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A woman kicked her ex-boyfriend to the curb after he quit his job to play on the PS5 she gifted him. But it’s how she did it that shocked the TikTok world.

TikToker Tiana Redd took to the platform  Saturday, Jan. 6, with a video of her former beau walking out of her apartment with his things.

“I honestly can’t believe this man really quit his job to sit home and play the PS5 all day,” Redd said over the video.

Prior to the recent video, Redd sought advice from her followers Dec. 28, informing them that she believed he quit his job to twiddle his thumbs on the controller all day because he hadn’t been working for a week after she gifted him the gaming system.

“You quit your job to stay home and play a game? I feel like I’m on an episode of Pranked right now. Like, I’m waiting for the cameras to pop out…’Surprise,'” Redd explained.

She added that she had contemplated ending their relationship because he slacked on his duties, but this situation put the nail in the coffin.

“Keep pouring into somebody’s cup, and I’m literally receiving nothing in return,” she said.

The day finally arrived! Redd decided to make him believe she had given away her apartment by removing food from her fridge and changing the locks.

She even attempted to take things further and temporarily shut the lights off, but the apartment complex overseers informed her doing so would breach her contract.

Redd said she and “Nard,” the boyfriend, got into a confrontation, resulting in him removing himself, along with his shit.

Commenters were confused about why Redd did the most to kick him out instead of just throwing him out and saving herself time. Redd threw a bombshell, claiming she was in a domestic violence relationship.

“We got over 10 domestic violence cases,” Redd revealed. “Burglarizing, kidnapping, all of that. So, why, in my good mind, would I just throw his shit out. Do you think I wanna get [punched]?”

Redd also addressed similar comments, saying, “A man that don’t want to leave, ain’t gon’ leave.”

Additionally, in many states, if someone has resided on a property for over 30 days, they’re considered a tenant. They cannot be removed unless the resident whose name is on the residence starts the eviction process in court, which could take over a month.

The TikToker addressed another comment under the Dec. 28 post that stated situations like hers happened when the woman was the provider. It also asked what attracted her to him.

Redd disclosed she had been with Nard since she was 15.

“When you’ve been with somebody or known somebody for such a long time, to be honest, after a while, you really start to ignore the red flags, and you do stuff out of love because you love that person or you want to see them do good and do better,” she said. “So, you give more than you should give.”

She acknowledged how she could’ve learned early in the relationship but did not.

Redd’s situation is an example of a trauma bond, where the abused has an emotional attachment to the abuser that compels the victim to stay in the relationship.

There are several signs of a trauma bond, from justifying the abuser’s behavior and not wanting to leave to wanting to help the abuser and having difficulty being yourself around true loved ones.

According to Psych Central, breaking a trauma bond is hard, but taking steps to make changes can make a difference in one’s life. 

Victims in a trauma bond relationship should focus on the truth (see the abusive partner for who they truly are), focus on the current situation (refrain from reminiscing on the good times or the past), learn about self-care and practice positive self-talk. 

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available for those needing help.

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