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Comedic TikToker Tanara reacted to a watery macaroni and cheese cooking video. It’s not her taste, but she encouraged curious viewers to give it a go and share their reactions to the vile concoction.

Tanara posted her reaction Tuesday, March 26, sarcastically egging on the creators in the video.

“Everybody is creative,” Tanara said. “I know I was tagged a lot in this video simply because everyone wanted the recipe for this because cheese is so expensive to buy. Here’s an alternative to making macaroni and cheese, and I’m so excited to show you this. It’s not my recipe, but we’re looking at it here.”

The creators of the runny version of mac and cheese combined a large jug (typically the ones people buy at a Costco or Sam’s Club) of powdery cheese balls into a pot of boiling water, occasionally stirring until the cheese balls dissolved (not melted). 

“We’re probably doing this because we couldn’t do this when we were little,” the hilarious TikToker guessed. “Remember when you were little, you couldn’t play on the stove? Well, now you can because you’re an adult. And if you don’t have money for cheese, get cheese puffs. They’re half the cost…you can find them everywhere. Probably going in their mom’s room and look up under her bed. She probably got some stashed up under there because that’s where we lock our stuff up when the kids eat everything.”

Tanara suggested adults partaking in the “experience” with their children.

“They’ll probably giggle and take it right outside, where they can take the recipe to their friends. That way, they can take it to their moms and dads. The whole block will be cooking macaroni and cheese like this from now on.”

She later compared the powdery cheese ball water to a “witches brew” and “science experiment.” The bright orange concoction began to look bubbly, but that’s not what we mean when we say we like our cheese bubbly.

Then, in the hilarious Tales From TikTok,  the creators poured elbow noodles into a silver bowl, but Tanara said viewers could use rice since the video started all kinds of wrong by combining cheese balls in the water to make “cheese.”

The woman in the video then ran her hands through the noodles, but according to Tanara, the “hand juices” were necessary.

“Make sure those noodles are all incorporated with your hand juices,” she instructed. “Hand juices [are] important because you’re not putting any other seasoning in it. So, whatever is left on your hands from the day, you want to add that in to your macaroni elbow noodles. And if it’s rice, do the same thing.”

The lady poured her watery cheeseball soup into the noodles and lifted the utensil, only to show the soupy liquid slowly falling off a noodle.

“When you stir it up, it doesn’t even make that noise. You know that noise that y’all like that it make? It don’t even do that.”

The woman took a bite of her experiment but immediately grabbed her salt shaker because of how bland it was.

“Look at her face. Did you see how the camera went down before she started crying?” Tanara asked.

The woman allowed her husband to try, and he flashed a smile.

Somebody’s lying.

Tanara encouraged her viewers to try the experiment and share their reaction videos. Are you adding this Tales From TikTok recipe to your Sunday dinner menu? 

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