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Anton Daniels, a content creator, bumped his gums about how Black men should perceive single Black women ages 30 and up. No, it’s not good.

On Thursday, Jan. 18, Daniels posted a video of him insinuating that unmarried Black women ages 30 and up (possibly with children) aren’t great women.

“If she wasn’t fucked up, what makes you think that she wouldn’t already be taken up by now?” He asked. “You think that she 30, 40, 50 years old, and every single guy that ever came across her just missed out on a great thing?”

He continued, “Every single guy through her entire existence on the face of this earth, they just fumbled. They didn’t know what they missed out on. Everybody was crazy. And you the one that discovered the diamond that’s been visible for the whole world. She on social media, she at all the little hot spots, she making herself available. And you, the one that just discovered her even though she had children by three different dudes. All of them didn’t want her.”

“You think that she was just hiding in plain sight, and God put a veil over every guy’s eyes that passed over her before he got to her?” 

Daniels then mocked those who encouraged men to be with these women, saying, “Y’all let these simp coaches…’ Man, listen, it’s okay to get with that woman. You just missing out on a good thing.’ Then how come everybody else before me didn’t see it?”

Men like Daniels and his disciples will perpetuate the view of Black women as the problem, especially women with one or more baby daddies, but don’t know what that woman experienced.

They slam Black women for not settling with BS men but put women like the Kardashians — baby mamas — on pedestals.

However, some men fail to realize the standards placed on Black women in romantic relationships compared to women of other ethnicities. For example, among Mexican Americans and whites, much of the financial responsibilities fall on the men, but it’s the opposite for Blacks.

Additionally, Black women find themselves becoming free mental health services for Black men in relationships and catering to all their needs but don’t get the same in return from the man. It’s like pulling teeth when they ask for love, quality time, emotional availability, maturity, etc. That’s called struggle love; some Black women have witnessed it in their families for generations.

With the “struggle love,” Black women must lower themselves and accept the abuse and trauma to remain submissive and feminine to keep their toxic relationship afloat.

They remain in these relationships filled with abuse, infidelity and more due to the old wives’ tale that “real women” endure pain and suffering to keep a man and mend their broken family. Never mind her desires and needs.

Black women have always been the ones forced to put in the work and sacrifice themselves. So, the women who grind the gears of men like Daniels may be the ones who are choosing better for themselves.

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