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Hello Readers, you know we like to update you on some of the participants of past reality shows, and today is no different.  We’ve taken you through the gambit of the women of all three seasons of “Flavor of Love,” the men from the two seasons of “I Love New York,” the femmes of both seasons of “For the Love of Ray J,” and now we’re back with the women who bid for the attention of Real and Chance.

“Real Chance of Love” had its viewers, making it the highest rated show on VH1 both of the seasons that it aired, and with viewers came its criticizers.  People initially fell in love with the Givens brothers because they seemed so sweet and genuine on “I Love New York;” however, on their own shows they came off as immature, misogynistic, and disrespectful to some of the girls, “Real Chance of Love” turned into the show that people loved to hate, and continued to gain more viewers each episode.

So, who were these girls that vied for the  attention of the brothers who loved to wear empty holsters?  Where are they now, and really, can you blame them for wanting to get some of this?:

Season 1 

So Hood

Feeling a connection with Chance, So Hood ended her engagement to participate in the show.  Determined to make a lasting impression on Chance, Judith decided to dry hump her way to the top.  Exposing her overt sexuality, the woman nicknamed So Hood was eliminated on the 3rd episode, but was able to make a lasting impression on viewers.

After the show she appeared on VH1’s “Charm School” (that had participants from “Real Chance of Love” and “Rock of Love Bus”), but she butted heads with Ricki Lake (later calling her a racist) and decided to quit, but  not before leaving without  slapping contestant Brittanay in the face on her way out.) she went back to spending time with her son in Chicago, but made a few Youtube videos with Adult Videos star Jazmine Cashmire not showing herself in the best light (especially the one with her drinking behind the wheel of her parked car, and the one showing the “sweaty part” of her butt).  She was soon slapped by a man in Twista’s entourage while she was doing a club appearance in Chicago (her talking about it is at the 5:44 mark).  She went back to dancing, did a rap record, and was pursing an acting career.


There seemed to be such a sweetness in Bubbles, but it seemed to get lost in what people perceived as ditziness.  Competing for the affections of Chance, she tried to be a peacemaker and as upbeat as possible, but her airheadiness (yes, I just made that word up), made her an aggravation to her competitors.

After being eliminated on “Real Chance of Love,” she appeared on Ricki Lake’s Charm School, and appeared on the defunct “I Love Money 3” season.

Bay Bay Bay

Bay Bay Bay came in very articulate and tunnel visioned in what she wanted, which was Real.  Though she didn’t want to make friends, she had a pre-existing friendship with Kiki, and the constantly annoying .

She participated in VH1’s “Charm School,” coming in third place.  Now she’s a singer, actress, and songwriter.  She recently entered in a contest to be one of the new VJ’s for 106 and Park.



Ahmo Hight was already in show business before she appeared on “Real Chance of Love.”  She was a fitness model, personal trainer and an actress.  She appeared in Anna Nicole’s faux documentary “Exposed,” and did a few films for Playboy’s production company.  When she got on the show all these skeletons came out, including the fact that she didn’t have custody of her son.

After the show, she appeared on “I Love Money 2” where she was the fourth person eliminated.  After “I Love Money,” she was in the process of getting custody of her son back, and she has continued to model.


Named for Jessica Rabbit, this femme was highly desired by the two fellas, as they each tried to get her on their side.  She tried to stay strong with Chance, but after his immature antics got to her, she was seen as a homie hopper when she went on a date with Real, but came back to Chance.  However, they dissed her ruthlessly after they eliminated her.

She was romantically linked to Nelly, did spreads in magazines like Maxim, Black Men, and Smooth, and appeared in shows like “Law and Order,” movies like Salt and Brooklyn’s Finest did a Fox dating reality show, music videos for Jim Jones, Fabulous, and LL Cool J, and released a jewelry line and has an accompanying clothing line coming out soon.


Cali to me got the raw end of the deal, because after all of her patience, she made it to the final two, got Chance’s initials tattooed on her and didn’t even get picked.

unclothed pics of her leaked.  She did “I Love Money 2” where she became friends with Flavor of Love 3’s Prancer and lesbian rumors spread.  She appeared in movies like Next Day Air and Janky Promoters, modeled in magazines and has done music videos.


The country girl from Fargo (I really like that movie!) persevered and made it to be named Real’s main squeeze. But after she found out that he kept in better contact with the women that she beat out, and the fact that she had to watch “I Love Money” to find out that he proposed to Hoopz made her drop her title.

She stayed relatively quiet after appearing on RCOL, but she appeared on “I Love Money 4.”


Risky was considered the unofficial winner of Chance’s heart for the show.  She made it to the final two, and Chance didn’t pick her or Cali.  However, at the reunion he implied that if he had to pick someone it would have been Risky.

After the show, she did print modeling and went on to win the $100,000 from Charm School with Ricki Lake.  She now has a jewelry line that is thriving.

Season 2

Blonde Baller

Each season needs their villains and Blonde Baller was that for season 2.  Being disliked for lying about the girls, snitching, and twisting their words, Blonde Baller made waves in the house waters, creating a rippling affect that caused some of the girls to go home.

After the show she seemed to calm those waves with the girls and appeared to be friends with some of her adversaries on “I Love Money 4.” She modeled and did local endorsements, and she also is in the process of releasing a book that discusses all the insider information about reality television.  She also did an interview that had extremely suspect comments about race relations in relationships, but I’m just hoping that she’s been misquoted.


What’s a VH1 show without a person who is proud in their profession?  Baker, a stripper, made no qualms about what she did, and that truthfulness is what won her viewers’ affections, and a spot in the final five.

After the show, she went back to her stripper roots, and did a few videos exposing and playing with her… lotus flower bomb…


There’s a few times when someone says something on reality television that resonates with some, and that’s where Sassy stood out.  In an episode where she was comforting one of Chance’s girls, she told her:  “Are you a pipe or a diamond?  See, pipes burst under pressure, but diamonds are made by them.”  And honestly I loved that advice so much that I recently gave that same piece of advice to someone about a month ago. (Thanks, Sas!) But, apparently Real wasn’t down for the pressure and eliminated her in the final episode, choosing to go with Doll.

After the show she went back to her musical roots, recording a few rap songs under the moniker Cherish Carey/Saraphina, and she appeared on I Love Money 4, but didn’t win.  Keep at it, girl!


Not causing too much of a splash with the other girls, Doll seemed to peacefully coexist with the other ladies and made a connection with Real.  She won the show, and seemingly Real’s heart, until he didn’t contact her until the reunion.

After, she went back to modeling , club promotions, and had her own blog radio station.

Hot Wings

She was the youngest in all the girls, but she had a strong connection with Chance to make him pick her.  The former Hooters waitress also made connections with some of her competitors, and those who saw her as their competition kept their distance.  After the show he didn’t talk to her, but that didn’t stop Hot Wings from talking about some of the suspect things that Chance wanted her to do to him.

After, she went back to modeling and performing.  She had a small beef with Kat Stacks, which was immortalized on a YouTube video.  She appeared on “I Love Money 4,” making it to the final 3.  Now, she continues to model, she’s about to drop a cosmetics line at the end of this year called “K.Leai Cosmetics,” a curling wand called “K.Leai Wand” which she partnered with Bella Dream Hair, a clothing accessories line to premiere in October of this year, and soon to be dropping an album.

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