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A young girl scolded her mother for picking her up late from school in a hilariously viral TikTok video, and she wasn’t having any of her mom’s excuses.

The mother-daughter duo Kyia and Ceriah took to TikTok on Feb. 8 with a video of the mother, Kyia, picking up her daughter, Ceriah, from school.

“POV: Your mama picked you up from school late,” the overlay text read.

Ceriah opened the car door and gave her mom the business.

“I know you not picking me up no more. I’m walking with [A friend of hers],” Ceriah asserted before looking at her mom with wide eyes and using hand gestures to emphasize her argument.

“Do you not know what early means? I said early,” Ceriah told Kyia. “Not late!”

As Kyia attempted to explain she was stuck on a call, Ceriah continued interrupting and telling her she didn’t want to hear it. The young girl pushed her mom’s duffle bag aside and climbed into the passenger side.

“NO! I don’t want to hear it. Yeah, okay…you were stuck on a call. Yeah, yeah,” the child said.

The commenters had a field day.

“Her future husband better NEVER.”

“This girl is going to run companies.”

“She wanted to say, ‘IKYFL picking me up this late.'”

“Future CEO doesn’t joke with her time.”

“She just got off of work, she’s tired. Take her home NOW.”

“At this point, give her the keys and get in the back.”

“I picked my son up late, and he gon’ say, ‘If you don’t love me, just say that.”

“She was about to throw that purse and caught herself. She can speak her mind but knows better than throwing mama’s stuff.”

“I just hollered! Baby, she said she ain’t hearing it!”

“My mom would whoop my ass if I talked to her like that.”

In another video posted on Feb. 9, Kyia was dropping Ceriah off at school. As the youngling departed the vehicle, she gave her mom a serious look before saying, “Pick me up early,” and closing the door.

“She making it clear today,” Kyia captioned the post.

Commenters noticed how serious Ceriah was.

“She ain’t playing today!!”

“And you better be first in the car rider line!”

“Don’t even leave the parking lot.”

“Make no mistake. That was a statement, NOT a question.”

“Please don’t test her today.”

“Do NOT be LATE!!! She’s not in the mood today!!!! Early, not late!!!”

“The purse plus bookbag tells me everything.”

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