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In the latest Tales From TikTok, a TikToker shared her shocking experience of dating in Atlanta—her male date’s boyfriend pulled up to the restaurant.

Under the username “realashtonb,” the beautiful woman explained in a video posted on Jan. 2 that she met the date at the mall. The two would briefly but flirtatiously make eye contact until he made a move, and they exchanged contact.

They talked the entire day and made plans to meet the following day. She agreed to meet him at the date spot because she didn’t want to give her address out of safety concerns, but he sent her fare for an Uber Black.

“Fast forward to the day of the day, right?” She said. “So, we go to the restaurant, it’s a very nice establishment. The vibes are nice. He comes with flowers. The conversation is good. The energy is good. And then, he picks up his phone, and the energy shifts out of nowhere.”

The fidgety date ran to the bathroom, and the woman treated herself to more drinks. After she noticed he was in the bathroom for a hot minute, he returned but wasn’t the same chill man.

“When he sits back at the table, he’s fidgety as hell. He’s moving, looking around, looking over the back of his shoulder, looking past me,” the TikToker explained. 

She asked her date if they were okay, and the lying man assured her that he was fine, saying he just needed to order more drinks to loosen up. 

“So, then, I notice this group of men walk in. He peeps it, too,” realashtonb stated. “Girl, when I tell you, he adjusted his body so as not to be seen. So, I’m like, ‘Okay, maybe these are the opps. Maybe he’s in danger. Like something’s going on.'”

Realashtonb further explained they were seated near the bar, close enough to hear conversations. The group of guys made their way to the bar, and she could hear what they were saying.

“One of the guys is like, ‘Yeah, my man out with some bitch. He don’t even know I got his location.'” 

When she looked at her date while eavesdropping on the tea, her phony date continued attempting to hide from the group of men. He then excused himself again and went to the restroom. The aggravated man followed her date to the bathroom but acknowledged her, saying, “Oh, sis, you’re beautiful.” However, the TikToker didn’t catch the math because she was tipsy.

One of the men from the group answered his phone and told the person he was on his way to the bathroom because something transpired.

“Security [ran] to the bathroom,” she said. “So, I’m sitting here, like, ‘What’s going on?'”

Her date and the angry man at the bar emerged from the bathroom throwing dukes. 

She recalled the date’s boyfriend saying, “‘You had me at home thinking… And you know I got your location. How sneaky could you be? You not even going to let her know that you got a man?'”

At that point, Sis knew it was time to pack up and go. She paid the check and ordered her Uber. The lovers continued tussling outside the establishment, and her date pleaded for another chance.

In a part two video posted Jan. 4, she said her date assured his boyfriend that the TikToker meant nothing. She assumed he had done this before because the boyfriend claimed he continued treating him horribly. 

This Tales From TikTok was a wild ride!

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