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Four months into 2024, it seems like the year of rap disses—from Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj to Chris Brown and Quavo. Now, Rick “Rozay” Ross and “Drizzy” Drake are going at it on social media, with the Wing Stop connoisseur accusing the former Degrassi actor of getting a nose job.

There hasn’t been an official release, but all of this recent heat between Drake and Ross stemmed from the “I’m Upset” rapper’s new heat “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50).”

Although Drake was mainly taking jabs at Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin, he also took a hit at the “Hustlin'” rapper.

“I might take your latest girl and cuff her like I’m Ricky / Can’t believe he jumpin’ in, this n—a turnin’ 50 / Every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy / Spend that lil’ check you got and stay up out my business,” Drake rapped.

On Saturday, April 13, Rozay dropped his diss track directed at Drake, “Champagne Moments.”

In the track, Ross referred to Drake as “White boy,” claiming he copied Lil Wayne’s style and got a nose job.

“N—as leaking their records when we speaking directly / If we keeping the gangsta / When you see me, you check me,” Ross rapped, accusing Drake of purposefully leaking “Push Ups.”

“White boy, I see you,” he said, referring to Drake. “Like his moves, but he never had to fight in school / Always ran / Another n—a had to write your grooves. Flow was copy and paste Weezy gave you the juice.”

Towards the end, Ross claimed Drake changed his nose because he didn’t want to be a “n—a.”

“You ain’t never want to be a n—a anyway, n—a. That’s why you had an operation to make your nose smaller than your father’s nose,” he said in his rant. “Don’t follow you, n—a ’cause you sent motherf—g cease and desist to French Montana, n—a. You sent the police, hated on my dawg Project (Pat). That wasn’t the same white boy that I seen when we were making them early records.”

In response to Ross’ digs at him, Drake took to his Instagram Story with a screenshot of texts with his mother, Sandi Graham.

“Aubs (short for Drake’s first name, Aubrey)—the internet is saying you got a nose job? You look the same to me in the kitchen today,” she texted. I can’t believe you would get one without me because you know I always wanted one. Don’t tell me that you got tattoos without me, and now this, too?”

Drake responded, “I would have got us a 2-for-1 deal if I went, ma. It’s coming from Rick Ross, the guy I did songs with. He’s gone loopy off the Mounjaro. He hasn’t eaten in days, and it’s turned him angry and racist. He’s performing at proms for money. It’s bad. Don’t worry. We’ll handle it.”

Following Drake dropping the text messages with his mom, Ross addressed the “Find Your Love” rapper involving his mother, calling him “BBL Drizzy.”

“Me waking up from a nap. I just realized BBL Drizzy called his mommy on me. Aww,” Ross said, trolling. “He shared their text messages with each other. Aww! Cupcake Drake, tell your momma you stayed out past your curfew, white boy. You wanted to hang at the park with the n—as. Smoke weed with the n—as while we washed our old school Chevys. You got a Chevy, white boy? I doubt it. But anyway, big nose. Boy, you had 25% body fat with a carved-out six-piece. Stop. We know what time it is. That s—t cost 40 bands.”

Ross ended the video with a message for Drake to relay to his mother.

“Tell your momma…well, in Miami. We say, ‘Ole girl.’ Tell your ole girl that she a beautiful lady,” the “boss” continued. “I told you that before, and I meant that. But, you tell your momma, white boy, that you stayed out at the park too late. And you can’t call her when you get in this s—t. This s—t too deep to call your momma white boy.”



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