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After our first two runs of “Where Are They Now:  The Women of Flavor of Love” and “Where Are They Now:  Reader Request Edition“, there were also an asking of “What about the men of I Love New York?”  Well readers, you asked and we’re going to give it to you.  Since there were two seasons, a total of 40 men, we picked out some of the most popular ones.  If you felt like we missed your favorite, hit us up in the comment section and let us know!  I hope you enjoy and please, be prepared to click:

Mr. Boston

When Tiffany Pollard, at the time known as New York, was offered her own show people were curious of what type of men she would have on there, seeing that she had such an affinity for Flavor Flav.  Some people were very surprised when she had Lee Marks, later named “Mr. Boston,” as a contender.  Being seen as the Anti-Flav, the accountant who loved to cook for New York, wear thongs, and picked his nose was named the best kisser she’d ever encountered at the time.  But, because he was almost I Love New York (Season 1)

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>KO’d by fellow contestant Chance in a boxing challenge, New York eliminated him.

After ILNY he dated New York’s spitting adversary Pumkin, and then appeared on “I Love Money.”  After being eliminated on the fourth episode, he vowed off doing anymore VH1 reality television shows and went into stand-up.


Joshua Gallander had an instant connection with New York, was favored by her mother,  and became friends with fellow contestants Real and Chance.  Besides the constant beef he had with Tango, this South Florida native continued with his pursuit for New York, until he hit the final four and was eliminated.

After ILNY he came in second on “I Love Money,” losing out to Hoopz.  He went back to work at his family owned pawn shop, and continued to be in the spotlight, with his friendship with Trick Daddy, the Marleys, and other people in the music industry.  He’s still friends with Hoopz, Chance, and Real, and recently was lucky enough to be front row at 2012 NBA Miami Championship game.

Real and Chance

These two brothers came on the show together and almost won New York’s heart, until Real (Ahmad Givens) was eliminated in the final third position and Chance (Kamal Givens) came up as runner up.

After the show, the two appeared on “I Love Money,” where Chance was eliminated on the fifth episode and Real fell in love with Hoopz and proposed to her.   Seeing how they were both looking for love, VH1 gave them their own dating show:  “Real Chance of Love.”    The reality show had two seasons and keeping up with the tradition of people who try to find love on reality shows, the brothers didn’t maintain a relationship with any of the women they picked. The brothers also got their own adventure seeking reality show called “Legend Hunters.”

The former Capitol records recording artists kept to their music, along with their other brother Micah.  There were rumors of Chance being interested in side-eye inducing sextracurricular activities, but no rumors have ever been confirmed.  Real now has an adorable child with beautiful hair like his that he probably uses his own hair line on. The two have their own online radio show.


New York whittled the competition down to Tango, government named Patrick Hunter.  He was game for being with New York, until the show aired and he witnessed her making disparaging remarks against his mother.  During the reunion he left her on the stage and gave her the deuces and few middle fingers.

He was a rapper from Miami Florida, before the show and went back to making music, and owning his own record company.  He now is an activist for autism with the Jules Burt Foundation for Autism, works with animal rights groups, and he’s a fitness consultant.  He’s still called to host parties.

Midget Mac

The second season started with a bang and a VH1 reality show first, a contestant nicknamed Midget Mac.  Torrey Samuels, was the first little person contestant on a a reality dating show for the company and he made his mark.

After being eliminated, he appeared on “I Love Money” and was the first contestant eliminated after insulting all the women and refusing to participate in the first challenge on the first episode.  He later appeared in Hot Stylz music video for “Lookin’ Boy” and continues his rapping career, hosting, and hanging out with big industry names like Plies, Webbie, and T-Pain in Jacksonville, Florida and being a father to his two little girls.

Frank the Entertainer

Frank Meresca was brought on the show by the viewers votes, he gained the most votes during the casting of “I Love New York 2” but was more known for being in his late twenties and living in his parents’ basement.  After being eliminated for that fact,  Frank went on to do “I Love Money 1 & 2,” and was then given his own show “A Basement Affair” which featured him finding love while still living with his parents.

After his own show, Frank has stayed out of the limelight.  Three days after picking Kerry Schwartz on his own show, he called her broke up with her citing that he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend.  In 2010 his father, who was a viewer favorite, passed after battling pancreatic cancer.


David Otunga was a Harvard law graduate from Chicago, IL and surprised his family with his desire to appear on the show.  Even though he was named “Punk” he proved that his name didn’t define him by once almost yoking up Real and Chance when they made an appearance to interrogate the men.  Making it to the final three, he was eliminated in favor of Buddha.

While on the show he caught the eye of American Idol contestant and future Grammy and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson.  Being a fan of “I Love New York,” they talked, went out on a date, and the two fell in love, giving Hudson her first child.  The engaged couple has kept it together through her familial tragedy, and she has been supportive of him not pursuing a career in law, but instead a career into professional wrestling.  As of recently he’s signed on to do a movie with Halle Berry named “The Hive.”


Ezra Masters wasn’t a new face to some who watched reality television, but his face was very appealing to many of the female viewers.  Being very articulate, he was able to talk his way out of getting eliminated for roughing up fellow contestant Tailor Made, and for previously being on other dating shows like “Hell Date,” and “Gay, Straight, or Taken,” and was a fantasy man in “Nip/Tuck.”  He was upfront with his career as an actor, but ultimately got eliminated for it, making him the runner up.

After ILNY, he went on to participate in “I Love Money 2” where he made it halfway.  After, he went back to his passion in acting and was a series regular for “Zane’s Sex Chronicles” series on Cinemax.  He recently appeared in multiple nationwide campaigns for McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, and Miller High Life.  He continues acting now.

George Weisgerber

Originally repulsed by New York, her mother named him Tailor Made for the nice quality of his apparel.  Known on the show for being a snitch, most hated, and still married, he beat out the second season of contestants and not only won New York’s heart, but popped the question to her.

After the show, they continued to date and actually moved in together.  However, as seen on her show “New York Goes to Hollywood,” she felt that his pride got too big and they broke up on the show.  He came in 2nd on “I Love Money 2,” and created a connection with fellow contestant “It.”  The two attempted to run for New York City Council, and then he appeared on an episode of Judge Pirro.

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