get them smooth!

Be wary of the setting

Men are very conscious of the setting they are in. They feel intimidated by women that are dressed up more than them, and they feel that a woman under dressed for the occasion looks either disrespectful, or like she just doesn’t want to be hit on. So, leave your sparkly dresses at home when you go to a dive bar. But dress for the occasion when going somewhere nice.

Swimsuits and heels

Outside of Las Vegas, men do not understand why women would wear swimsuits and heels. Immediately when a man sees more skin, he wants a more natural look. So something as liberating as a bikini, matched with something as restricting as heels, looks abnormal to them.

The one piece

Good news for ladies trying to hide a little tummy: men are into one pieces! But the stylish ones with strategically placed cut out’s and plunging necklines or backs, not the full-bodied suit. However, men are annoyed if you’re wearing a non-functional bikini in an active setting, like while playing beach volleyball or playing in a pool. So keep those highly fashionable bathing suits for strictly tanning days.

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