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Chrisean Rock was a whole mood in a viral video of her getting her nose pierced.

The rising hip-hop sensation went Live on Instagram Nov. 25 to show her getting a nose piercing. Some commenters assured her it wouldn’t hurt, but the 23-year-old had a different experience.

Before her piercing, the body piercer discussed aftercare tips, like using a saline solution to clean the piercing area and cleaning off any crust.

The piercer took the receiving tube to guide the needle through the nostril, ensuring the needle didn’t pierce another part of Chrisean or the staff member while exiting.

The man told Chrisean to avoid touching his arm, which could cause him to make a mistake. Not long after, Chrisean touched his arm while he shoved the tube up her nose.

Once he aligned the needle with the receiving tube, he instructed the Baddies star to take a deep breath in and out as he stuck the needle in her nose.

Chrisean released a loud and long grunt in response to the pain. The man assured her he was almost complete but needed to remove the needle. As he worked to remove it, Chrisean unleashed a cry similar to a baby’s. It wasn’t over for the rapper because the piercer had to add the backing.

“Oh, no!” Chrisean said, breaking down.

“That bitch hurt,” she said. “Is it because I already got it pierced right there?”

Chrisean picked up her phone to check out her cross piercing while those around her complimented her new look. With her nose looking red and swollen, the man told her the swelling would go down after some time.


LiveBitez shared the video on IG, and commenters were compelled to talk about her reaction and clown the piercer for taking too long.

“He took way too long!!!! He must have been nervous ’cause she sound like an engine trying to start up.”

“The most it do is bring some tears to the eyes…She got her whole tooth knocked out and had a baby. I’m sure both things hurt worse than that.”

“Nah, he went too slow. I have three, but my shit was super fast.”

“Man, that nose does hurt. That pain shot up [through] my eye and down my leg on that side. My eye was watering for a minute. That shyt hits a nerve, so I feel her! I ain’t do all that damn crying, though, but it does hurt.”

“Got seven tattoos on her neck and a whole baby on Live and this ish is the one that kicked her ass?”

“The nose ain’t no joke! It’s still sensitive after having my piercing for 20 years, lol.”

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