Not-So-Secret Lovers: Nelly Still Refuses To Claim Ashanti On The Breakfast Club

July 27, 2012  |  

Nearly ten years have passed since rumors of a Nelly and Ashanti hookup began. The two essentially fell off the music map simultaneously for a while, but apparently their relationship is still going strong. However, both have been reluctant to admit their love.

Earlier this week, 37-year-old Nelly was on Jimmy Fallon talking about his new reality show “Next” and admitted to watching “Bridezillas”.

I kind of got caught up watching Bridezillas. I ain’t gonna front. It wasn’t my idea; it started out as somebody else’s idea and I was watching with them and before I knew it I was watching by myself.

It’s crazy to me. First of all, weddings is what it is. I understand it’s her day. Men, we get told where to stand, she’ll be here when she get here. We don’t get a song. Nobody stands when we come down the aisle. They’re not waiting for us. I get it. To see that and see this pressure on all these women and watch them snap, it’s made for television to me.

Not jumping to conclusions here, but it’s highly likely that 31-year-old Ashanti was the “somebody” who got him to begin watching Bridezillas. He didn’t say, but he and Ashanti were spotted together outside of NBC Studios after the Jimmy Fallon taping, so they’re clearly still together.

This morning, he was on Breakfast Club and of course the topic of Ashanti came up and why they never speak about their romance in public.

“I always comment on what I’m doing, now when you comment on who I’m dating and all that, that’s something that seems to be more important to everybody else than to me…I know who I’m dating, I know what’s going on.

Me and babygirl we’re real cool. I don’t think anything’s going to change until me and her decide that we want to change it. But everyone think’s it’s my decision that we say what we say. It’s a mutual respect, it’s a mutual decision that we made. ‘Yo! this is what we are going to say and this is what we are not going to say’.  Did she ever claim me?

We can respect them trying to keep the details of their relationship between them, but everyone knows they’re together and have been together for years. (In fact, they got together around the same time that Beyonce and Jay-Z first hooked up.)  Maybe they feel that admitting to being in a relationship will cause pressure on them to get married. In 2010, Nelly said he was married to his album 5.0. He is releasing a new album “M.O” this year and is likely married to that album now. But can he at least admit he’s dating Ashanti? It’s been 10 years, Nelly, you and Ashanti are beyond “cool” at this point. Who knows? Maybe going public with their relationship will be a boost to both of their careers.

What do you think of Nelly and Ashanti’s being so secretive about their relationship?

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