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R&B Singer-songwriter Eric Benét corrected anyone who thought he could only sing high notes.

The “Spend My Life With You” took to Instagram on Friday, April 5, with a video of him soaking in the bathtub wearing a pearl necklace and suds on his head and neck.

The purpose of the video was to address those who believed he only sang high notes. Yet, the neo-soul singer who was once married to actress Halle Berry made a fool of himself, with commenters clowning him for posting the strange video, his song choice and the pearls.

“This for all them people. You know all them people that be talking about ‘You know Eric Benét?’ ‘Oh, I know Eric Benét. He that one…he sing high. He only sing high. That’s all that he do.’ This for yall right here,” Benét said before singing “Hoist the Colours (Sea Shany)” from Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Yo, ho, all hands / Hoist the colours high / Heave ho, thieves and beggars / Never shall we die.”

He then gifted the naysayers a nigh note (resembling a horse “nay” sound) with his mouth closed.

Benét also addressed his bathing with a pearl necklace in the post caption, yet it didn’t stop people from roasting him.

“Yes, I wear pearls in the bathtub. I don’t be clutchin’ ’em, tho. #hoistthecolours bass, tenor, alto, soprano, high soprano…whatchoo need? I gotchoo.”

Commenters were confused about why Benét thought this video was a good idea to post, with many begging him to take it down. Others cracked jokes about the “Why You Follow Me” hitmaker, who’s married to Manuela Testolini, the ex-wife of the late and great Prince.

“What is going on? Like, frfr, though…[you] ok?”

“What you doing in that expensive hotel with those pearls on???”

“Cell phones with video capabilities seemed like a good idea at first…however, as time goes on…never mind…(opens car window…throws phone away)…why, Mr. Benét? Why?”

“You have lost your fucking mind. Not the pearls,” Peter Thomas of Real Housewives of Atlanta commented.

“Eric…Take this down. I miss the days where it was a mystery being a celebrity. This damn social media has ruined it for us all.”

“Not Eric singing an Irish Sea shanty in pearls in the tub.”

“Don’t let the pearls fool you. He’ll smoke [your] [favorite] singer. Range too crazy.”

“Eric! I [could’ve] thought of 100 other alto or tenor songs to sing other than Pirates of the Caribbean!”

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