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A New York salon took 16 hours to complete a TikToker’s braids, and they charged her $280, $60 more than the owner initially told her.

The TikTok user under the name “ohhhnyny_” explained in a video posted Jan. 14 that she decided to go to a salon shop she found on TikTok instead of her usual spot. She initially refused to give the name but revealed in part two that it was called Queen Maman African Hair Braiding in Harlem, New York.

The hairstylist completed the look in 16 hours (from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.; she accidentally said 1:30 p.m.).

The influencer, a nail tech, said the TikTok hype and the $220 price for any size and length drew her in. The night before her appointment, the owner confirmed that her desired style, length and size would be $220, and the woman affirmed she detailed how long she wanted them.

The first red flag was when the owner failed to send her a picture of the shop address, but she found it from TikTok.

Things went awry the moment the TikToker arrived. She wanted long blond and small Bohemian “boho” braids, but the stylists had an issue with the $220 price for her desired size and length and waited for the owner to arrive to give a quote. 

As she waited, the stylist stretched and mixed the hair to prep, but the client professed that she didn’t want anyone touching her hair until she had a price.

Around 25 minutes later, the owner arrived and changed the price to $280. Although the nail tech didn’t like the change, she agreed.

“As y’all saw, the girl that started doing my hair was not doing it right. She was making them big, not huge, but she wasn’t making them small,” she said, adding she knew she wouldn’t have the full head look. She saw the other women clients were getting small boho braids, and they were looking right.

The nail tech had the lady redo it twice because of how big she made them, but they weren’t getting it right.

The TikToker told the lady to cut the braids out so she could leave, but they insisted she stay and they would get their act together.

The owner assured her she would get someone else to do her hair, and convinced another woman to do it. Multiple women crowded around her to help finish the style, but the TikToker said the women eventually trickled off to go home. 

“These girls are ready to go. I’ve been there since 8:30. I’m the most ready to go. And I’m the customer, and I got to pay y’all for this crazy unprofessional service,” she said.

Around midnight, she was left alone with one worker who was abandoned to finish the work while the others left. A couple of the women stayed behind but were doing other stuff than helping.

“Me and her both irritated…because nobody’s helping. She had even asked a few people to help,” the lady said. “The girls were like, ‘No’ and giving her excuses why they didn’t want to help.”

Following a call with the owner, another person came into the shop to help and finished the braiding, only needing to dip the hair. No one in the shop wanted to dip her hair, so the workers started arguing over who would dip it, the last step.

In part two, she said the stylist tried to press her to pay more because of how long and small the braids were, but the TikToker wasn’t having it. Plus, her usual spots only charged $200 for any size and length; she only had to pay for the hair.

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