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Black TikToker “Chef Texy” has Black TikTok in shambles after she boldly butchered a staple Thanksgiving dish — mac and cheese.

In a video posted on TikTok on Tuesday, Nov. 8, Chef Texy showed her followers how she made her vomit-inducing mac and cheese. 

“Every year for Thanksgiving, I make my husband this mac and cheese,” the text overlay read.

With Vivaldi’s “Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, “Summer” (L’estate)” attached to the video, Texy laid a block of pepper jack, sharp white cheddar and sharp cheddar cheese in the middle of a silver aluminum pan. She then poured her dry cavatappi noodles into the pan before pouring milk. After sprinkling salt and pepper, she placed the pan into the oven for 30 minutes.

Once the 30 minutes were finished, the TikToker took the pan out of the oven and mixed the ingredients. When the creamy dish started looking decent, Texy messed it up by sprinkling raisins and combining it with the mac and cheese.

Showering it with handfuls of cheese and a ton of breadcrumbs, Texy popped it into the oven and took it out with the burnt breadcrumbs lying in the center. She took a glob of the concoction and plated it. The following clip showed her beside the arm of a white man, her husband, who tasted it and said, “The crunch is out of this world.”

That’s when things started to make sense for commenters.

“The ending made sense…ok. Got it.”

“Is that raisins?”

“My nanna said, ‘Baby, you got to season them noodles.'”

“Absolutely the fuck not.”

“This is a human rights violation.”

“Black people don’t do raisins and cheese. Come on, guys, let’s get outta here.”

In another video, she gave a step-by-step on how to make her version of mac and cheese, but commenters continued telling baby girl they disapproved.

“I love that…for you, though.”

“I just know them wasn’t raisins you added in there? Even white women know better than that.”

“That looks like white people mac’n cheese with the raisins. Looks good minus the raisins.”

“I refuse to believe she’s serious. I’mma go back to scrolling now.”

“Sooo…you trolling us all right? Cuz raisins don’t go in hot melted cheese. I was with you until that. And the bread crumbs could be spread out.”

We refuse to conform to white people’s culinary ways. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves.

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