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Erica Dixon claims there are no issues between her and her Love & Hop Hop: Atlanta castmate Karlie Redd on Instagram Live with Momma Dee, the matriarch of Lil Scrappy.

In the recent Instagram Live, shared by Live Bitez Feb. 14, Momma Dee asked Erica the burning question about her and Karlie. Erica kept it a buck.

“I don’t have any beef with Karlie,” the 39-year-old said. “I mean, if they’ve been watching the show for as many seasons as it has been on, y’all know Karlie is fake and phony, and she jumps from coattail to coattail. So, whoever coattail, ass cheek, penis she can hang off of, that’s what she’s going to do.”

Momma Dee grabbed her teacup, shocked at Erica’s unapologetic words.

Erica continued, “I’m loyal. One thing about me: I ride for my friends. My friends are my family. So if I go hard for you and I’m really there for you, I expect you to do the same. And when you show me different, I’mma treat you exactly how you showed me you really are.”

Karlie got into it with Momma Dee and Erica in the Feb. 13 episode of LHHA

Scrappy’s ex-wife, Bambi Benson, sent Karlie to deliver a cease-and-desist to Momma Dee at her launch party for her eyelash line.

Karlie spoke with Momma Dee privately, urging her to keep things peaceful between her and Bambi because it had escalated to the point where lawyers were involved.

She then pulled out the cease-and-desist forms to show how serious things were.

“It’s basically saying, like, false and defamatory statements on social media so that both of you guys can stop going crazy on social media,” Karlie explained.

That didn’t sit right with Scrappy’s mom.

“This is American Horror Story seeing this paperwork from Karlie and Bambi, threatening to sue me,” Momma Dee said. “If I could have saw Bambi, I would have told her, ‘Go somewhere. Maybe at a funeral home. Get in the casket and close it.'”

Erica got involved and told Momma Dee not to entertain the bull. During her confessional, Erica called Karlie “fake” and a “joke.”

“Karlie is coming to Momma Dee’s event, serving her those cease-and-desist papers…at this point, Karlie needs to mind her business, and that’s why I think she’s fake. Karlie’s a joke serving anything.”

Things escalated when Karlie told Erica she would’ve done the same if it involved her children. Erica went off.

“Karlie said if it happened for me, she would be going to bat for me,” the 39-year-old said. “Bitch, it did. The one you advocating for now was the same bitch on the internet talking…lying, saying my daughter said I abused her. Like, my shit was way more serious than this bullshit that you bringing in here.”


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