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Tommie Lee of Baddies fame chewed out a white woman at a restaurant for telling her to be quiet while the reality star was on a call.

The 36-year-old reality star filmed herself going off, occasionally showing the inquisitive Karen, who learned that day to mind her business.

Overlay text read, “Man, look, my first Karen experience [on] Black History Month,” Lee wrote. “Read [them] hoes. [They] rights wrong one, gang.”

“Your God, what? I’m on my phone,” Lee exclaimed to the pressed white woman. “You interrupting me. I ain’t bully you…You here with your friend? Talk to your friend, nigga. F—k wrong with you, hoe? B—h, you can get Ally in here for real, though. Y’all hoes won’t make it out. Play with me.”

“You better get your b—h. I promise you,” Lee continued. “Now, take that with you. I don’t even disrespect my elders, b—h. But you got it coming. Don’t play with a nigga like me. I ain’t did nothing to you. Don’t look down on me. I stay to myself. You see me over here talking to them on my phone? You don’t have to act like that to people.”

Lee didn’t appreciate the white woman looking at her like she was beneath her. She told the lady that she needed a “motherf—g conditioner” and noted restaurant staff hadn’t removed her from the restaurant.

In the video, the white woman wasn’t visibly happy but kept her chapped lips closed. She was no match for Lee, who wanted all the smoke.

Lee persisted with putting the lady in her place.

“Man, what we gone see who leave first. Let’s play a game. I spend here twin. You can’t see the treatment,” Lee wrote in a subsequent video.

The lady and her friend seemed to opt to ignore the Baddies member and focus on their phones and conversation.

The 36-year-old reality star flamed the woman’s appearance.

“You got hair like them chicken heads in LA,” she said. “Them old white ladies at the casino. They wear their hair like yours…with the feathers. That’s why y’all got so many f—g checks. B—h, don’t you ever talk to me hoe. The f—k is wrong with y’all. Get out my f—g conversation.”

She guaranteed she would continue talking how she was before the lady swooped in, even releasing a scream to prove her point. She then teased the ladies for opting to split their check, something she didn’t need to do.

“Why these hoes got bills, bills, bills, but they ain’t Beyoncé…Cash me out. Y’all know who I am,” Lee said. 

Commenters bashed Lee for her behavior but said nothing about the woman getting into business that had nothing to do with her. While Lee could’ve handled it better, it was not the white woman’s place to tell someone else what to do. 

If she had a problem with Lee’s speaking volume or her being on the phone, she could’ve flagged down a waitperson. But the woman took it upon herself to quiet the reality star and met the wrong one that day.

Believe it or not, white women use their “whiteness,” subconsciously believing their pale skin makes them superior to Black people, especially when Black people are labeled too loud, angry, etc. And they subconsciously act on those microaggressions. 

In this restaurant Karen case, the white woman thought she was superior enough to tell Lee to quiet herself because she felt she was too “loud,” but no one else approached the Baddies star about her volume—only Karen had a problem. And while she may have thought Lee would cower to her whiteness, the star stood up for herself.

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