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Whether you enjoyed it, or saw it as buffoonery at its finest, “Flavor of Love” was a phenomenon that swept America.  From Flav’s contest on whocould cook the best fried chicken, to the loogey heard round the world, people where watching “Flavor of Love” in droves, giving the network some of the highest ratings that they ever saw.  With the success of the show, it lead to spin offs, and making some of its contestants household names.  With each contestant that was either kicked off, or won, there was always the common phrase/warning:  “This isn’t the last time you’ll hear from me.”  Let’s see who kept to their threat, and who fell into the arms of obscurity (I heard it’s comforting there during winter…)


Flavor Flav

In January, 2006, “Flavor of Love” was dropped on an unsuspecting public.  People who might have watched the trailer, or the promotional materials probably never expected it to become the hit that it was.  Thanks to the vivid character of William Drayton, also known as Flavor Flav, the Public Enemy Hype Man, went through three seasons, over 65 women, and ended with none of them;  surprising all when he proposed to the mother of his youngest child.
Where is he now?  Living in Las Vegas with his girlfriend, the mother of his youngest son.   After the show, he dove in the acting pool with his role as Calvester Hill in Under One Roof.   He also tried his hand at writing, by releasing his memoir, Flavor Flav The Icon, the Memoir.  Attempting to be a restaurateur he opened Flav’s House of Chicken.  A series of unfortunate events led to the business being closed, but he’s in the process of reopening this year.  In May of 2011, he was arrested due to outstanding misdemeanors for driving violations, and almost a year later he might face legal trouble for not paying child support.
I’m an optimist, so I’m hoping that Flav gets his chicken joint together, sells lots of books, and make a lot of revenue and avoid jail for that child support!
What would “Flavor of Love” be without the ladies?  In his first season, he dwindled down the competition of twenty women to Nicole Alexander, a woman he dubbed as Hoopz.  After Flavor of Love, Hoopz was featured in over a dozen magazines and gossiped to be linked to some of the top names in Hip Hop.  To show her acting chops she appeared in Lil’ Boosie’s and Webbie’s movie, Ghetto Stories, but she went back to her reality roots when she competed and won in the VH1 spin-off “I Love Money.” Now, she travels the world with her A-List, retired basketball boyfriend, Shaquille O’Neal.  Rumors be darned!
Oh Pumkin, Pumkin, Pumkin.  When Brooke Thompson appeared on the first season of “Flavor of Love,” she probably didn’t realize that she would fall into eternal infamy when her tensions between fellow reality contestant, New York, got her so mad that she could spit.  Literally.  Being eliminated off of the show for having a past in reality television, she continued to do more reality television.  Appearing in VH1’s “Flavor of Love Girls Charm School” and “I Love Money.”  In 20o6 she did a reality show for Playboy television, entitled “Foursome,” where her, fellow VH1 alum, Heat (from “I Love New York”), Dunbar from “Real World Australia,” and one other person I don’t know, participated in the wholesome acts that make Playboy television a channel that you pay an extra $14.99 a month for.
She was also rumored to be engaged, but talks of it being a publicity stunt squelched all other rumors.
New York
The HBIC.  Her antics are what drew viewers in, and honestly, was the reason that I bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. (Don’t judge me.)  Tiffany Pollard, an aspiring actress, was so polarizing that she not only was asked to rejoin the cast for Flavor of Love 2, but she got four of her own reality shows.
Once the reality cameras stopped rolling she appeared in the film Black Sunday, and she performed on stage in two separate plays.  In a Vlad interview on youtube she reveals that she was set up for a third installment of I Love New York, but due to extenuating circumstances (I’m assuming the tragedy attached to Ryan Jenkins) her show was stopped, along with other reality stars.   At the moment, she’s in talks with other networks, and she seems a lot more mellow than she was when she was cursing people out on the show.
Before people obsessed over the curves of Kim Kardashian, they were obsessing over the curves of London “Deelishis” Charles.  Debuting her curves, smile, and singing talent to the world on Flavor of Love 2, she won the affections of Flav.  After appearing in multiple magazines, Deelishis was in music videos from Paul Wall, Bustah Rhymes, and Lil’ Wayne.  She also released three singles showcasing her own musical talents.  But, if you would like to see her curves, check her out on Worldstar Hip Hop where she has two videos showcasing them. She also got married in 2008 but two years later was posting public messages about her husband’s infidelity.
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Krazy, Heather Crawford, or Neveah if you’re in the music industry, seemed like she was looking for friendship and exposure on the show, resulting in the whole house turning against her.  However, after Flavor of Love 2 she participated in Flavor of Love Girls Charm School, hoping to regain what she felt she lost from her portrayal on Flavor of Love.   As of now, according to her twitter, she just recently performed in Vegas with Kelis.  Good job, Krazy/Neveah!
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Thing 1 and Thing 2
To be completely honest, these two were the inspiration for doing this article.  After they appeared on the 3rd season, and with Thing 2 winning, only to be left on stage while Flav went with his baby’s mother, they did interviews saying that they had a lot of things in the wings and “don’t worry, you’ll be seeing us again real soon.”  However, they haven’t been doing all that much. We last saw these two ladies out and about in 2010 at a Reality TV bash.
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Sinceer was seen as the villain of her season.  Coming up as 3rd runner up, she appeared in multiple magazine photo shoots, and tweeted about the possibility of being on another dating show.  Until she graces television channels again, you can catch up with her on  Worldstar Hip Hop.
Candace Cabrera, also known as Black appeared in the middle of season 3 of Flavor of Love, shaking up the competition.  After the show, leaving as the runner up, she was rumored to be dating footballer Vernon Davis and Lil Wayne. She appeared in a few music videos, and so far, that’s about it.
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I hope you enjoyed this stroll down reality television lane.  If you feel like I  missed anyone, please comment.
*An honorable mention:
Myammee, government name Angela Pitts, not only used her looks to appear in magazines and music videos, but after she won “I Love Money,” she opened up her own hair shop in Miami, Florida.  Her shop, which opened in 2009, has been thriving ever since, showing that reality tv doesn’t mean you can only be a beautiful face, but you can achieve a lot more.

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  • Yellow

    What about peachez from season one she went on to sing with George Clinton and atmosphere.

  • a mom


  • mommydear

    The show was a straight mess, but you have to admit it was extremely entertaining and evedybody and they mama talked about it.

  • Dame Ashton

    Buckwild used to make me laugh like crazy, what happened to her?

  • Jessica Murlock

    No mention of Becky ‘Buckwild’ or my favorite FOL girl Courtney ‘Goldie’ Jackson?!

  • Tuga Wuga Buga

    U surely watch that show…lol..lol..

  • game changer

    I liked. Bootz the best. Last I haerd she had a baby in 2008 and heard she was preggers again. Bootz set it off in Chrm School better than ANY reality star ever! Sapharryi won Charm School but went to jail a year later in LA for credit card fraud (google it). Bucky (who reminded me of a bully hoodrat) will be on Love and Hip Hop atlanta 1st week of July doing the same dumb sh!t that she was doing 10 years ago on Flva of Love. Hottie still makes the tv talk/game show rounds. That mixed chick dates Shaq on and off. NewYork must live in New Zealand now cause aint no body heard from her. Buckwild pale ugly azz done had numerous kids by random ugly black dudes. And speaking of ugly black dudes Flava Flav married a ugly fat white woman.

  • Kendra Koger

    Don’t worry, I got you!!

  • I always felt that Thing 1& Thing 2 looked like Urseala’s eel henchmen from the Little Mermaid.

  • name

    boots and bucky

  • lost

    Bootz and buckwild…..them was the wildest ones..how y’all forget them.

  • lost

    I loved that show, it was all good fun….no different from any other reality show….

  • lost

    What happen to my girl new York…she was wild and loved herself some flavor….I loved flavor of love it was a fun show ….it wasn’t no dlfferent from any other reality show….turn the channel …

  • guest

    what about Mama Patterson? lol

  • Mrs.j.cole

    and buckeye and her sidekick?

  • B-N-T

    What about Goldie? Or that chick who loved “lip-chap”?

  • Divvvaa

    i wanna know what happened to the rachet twins buckee and bootz

    • Jay

      One of them (Bucky) is going to be on Love and Hip Hop ATL , with Scrappy rubbing up on her next week.

  • Papillon

    So degrading on so many levels, yet I loved it. I hate myself, lol.

    What happened to Sapphyri (sp?), the one who got kicked off the first day for fighting with that white girl. So funny when she was on Charm School and the girls were casting off their Flav (slave?) names and Monique goes “So what is your real name?” And Sapphyri’s like, “That is my real name.” I never laughed so hard.

    And what about the girl who s**t on the floor? Can’t remember her name. I always called her Nasty, but I know that’s not it.

    And Hottie, who was anything but hot, who lied about everything from her weight to her fake hair and thought you could microwave an entire raw chicken?

    /small voice/ Can you do an update on the guys from I Love New York? /small voice/

  • What ever happen to Becky ‘Buckwild’?

    • tellitlikeiseeit

      Boo please stop embarrassing yourself. You look like a horse with a thong on. #stop

  • Just call me Shey

    What I find strange is how these women hold so damn tight to their dang nick names…really? For some underrated “reality” fame? Nonetheless, the show was quite comical. Straight clownery. Much props to Angela Pitts.

  • busty

    What about beautiful?! She was the nicest sweetest prettiest classiest of them all

  • bluekissess

    This show should’ve been a good indicator of VH1’s foolishness. I wonder what would’ve happened if we started the petition frenzy with this show?

    Things that make you go hmmm

  • Idk Where they are but they should be somewhere hanging their heads in shame, *sigh* I loved it tho

    • pink

      Thats for sure…I can’t fathom what would drive women to make a fool of themselves…