Allow Me To Vent: Why I Can’t Take The Black Salon Culture

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Why can’t we keep appointments? If I make an appointment for 10am, your doors should be open at 10am! You shouldn’t stroll in at 10:30 with a cup of coffee in your hand or bump me because someone you know or deem more important, who doesn’t have an appointment, walks in.

If I get the same style done, it should cost the same pretty much all the time, barring inflation or a jump in product cost, which should be explained prior.

I know people have a lot going on in there lives and want to share but let’s not over share, it makes me uncomfortable and watching you get agitated or upset over said story, makes me a little scared about the outcome of my hair.

If you’re going to snack at least make an attempt at cleaning your hands before putting it back in my head or better yet, why not save the snack for later?

When someone walks into the salon and they’re new, smile; greet them. This is what good business and obtaining new customers are all about.  The blank stares and waiting for them to speak is only going to scare them off…

There’s no need to put down someone else’s work. I understand that you’re trying to keep me as a client but telling me my prior stylist ripped me off, makes me feel not so good about myself and makes me wonder whether you’re just saying that to rip me off.

Does this list sound absurd? Are these ridiculous things to hope for?

I’m not saying that this is the case for every black salon and the reason I’m writing this is because no matter how much I groan, moan and complain, I put up with it. I would never imagine abandoning it, because at the end of the day there’s something familiar about it. It feels like my grandmothers living room on a Sunday afternoon. The comfort, the familiarity…but even with that, just imagine just how much it would be if Grandma had a sweeter disposition and her house had more some snacks.

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