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Just when I thought we’d survived the BET Awards unscathed this year, a video with white rapper Machine Gun Kelly talking all kinds of reckless on the red carpet before the event pops up. The comments he made aren’t the network’s fault but obviously he felt the environment was an appropriate one to make the statements in question and that, on top of what he was saying, is a major problem.

You probably don’t know who Machine Gun Kelly is and that’s both okay  and a good thing. As I mentioned he’s a rapper, and he’s most known for his single “I’m a wild boy,” with Wacka Flocka Flame. After his commentary with Baller Alert before the BET Awards Sunday, he’ll most likely now be known as an ignorant white boy who talked about black women and their apprehension to give 0-ral sex—which they do quite well when they actually do it—on the red carpet.

To be fair, the interviewer, a black girl, took him down this fetishized road to begin with by commenting that she’s chocolate and heard he likes black girls. MGK begins by saying his daughter is black (bi-racial for those who subscribe to the Morgan Freeman school of thought) and then without pause we went from “I have a black daughter” to “black girls give the best head.” Um, is that how he wound up with a black daughter or something?

The conversation went like this:

BA Reporter: Okay that’s funny because usually we’re told that we don’t.

Machine Gun Kelly: Okay, now this is what y’all do.  Y’all either give the best head or you say that you don’t give head.  White girls, they just give head so it just like….

BA Reporter: So the ones who say they don’t usually give the best?

Machine Gun Kelly: No, no, It’s not that you don’t give the best head it’s that most of y’all are saying, “I don’t do that unless you’re my man.” [Insert ghetto girl neck roll] You know what I’m saying? Where you girls just need to show your skills ’cause Black girls give the best head 100 percent. It’s just a difference.”

And now we’re going to interrupt this unscheduled program to bring you an angry white man rant because a black woman who overheard this conversation decided she wanted no parts of it and walked away.

Machine Gun Kelly: B**** walk the f*** away. F***ing dirty ignorant B****.  uhh b****. Weak a**dress and fake a** Louis Vuitton purse. I’ll go in on this b****. Lipstick all f***ed up, here everywhere. Get the f*** out of here. You look like you just got done giving h**d. But anyway motherf***er, that’s what needs to happen man.

Wait, she’s the one who’s ignorant? I’m curious if that’s how he goes about getting black women to give him head and it possibly could be because from start to finish the tall glass of chocolate milk reporter was all smiles for the camera, despite his ignorance and all out disrespect. What’s that line about people only treating you how you allow them to? I’m curious if in that moment she forgot how close she was to being the dirty, best head giving b**** on the other end of his taunt?

You know, at first you may want to take pride in your bedroom skills when MGK made his comment about black girls and head but that quickly fades away, if it ever even entered your mind to begin with, as you think about this man making a sharp left from talking about his black daughter to black women given good head and seemingly only being good for two purposes: oral pleasure and baby making. What else is new, right?

There’s really nothing cute or flattering about MGK’s comments nor the comfort in which he felt saying it and topping that off with the lashing out at a black woman as a dirty b**** only further elevates the image that we’re only useful for those two purposes I mentioned a minute ago. Our ancestors got used to being treated this way behind closed doors for 400 years, we unfortunately had to make peace with black rappers making us feel this way with their lyrics, and now it seems a new breed of white wild boys is assimilating that same degrading culture, although interestingly it’s not aimed at the white girls who, you know, just give head all willy nilly like he suggested. Once again black women find themselves being eveyone’s favorite target with no one to defend them, including the  black reporter who had an opportunity to do just that.  Where are Nas, The Dream, and Russell Simmons when you need them? Oh, my bad, they’re probably still making sure Gwyneth isn’t catching too much flack for being a real n*****. Meanwhile this man calls a black woman a b**** on camera and goes on about their mouthpieces and nobody says a word.

Thankfully, MGK is probably on minute 14 of his “budding” career so we won’t have to deal with him much longer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a slew of wild boys like him waiting in the wings to spout even more distasteful words the minute someone puts a mic in front of them. And let’s not forget the impertinent ilk of rappers already before us who want black women to do nothing more than bust it wide open for a real n**** before they go and wife a white one. Interesting how we’re all ho*s one minute yet get criticized for reserving our mouth game for select individuals isn’t it? The fact that most of us use our heads before we actually give head is in fact why what we do give is the best. How about somebody go make a rap song about that?



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