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A pissed-off mother from Denver took to TikTok and Instagram to sound off after her daughter walked across the graduation stage in a dress purchased by her stepmother instead of the gown she had selected for the little one’s big day. Netizens across social media had a lot to say about the frustrated matriarch’s fiery diatribe. 

On February 7, 2023, Enitza, also known as @emergingmotherhood on Instagram and TikTok, posted a short video in which she called out the stepmother of her daughter for purchasing her child a dress in honor of her sixth-grade graduation without her consent. Upset and visibly ticked off, Enitza told her followers that she was livid when she saw her daughter walk across the graduation stage in an outfit that she “had never seen before.”

“Turns out her stepmother, just the two of them, went shopping last night to buy her a dress for her graduation. This is a milestone moment that I wasn’t even included in,” Enitza explained. “How is that showing an ounce of respect? I birthed this child. She’s my child. I’m the one who’s known her from birth to sixth-grade to be celebrating the fact that she’s graduating sixth-grade. You’re the one that bought her a fucking dress?” 

Enitza accused her child’s stepmom of “excluding” her from the dress selection process and slammed her for overstepping her boundaries.

“That’s building a community in a village for children? That’s what’s best for the f–king children. Really? Get the f–k out of here!” 

Enitza’s fiery video elicited a slew of mixed reactions from viewers. Some netizens were quick to slam the upset matriarch, calling her a “bitter baby momma.”

“Maybe there’s a reason why your daughter chose to go with her dress shopping over telling you about it,” one user penned after the Youngmilli0naire Instagram page reposted the video January 1.

“Think about it: if they’re buying the dress the night before graduation, MAYBE you should’ve been more communicative with your kid about what they wanted to wear,” the user added. “I know co-parenting isn’t easy when step-parents are involved, but your childhood trauma is showing right about now with that rejection rage you’re feeling. Your kid just wants to be happy. Don’t be that parent that just can’t let them be.”

One user called the frustrated momma “a narcissist!!” and claimed that she was taking away from her daughter’s big moment by bashing the stepmother.

“How about being grateful that she has someone who loves her and is trying to make her day special,” the netizen added. “If you were so worried about it, why didn’t you buy her a dress!! Grow up a little and realize kids need a village, and you should be happy she has someone that took her shopping!”

A third user chimed in, “Sounds like she stepped in and bought her a dress at the last minute when she realized you hadn’t done that. If you’ve done what you were supposed to do as a mother, it probably never would’ve happened.” 

On the other hand, several users stepped in to defend Enitza, noting how her reaction was “completely justified.” 

“That was an a-hole move on your ex’s part. His girlfriend doesn’t even realize she is a weapon that he uses! What a sick offer he is,” one person on Instagram commented.

Another supporter wrote, “People are horrible creatures. If people can’t understand why you’re upset, then they are the step person in life. Next time it’s something special like this, take her before going to the father’s. So, then stepmom doesn’t feel the need to take her because she will already have the dress or outfit when she goes over because you took her, but I get it. It is frustrating…”

A third Instagram user penned, “Wow, I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this!! I have had similar experiences, but I’ve spoken to Dad and told him that the other women don’t need to parent!! That’s his job… I ain’t interested in who’s the next victim. What I am interested in is who’s around my child and what they think their role is!”

In the comments section, Enitza offered more details about her spat with her baby daddy’s allegedly trifling “Tinder girlfriend.” 

In response to one netizen on Instagram, eager for more context, the agitated mother explained that she had purchased a dress for her daughter in advance of the graduation. Still, the little one accidentally left the gown at her house. Her daughter was staying with her father on the night of the event, and according to Enitza, she and her “bitter baby daddy” are not on good terms.

“The bitter baby daddy doesn’t let the kids contact me in my way- doesn’t even allow cell phones, and the Tinder girlfriend also supports him in blocking me. So, that’s why I’m upset she pushed me out, not that she bought a dress,” the upset matriarch penned.


After the dust settled, she also took to YouTube on March 18 to open up about the dress and stepmother controversy. 

Enitza told fans that her issue wasn’t even about the dress. It was the lack of communication between her baby daddy and the allegedly vindictive stepmother that made her furious.

The pissed-off momma was in her feelings because, at the time, “money and time” were tight. Enitza confessed that a good friend gifted her a dress from Forever 21 to give to her daughter for her big day. Excited for the graduation, her daughter happily agreed to wear the gifted garment, but when she left to go stay with her dad, the sixth-grade cutie couldn’t contact her to let her know that she had forgotten the dress at home.

“The one house does not allow communication between homes. It’s fine by me. If the kids talk to their dad while they’re here. I really don’t care. He can call them,” Enitza shared.


“If he tries to call, I will always answer and just hand them the phone and give them privacy to talk to their father. That courtesy is not returned. Because there’s not communication between the two homes. She couldn’t call me and say, ‘Hey, mom, I forgot the dress.’ So, their solution was to buy her a new dress.”

Enitza pondered why the father of her child allegedly did not step up to the plate and buy a dress for her daughter and, instead, had his girlfriend take the little one dress shopping.

“Now, this is his child,” she explained. “It was just the two of them. It was like a little simulated mother-daughter shopping day for this big milestone event that my daughter was really excited for, and I never even got to do that. Now, you wouldn’t go wedding dress shopping and exclude the mother that is in a good standing relationship with their child.” 

To make matters even worse, Enitza claimed that she was the only parent who showed up to the graduation in the end.


We don’t know all the context behind this story, but we could see why she was frustrated. The hard-working mom seemed to be doing her best to make her daughter’s graduation special, but that good act was intercepted.

Hopefully, the good sis, her baby daddy, and the stepmother can come together for the sake of their children.

Communication was vital here.

What’s your take on this? 


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