Social media users are debating whether Lil Scrappy offended his co-stars, Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost, while discussing his divorce and co-parenting strife with estranged ex-wife Bambi during a conversation with the couple. Scrappy contended that Rasheeda would stand by Kirk “no matter what,” but given the talent manager’s past infidelity, the comment sparked mixed reactions from fans.

The topic came up on Tuesday’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta (April 23), when Lil Scrappy expressed frustration about his co-parenting relationship with Bambi, stating that she was making things “difficult” for them to successfully raise their three kids together.

“I don’t even want to talk about my baby momma right now,” the rapper said oddly after he and his co-stars were praising the mother of three’s performance in Rasheeda’s fashion show. Scrappy disclosed that Bambi’s actions were making it hard to maintain peaceful co-parenting and that they were heading back to court.

Then, Kirk stepped in to advise his Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta co-star. 

“Do you think our marriage is peaches and cream?” the talent manager said, pointing to Rasheeda, before disclosing how he and his wife were able to bounce back from their marital woes in 2017.

I feel like even when me and Rasheeda had the bad moment, we still had to communicate. You guys have kids together and important decisions need to be made on both sides of the table,” Kirk told producers in private during a confessional. 

It’s uncertain whether Scrappy was joking or genuinely commending Rasheeda’s loyalty to Kirk. Nonetheless, the 47-year-old female rapper appeared displeased when Scrappy implied that she would remain by Kirk’s side regardless of his actions.

“I got to laugh at Scrappy. Just because we went through shit and we made it through that situation. No, that is not always the case,” Rasheeda told viewers on Tuesday’s episode. “And if everybody’s not willing to put in the work, then you’ll see what type of results you’re gonna get.”


What happened between Kirk and Rasheeda?

On the sixth season of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, it emerged that Kirk had engaged in an affair with several women,, including Jasmine Washington, a former stripper whom he allegedly conceived a love child with.

In 2019, Rasheeda also admitted to cheating on her husband during the early stages of their relationship. Still, the couple have since forgiven each other and have remained committed to strengthening their marriage over the years.

In the comments section, netizens questioned whether Scrappy applauded or criticized Rasheeda for her loyalty to Kirk. Some interpreted his comment as a pointed jab.

Scrappy annihilated Rasheeda,” one user wrote. “I would NEVER want to be known as the woman who a man could do anything to and ima stay. That is NOT a flex. That is embarrassing as hell.”

Another user wrote, “No lies told… outside baby, paying side chick rent and more. Now, here we are. It was NU-THING, she could say cuz. Scrap was right! Why didn’t they just let him compliment and praise Bambi and leave it at that?”

Other netizens tried to defend Scrappy’s comment. 

That’s not what he meant. He meant that even when Kirk cheated, she stuck beside him, but it came out all wrong,” wrote one user.

Another chimed in, “He loves Bambi so much, he wants her to stick by him, but he’s just a mama’s boy who cannot control his emotions.”

Scrappy and Bambi have been at odds since finalizing their divorce in June 2023. The pair reportedly split due to the rapper’s infidelity, although he insisted he had fought to salvage their marriage. The couple shares three children: Breland, Xylo and Cali, who co-parent in Atlanta.

Do you think Scrappy was being facetious or kind with his comment?


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