Love On Your Terms: Are Your Expectations Too High?

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 Do You Expect Him to Read Your Mind?

Women have a tendency to expect their man to know exactly what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling or what they’re angry about. How many times has your man asked you what’s wrong, only for you to reply “nothing,” when in fact you’re fuming over something he said or did? Then we get angry when he simply says, “okay” and kicks up his feet to watch Sports Center. Now we’re even more upset, because we feel that he doesn’t care about what’s bothering us. We would prefer for him to chase us until we feel he’s begged enough and we decide on our own timeline when to tell him what’s REALLY wrong. And it’s childish.

Men and women are not mind readers, yet some of us don’t express ourselves freely for fear of being misunderstood, appearing weak or being ignored completely. We think no good will come from telling him how we feel because men “simply don’t understand,” underestimating our partner’s ability to listen and empathize. So instead, we vent to our girlfriends or stew around the house instead of doing the grown-up thing and talking to our man about our feelings, likes, dislikes and concerns. If this is you, put your grown woman panties on and share your feelings rather than avoid them. Make statements, not judgments. Be vulnerable, yet direct and admit when you’re angry or hurt. And don’t attack him for not knowing what he did to upset you. Sometimes men simply don’t know. You’d be surprised at just how willing he is to listen.

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