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I have a soft spot in my music lovin’ heart for R&B and male R&B singers. They melt my heart.  For awhile, we didn’t have any R&B singers representing, but now, they seem to be coming out left and right.  We’ve talked about more masculine r&b singers before—the ones that basically TOLD you how it went going down. But today, let’s talk about the softer side of singing.  This is not about men who have a “female” look per se; these are some of the R&B singers who ask you what you want, when you want it and how you want it. Hell, they’re telling you to tell and show what you want to do to them. Basically ladies, we are in control…


Bless Lloyd’s heart because without a doubt, he comes to the ladies with every line he’s ever heard on the streets. Before he cut his hair, he thought he was using it to his advantage. Add that southern charm in and there was a little bit of…something going on there.  Get it, Shawty!



‘Face is one of the greatest R&B songwriters of our time. Would anyone like to disagree? He’s written songs for male artists that express the things men can’t often say to women face-to-face.  He wrote “Last Night” by Az Yet, giving women the opportunity to visualize, or rather, fantasize, about every single line. How does a man do that? Raw talent…with a lil knack for knowing what women like.


Let me say this: Mario still has huge potential in music. He has a nice voice, matured very well and sings right to us, ladies.  When he came out with “Music for Love,” I found myself doing a little grind at my desk at work.


Come on, now! You all know that whenever G would pull his shirt up, he was giving everything he had to make you melt. He falls into that feminine group because he does ALL the things women would like.  He takes clothes off, he dances like he’s always ready to do something to you and he WILL sing softly in your ear.  When he released “Differences,” who DIDN’T want to hug him and tell him you’ll do whatever he wants you to do? Yep, now you see where I’m at on this one.

Trey Songz

Look at Tremaine; doesn’t he just remind you of Bambi? Every time Trey speaks I imagine that the last word of every sentence will be “baby.” 9 out of 10 times, I’m right.  Trey has his “this will work on any woman” package down to a science: eye slightly squinted, a slight lick of the lips, a low voice and looking at you right in the eye because he’s only speaking to you.  His image has definitely evolved and with his latest release of “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love,” he’s got many of us in the palm of his hands.


Eric Benet

Eric is a “man’s man.”  The way he carries himself—minus the way handled Halle—makes me feel like he could hold me down. But when he sings….ohhhhhhhh that voice!  Much like a mother’s touch can soothe a baby’s cries, Eric’s voice can totally relax you. Last year, he released a song called “Chocolate Legs” and explained that it was about one woman in particular from a previous year who helped him release a lot of his emotions and feelings and virtually bring him out of a depression.  If that doesn’t hit a woman in the soul, I just don’t know what will. 


Not only was Confessions a compilation of stories about Jermaine Dupri’s life, but it was also Usher singing an apology to women from all men. Do you hear me? A worldwide, diamond status apology.  But lest we forget that before he got married, he was ripping his shirt off at shows, grinding the stages, humping on women at every show, and still singing. Sheesh, I miss that Usher.

The Dream

In case you haven’t realized it yet, The Dream writes songs like either a woman scorned or a woman deeply in love at any given time. That’s why I haven’t ever been surprised to hear about the newest song he’s written for Beyonce or Mariah. Terius just taps into a side that not many men wish to acknowledge and just goes for it. I know he has a mixtape now that expresses a lot of his feelings but I think his new album will light fire under some people.

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