The Devil Is a Lie: 7 Types of Hypocritical “Church Folk” Who Know They Need to Quit

July 26, 2012  |  
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I’m willing to bet that at some point in your life, you’ve crossed paths with someone who makes you feel like you’re going to hell with gasoline draws. It may be an over-zealous religious co-worker with post-it bible verses plastered all over her desktop or the auntie you have who makes you feel like a jezebel for living in sin with your boyfriend (although she met her ex-convict boyfriend in the club during her former days of fornication). There’s always someone ready to rep for Jesus and place judgment on how you choose to live your life. I’m all for faith and the freedom to worship as you please, but it becomes a problem when you try to force your beliefs on others.

Despite whatever opinions I may have about religion or what higher power I choose to serve, I know I’m not the only who has at least one person in their life that takes their faith a bit too far. By all means, this article isn’t for those that take their faith seriously and make every effort to walk in the way of Christ without offending others, but the hypocrites who only call on the Holy Ghost when it’s convenient. You know, those people that have a bible verse that applies to any dilemma you’re going through when sometimes all you need is a listening ear. Or the one who thinks if they just sit back and pray, Jesus will solve all of their problems with little to no effort on their part. I’m aware that many people consider themselves to be simply spreading the good word, but it never ceases to amaze me how people can take scriptures and belief systems and use them to alienate, manipulate others just so they can further their own selfish agenda or make themselves feel better about their own lives (and most of the time they aren’t as innocent as they appear). Most people can balance whatever good word they choose to follow with being respectful of others, but there’s always that one that does a little too much.

1. Sitting Back And Waiting on Jah…Jesus…or Whatever Other Religious Deity They Believe In To Fix Their Life

I’m all about prayer in tough times, but I would hope that people wouldn’t just sit around expecting help to fall into their hands without attempting to first help themselves. I’m not talking about the person who went to work every day and busted their behind only to be laid off. I’m talking about that person with working arms and legs who’s tweeting, “God will make a way,” while collecting an unemployment check and saying they’ll search for jobs “next week.” God HAS made a way by giving you good health and an able mind, but he’s not going to step down the stairway to heaven and get on CareerBuilder for you.


2. Any Given Sunday

It just better be Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday or the Midnight Mass before Christmas. I really don’t understand the point of making it a priority to go to church only on selected Sundays (and throwing shade at people when they don’t go on those days), but not every Sunday. Call me an “all or nothing” type of person. It’s like you’re scheduling God in only when it’s really important and convenient for you–that can’t be Christ-like. I guess the rationale is that some service is better than none at all, but you don’t have to front for Jesus. Here’s a thought: Don’t club until 5 a.m. every Saturday and you might have some energy to make it to Sunday mass/service a little more regularly.

3. The Redeemed Who Want You To Change Your Life…ASAP

We all have that one family member (or have heard of someone else’s) who went from the pipe to the pulpit. Their very sobriety is built on the fact that there is a higher power than addiction: religious faith. Or don’t forget about the aunt who used to have a promiscuous streak in her and more. They went from going through hell and high water, to receiving hope through their faith. And though that’s great, now they want everybody who doesn’t live the most pristine life to join their church, get baptized and change their life in the span of one Sunday. What people like this fail to realize, is that like them, every individual only changes and chooses to define their faith when they are ready to, not when they are forced to. I applaud all of their accomplishments and efforts no matter which way they chose to get themselves together, but there are some pushy people who forget how challenging sobriety, celibacy and more was for them to achieve, so they take that newfound faith and cast judgment on others. Let he without sin throw the first stone.

4. The Part-Time Preacher

I make it a point to not discuss too much of my personal life at any place I work at, but at one job in particular, I was faced with a co-worker who would interrogate others about their personal lives only to jump up on her holier-than-thou pedestal and condemn their off-the-clock activities. She always made it a point to talk about how her and her fiancee’ didn’t hold hands or kiss to temptation of fornication. Unless you work at Planned Parenthood, politics and religion should play no part in your daily work agenda. I came here to collect a check, not be saved.

5. The Holy Rolling Harlot

She’s the girl that’s dutty wining in the club every Saturday night and then testifying Sunday morning. And every time I see this girl I can’t help but think, “Seriously, Jesus do you see this?” I’m not saying that if you’re religious you have to sit in your room knitting on a Saturday dressed in your finest Amish apparel, but you can’t be backing it up in the club and walking down the hall of shame Sunday morning just to strut into the house of the Lord.

6. Facebook Prophets

Status update 3:45 pm: “My baby dady ain’t ish. He can take his behind straight to hell. You ain’t got to worry about me and ya son no’ mo!” Status update: 5:57 pm: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking…(1 Cor 13: 4-13).” Spare me the shenanigans with the social networking church services. Missy and J-Cole reminded us nobody’s perfect, but the repeated hypocrisy I witness on-line has got to stop. It’s one thing when you’re praising him for when you’re feeling both blessed and when you’re busted, but it’s funny how some people only want to call on the Lord when things are going wrong. Don’t allow Facebook to make a mockery of your faith.

7. Their Way Of Reading The Bible Is The Cliffnotes Version

There are certain people who like to pick and choose parts of The Bible solely to purposely mislead people. These same people disregard other relevant scripture that paint a much broader picture than whatever narrow minded point they try to prove. I’ll never understand the pro-lifers that are gung-ho about the death penalty. Can someone please educate me where in the Bible one is one life more important than another? Seriously.

Do you know people like this?

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  • r minty

    It seems to me that these are the very people who need Church the most
    Are the “rehabbed” individual and the wanna be preacher trying to actually convert you? Or are they using these discussions to settle their own lives. Why not listen and discuss with them? It doesn’t (usually) take much of your life and may help theirs.
    The “select” occasion believers obviously have ahold of the tendrils of belief and maybe you could add another “select” Sunday or two (or more) over the years.
    If the “quoter” and Cliff-noter are quoting out of context, why not help them with the entire quote and the meaning behind it? Often, what’s taken as Gospel isn’t actually Gospel at all, for instance, “Money is the root of all evil” is NOT the correct citation – “The LOVE of money…” is.

    Sorry, these folks need the Church, especially given how fallible they are.
    Aren’t we all?

    “The church is a hospital for sinners, not a hotel for saints” – Rick Warren

    PS. Not to put too fine a point on it, but what about the judgemental people who want to “purify” their congregation by excluding those who fail the “judges” criteria? Should they continue in the Church? Judge not, lest …..

  • tae

    it is not about forcing someone to bring a child into the world. we are simply telling you that this is sin. and it is wrong. it is murder. and you will face judgment on judgment day for your sins. infront of a holy God. i am just a person like you. but God almighty is in another leugue. justice will be served to those who do evil. if you didnt want a child dont have sex or at least use a outside of marriage is a sin to by the way.

  • tae

    i agree with theses, but i also have to say that about number 3 i can see that some people really do have good motives to bring people in knowing Jesus,
    but the problem is they try to do it in there own power rahter then by God’s power through his spirit.theses types are usuallly the ones who havent been born again seek to work there way into
    heave. another thing is you cannot stop sining on your own. you have to
    be born from above. once you have been born again that is when you stop sinning. you cannot sin anymore when you have been born again. you will be tempted and maybe
    fall but you dont contiue over and over in sin. you become a new creation. this is the sign of the new birth. The “church” people in the church building
    have always historicly been the hyporcrics. they think that the outer appearance is going to get them into the kingdom, not knowing that the
    inside has to be washed. with that said. if someone is judging theses type of people but are in sin themselves, you are just a guilty. that is
    hyporcritical in itself.while you point fingers at others you also point a finger at your self.before you make a judgement you have to be right
    with God yourself through Jesus christ who died for the sins of men. and this gosepl must be preached whatever the motive. to those that
    perish its foolishness but to us who are saved and being saved it is the power of God. whoever is ashamed of this gospel Jesus when he comes will be ashamed of you.
    Dont push Gods truth away, the truth is a good thing in an evil world that is hostile. if you still have hostility towards Gods word you have not been born again.

  • Solomon

    I was going to respond, but U stuck in Your frame of thought just like I am. Bottom line, MURDER is not more important than a woman’s greed, selfishness, & lustfulness. The same B$ U claiming a Man is doing (which He’s not, but rather looking out for an innocent Child because the woman is to ful of evil too raise Him/Her), You yourself is doing to a helpless Baby. I wonder if you had been aborted, came back to tell about it, if You would have the same mind-set.

    • Murder is defined as “unlawful killing,” and abortion is legal throughout the USA. So no, it’s not murder. It’s not selfishness. Why would you want her to give birth to a child she can’t and is unwilling to care for.Where’s your concern then? There are millions of children that are abused and unwanted. Where is your concern there? And what about rape?

      • tae

        depiste anyting esle. that life sucks and it is hard sometimes. what others do as evil does not make aborting a child right. even if she was raped to wrongs dont make a right.there is adoption. there is giving your life to Jesus christ.

        • So why aren’t all the orphanages empty because loving people like you take them home? Don’t let these white celebs fool you there are still hundreds if not millions of black babies that get passed over. The truth of the matter is as soon as the baby is born you couldn’t care less about what happens to it afterwards.
          Your just a sick person who forces a woman to give birth to a rapist baby, because of your twisted religious beliefs..

          • tae

            well let me ask you a question where does your belief come from. and how do you know that it isnt twisted. i do not support rape. but that baby is innocent. i know that this world isnt going to last forever. whats most important is people give themselves to jesus christ. then you can have true is a good to help others but it is not my responsiblity to take care of a baby i did not bring into the world. dont blame this one loving people it is still peoples responsibliity who laid down and had sex and got pregnant. the blame is therefore placed on them not people who dont adopted babies. its not there child. you can place blame on them. but there are a lot of people who do adopted. anyway everyone will give account of there sins on judgment faith is not a religion like the world. i have been born from above. thee eternal God who lives forever. if you confess Jesus christ as lord you will be saved.

          • tae

            i thought i had replied to to this but some how it got erased but anyway. i do not support rape. but that child is innocent.and i do care but its not my responsiblility to save the world. the blame will be on those who had the kids not those who dont adopted.

            • well good. I’m glad you’re heart is in the right place. Go take all those babies home, you care about so much

              • tae

                you no what wow your nasty. im done with you. i mean are you even doing it yourself. do you help other people to the best of your ability you dont know who i am or what type of sitution im in. but your just nasty. are you adopting all the babies in the world. oh wait i forgot your cheering on the killing of them so how could you care when you want them dead in the first place. hyporcric.your the the one who could give a d*mn about them.

          • tae

            and you know i would adopt given the right circumstances.

        • Solomon

          I agree w/everything U said, & thanks for being a bit more articulate than I, lol. That last comment I Just posted was for U also, hopefully She’ll Understand how beautiful Life is w/My testimony.

          • tae

            lol thanks that is a very touching testimony. God bless you. that is wonderful.:)i hope her eyes will open.

      • tae

        and you say rights of a women but what about the rights of that you like living what if you were aborted in the womb you wouldnt be here now. if something is living and breathing and moving it is alive. a women has a right not to have sex if she doesnt want to become pregnant.

      • Solomon

        Allow Me to pull out My Wild card. See I was adopted. Don’t kno nothing about the Woman who had Me, but I do know the situation between Her & the Man was screwed up. So let’s say She was living as ratchet as She could & was as sorry as She could be. I will never hold any of that against Her because, She didn’t abort Me. Now apparently U don’t believe in GOD, but I do. Because of HIM thru that woman’s decision not to abort Me, U kno what I have……..Life. Thru-out the good & bads, ups & downs, I was giving a chance to experience Life. I have two Children that stay w/Me & I told there Mom after She was talking about aborting Both of Them, “U carry Them for 9mnths, I’ll carry Them for Life. Guess what, They stay w/Me. Again, thru GOD, They can experience Life. It gets better tho. Because that Woman didn’t abort Me, I now have a chance to make a difference, small as it may be in 3 more of My Family Members’ lives. I’m bring those Boys into My home so they won’t become a statistic of being a sorry thug. & it started over 30yrs ago when That Woman chose Life for Me. That Sista is waaaaaaaaaay more important than Your argument of man trynna control Yo Body. & Everyday I thank that GOD U don’t believe in for saving Me just as HE saved Moses & HIS OWN SON JESUS @ THEIR births. Life is beautiful Sweetheart.

        • Your story touching as it may be, there are a million negative stories of children who are abused and neglected. So we could go back and forth positive story versus negative story all day, until our faces turn blue. lol. At the end of the day, you have to let the woman choose for herself (hence the term pro-choice)

          • Solomon

            Naaw, @ the end of the day, YOU choose MURDER, I choose life. As I stated, NO woman I deal w/is gonna KILL a CHILD of MINE. So like I said, U betta hope U right once U check out & Meet THE AUTHOR of Life.

            • disposing of a clump of cells isn’t murder. If it is then that’s not more murderous then chopping down trees and slaughtering pigs and cows…

              • Solomon

                So now We equating Humans to sticks & animals? If U say so. I have a question. I’m looking @ Your name & it has “parent” by it. So you’re a parent?

                • no, that shows the parent comment I was replying too. Every reply comment on this website has it. Just put your mouse over it, it will show you the comment I was replying too.

                  And now that you are on the subject of parents, it would be interesting to note that the majority of woman in this country who get abortions are woman who already have children of their own.. they abort because they know how hard it is to raise a child, and what it takes.

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  • Kingdom Seeker

    I don’t go to clubs, but for people make their living through the night life this would be discouraging. If I can make it to church Sunday morning after dropping it like it was hot on Saturday night, who are you to say I shouldn’t do it? The Lord wants you to come as you are this includes all walks of life. I love this article, #5 is a bit contradictory to your article.

    • tae

      come as your are but dont expect to stay the same.

  • “Seriously, Jesus do you see this?” …the things I see in Jersey City…

  • Lol at: “I came here to collect a check, not be saved.”! But seriously, this was right on point.





  • Gimmeabreak78

    LOL…this article is hysterical. The only thing missing is the pastor/prophet/preacher/church leader, who is actually preaching the sermon on Sunday morning, but sleeping with half the choir and two-thirds of the usher board the rest of the week.

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  • Msleighdan

    People are people, only God is perfect. If someone is living the way they feel God is telling them to & they are not hurting you, and you have a problem with it maybe you should examine yourself. If they are willing to take their faith farther than you are willing to take yours, why do you feel the need to condemn them? I think you are misplacing blame. Only God has the power to convict people of their sin. As far as offending others, well if they are a true Christian they will probably consider that as a compliment because the bible says the gospel is an offense. Even Jesus couldn’t please every one…and it was usually the people that didn’t want to hear how prideful & sinful they were.

    • You on it

    • Angel

      I dont think this is about condemning people. The author is talking about people who go on and on about the bible and dont even follow it themselves. That would make them hypocritical and i dont see anything wrong with adressing people like.& about people living the way God is telling them to…im sure God wouldnt tell Anybody to do any of the things listed above…just sayin…

      • Angel

        *like this



    • Kayo

      Do you think really that ‘God’ is telling people how to live their lives?

      • angel

        is this question for me?

        • Kayo

          Yea, I think so. I don’t remember what I was responding to.

      • He wrote a whole book telling us how to live.

    • Taie

      I agree with your comment. People too often pay attention to the messenger and not the message. If their message offends you, maybe you should consider why that is.

      • Taie

        *correction- Listen to the message and if the message offends you, then you should consider why that is.

    • I understand your point, but there are two type of people spreading the “gospel” – those who care about someone’s eternity, and those who care about their own image. it is usually pretty easy to tell who they are trying to promote.

  • Ms. Spring

    That’s why I meet people who are Jehovah’s Witnesses. The are more mindful of how they are going to treat other people and what they say to them. Also, they know the truth about the Bible more than some hypocritical chruchfolks that I know. If I wanted to learn the Bible and my attitude, the JWs are the people to go to.

    • dcarter910

      This is not always true, as I find JW to be very Judgmental especially when/if you join their ranks but I do agree that they have a more accurate knowledge of scripture than any other denomination. As there is no scriptural basis for the Trinity. It is well documented by historians that the Trinity doctrine was forced into Christianity by the Romans when they mixed their pagan beliefs with Christian beliefs creating what is known today as the Catholic Church.

      • Ms. Spring

        In general, JWs are not supposed to be judgmental towards others and to one another. They know that’s against God’s will. Most JWs I met were nice, open and friendly compared to many of church people that I know. You should try getting to know the JWs sometime. I never believe what the church tells me because when so-called church people study the bible they don’t act on it and never practice what they preach. Besides, church folk often adopt deviant behavior (cursing, fighting, gossiping) compared to JWs when they should be developing a relationship and keeping their faith with the Lord. Unfortunately, I don’t see very many church folk with that characteristic.

    • tae

      to know the truth we should seek Jesus to be lord of our live. men is falliable. even born again christians who walk in the way of Jesus are falliable at times. JW is one of the false religions out there.

  • Raj

    My Facebook is clogged with these religious testimonials and sayings by my wacked out aunts.

  • Raj

    Church people are so annoying.

  • You forgot to add: They have never read the bible but quick to try and quote scripture based upon what someone else told them! When I hear foolishness come out their mouths, just to get under their skin, I ask “Where can I find that in the bible?” lol

  • RenJennM

    Religion is man-made in my opinion. Spirituality and one’s personal connection with GOD is what’s real, transcending, and everlasting. That’s what people should stay focused on.

  • calixteliss

    Although i loved this article, because it presented many truths, i’m also puzzled about those who against the death penalty and pro-abortion. The same question could be asked: when is one life more important than the other?

    • it’s not pro-abortion.. It’s pro-choice.. These woman out there aren’t all gung-ho and super excited to have an abortion. It’s a difficult decision that a woman makes in her life, and her option to do so shouldn’t be blocked by someone religion. And pertaining to the death penalty let me ask you this…who should have a bigger rights/say a human being or a fetus?

      • dcarter910

        A fetus IS a human being! You were the same human being as a fetus as you are as an adult. FACT: Your DNA has not changed, you are just big and have more knowledge. If God allowed Jesus to be killed in Mary’s womb would we be still praising our Savior that came to die for our sins? The Chicken is not more important than the egg, because without the egg there would be no chicken.

        • that’s like comparing an apple seed to an apple tree. And throwing religion into the mix doesn’t make your argument more credible. I would scientific evidence on when the fetus becomes a human.

          • Solomon

            Is GOD Not the AUTHOR of science? & U do know science is man’s “Very Limited” knowledge of how GOD did what HE did.

            • Still doesn’t make your argument more credible. That was my point throwing YOUR religion in to decide whether a woman gets an abortion

              • Solomon

                Well U betta Sho hope The Fact There is A GOD & HE said its murder isn’t credible.

                • your religious dogma won’t work on me.

                • Religious dogma doesn’t make your argument more credible and won’t work on me.

                  • Solomon

                    I wasn’t trynna dogmatize U w/religion. M-o-f, I don’t fool w/religion @ all. So there’s nothing to work on U. But GOD’s Word is a whole lot more credible than Your “its my body” argument. Again, U Better hope U right.

                    • not god’s word. Just a book written by a bunch of men. Which have yet to be proven. You haven’t proved nothing except that you have the talent to regurgitate information you were taught as a kid.

                    • Solomon

                      Well You better hope what was said in that book was a lie, & really isnt GOD inspired by man. Hope U open your eyes to tha TRUTH one day, cuz you seem rather Kool. & I’m Out. Take care, oh yeah, I Luv that name. Peace.

                    • Actually it has been proven. When the Israelites followed it, they prospered. When they didn’t follow it, they didn’t prosper. How about this, on a dare, let’s just try it. Whether you believe it or not, let’s just try it and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you have every right to say “I told you so”.

          • I’m pretty sure 100% of all scientist would agree you can’t have an apple tree without an apple seed.

      • Solomon

        That pro-choice argument is stupid for the simple fact its based off the woman’s selfishness, greed, & lusts. So if tha Man says He wants to keep the Baby (A Human) because He don’t believe in MURDER, the woman can veto it that decision because its her choice? GTHOH W/that B$. It took both of Yall to conceive.

        • It’s her body.SO therefore it’s her choice. And are we really going to go back to the days when men made decisions over the woman’s body?

          • Solomon

            It’s Her body, BUT HIS BABY also. So if Yall selfish, greedy, lustful MURDERERS, ought to @ least consider giving it to the Father. It’s BOTH Yalls choice. If both Yall choose murder, Thass on Yall.

            • The man does not have the rights to a woman’s uterus just because his sp*rm fused with her egg. And biologically it’s not a child until after it’s born.
              If you try to force a woman to bring an infant to term against her will you are essentially treating her as if you owned her.
              The issue of owning another person’s body is more important than a man’s desire to raise the child.

            • If you try to force a woman to bring an infant to term against her will you are essentially treating her as if you owned her. It’s as if she’s not a human being anymore, but a breeding machine. The issue of owning another person’s body is vastly more important than a man’s desire to raise the child. It’s funny you make all these plans for woman you don’t know, where in the plans are you making to take care of the child you want to see born so badly?

              • tae

                she can close her legs. and dont say what about rape. because in most cases they had sex willfully. the living God is not a religion he is the God of creation. thee eternal God. i do not condemn those who have had abortions but i hope that they would seek forgiveness. because they will be condemn if they dont.

              • How many people out there are looking to adopt because they can’t have children themselves? Your argument on that point is silly.

          • It is NOT her body that is about to die!

      • Guest

        The fetus is being executed with having committed a crime. Even the Bible lays out capital punishment for certain crimes.

      • The fetus is being executed without having committed a crime. Even the Bible lays out capital punishment for certain crimes.

    • Dave


  • CA Pullen

    This is true. Church folks are worse than the world. They do the same foolishness like the world does and the amazing thing to me is these people think that they don’t have to answer to God for it. They act like they are the exception to the rule. When living as a sincerly adn trulychristian, you have to use wisdom everyday and be God like. The world looks at the christian because they suppose to be the bible. Not the book we read and should read. LIke the first scenario, God will make a way, for you to get a job. He will make a way but, YOU have to do something, put in application, have a resume, network. You just can;t sit at home and think God will do it if you don’t do anything.

  • dontdoit

    “Talking out your neck, saying you’re a Christian …”

    This is sooooo very timely and oh so true!!!!!!!!!

    • OKAY!!! “Who you gone tell when the repercussions spin?!” Lauryn was on point with that!!

  • Rhonda Chambers

    I don’t know any of these “aunt esther” types thankfully. I have my own Faith and i’m not going to force it on somebody else. I’m too busy cleaning up my own soul.

  • sabrina

    LOL at the ones who suddenly become a devout Christian when they’re going through something, but once they move through, their faith goes out the window and they’re back to their usual shenanigans. Witnessed plenty of those.


    I try to stay as far as I can from some of the schizo wanna be church folks…

  • love

  • Aja

    Oh my goodness I know at least 7 people who fit 7 of these descriptions *smh*

  • Kay

    The people who sit back on their behind and don’t do anything and say the lord will provide are the worst. They kill me smh

  • Ms. Blue

    Bravo Madame Noire! This piece was SOOOOOO on point! I love the Lord, but I will be the first one to admit, church folks can be some of the craziest people in the world!